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Hi there! My name is Hanabi! I live in Japan. As you all know, love confessions are pretty normal here... People say that it sounds romantic and exciting when you confess your feelings to a guy that you like, but.. Not for girls like me... Why?? Because I'm FAT. Yes...… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Our humble narrator goes to great lengths (well, ten meters or so) to lose weight Read More

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"Instead of making dieting your new year’s resolution every year, get the book, to use as a support system to make better choices to get the weight off and keeping it off Read More
After a lifetime of being overweight, active and unable to lose weight time and again, Katie found secrets to help her not only reach her goal but lose far more weight than she ever imagined possible. After a devastating motorcycle accident left her badly injured and temporarily crippled, Katie was… Read More
Why can't losing weight be a picnic? A little bit about my journey from really big to not so big anymore =) Read More
God, not food, is what we need to fill that sense of emptiness we feel inside. That hole in our heart was created in us by God to draw us closer to Him. Overindulgence results from a spiritual battle and no diet or drug will ever permanently satisfy us. True… Read More
A new health fad was sweeping the country. NewYou promised almost instant results. It wasn't so much a weight loss system as a way of life. But Jennifer isn't convinced. What if it was all too good to be true? Read More

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Simple Value Addition Tips to get back to shape! Read More

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