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Poem / Poetry

October 03, 2018

Tags: man, weird, pigeons

An anonymous man living in a small town in the middle of nowhere where strange and disturbing things happen on the regular decides to start recording the odd-goings on. Read More
ashes. that’s my name. at least it was, before all of this started. i wish i could say that i was normal before, but that would be a lie. i always knew i was different from everyone else. i mean, who else was found as a newborn in a… Read More

Tags: weird, ashes, erie

Annika Barnes accidentally set off her family curse. But she lives in a world full of mysteries. She meets Kade Sanders, who surprisingly has set off the exact same curse and needs to find a way to stop it. Their only hope lies in the Uncharted Territory, where no… Read More
A short story containing a small snippet of one of my Original Characters backstory. It's my first time writing horror/edgy stuff. Read More

Tags: fantasy, horror, weird

Poem / Horror

August 07, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem with a nod to Poe Read More

Poem / Horror

August 07, 2018

Short poem Read More
The story of bike messenger Hugh Rodgers and his idiotic 24 hour story. Read More
My frist time hunting for the super supernatural Read More

Tags: angel, weird

I was just messing around with this poem, having little awkward thoughts. Read More

Tags: weird

This is the first of a duo of stories Read More

Tags: creepy, weird, blood, tame, sap

click bait sexy “insert race” prefer older gentleman. wife, growing colder sexy “insert race” want to meet up with you tonight! spiritual famine, a plight * sexy teens in your area ...insert race ... * chaste pure green * casino owners secret tricks * pinot grigio 12.99 * your… Read More
When you smell an orange, what do you think of? Read More

Tags: food, weird, warm, smell

the war is over. you, the chosen one, can finally move on. but you realize that something is wrong. the world peace and the happiness just doesn't sit right with you... Read More
Have you ever had your conscience speak to you? Can you hear it telling you right from wrong? Lawrence knows something is wrong after experiencing a traumatic car incident, but will he realise what it is? Will he wake up in time? Read More

Tags: mystery, weird, mind, car

"CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY! YOU JUST LANDED YOURSELF 16 WEEKS IN PASTRAMI BOOT CAMP!" A braun Germanic man etched with muscle looms over several of captives whilst they sleep in their tents, blowing into a pastrami horn, the pastrami thick as mammoth hides, an acre of rind. "This is Clive he's gonna… Read More
Driving along the country road, my mate and I ended up in a strange village. Read More
It all its pretty good until a girl steps into her life, clueless of who she was, until the truth comes out. Read More

Tags: mystery, weird, secret

What happens when you pull up to a popeyes at 3 in the morning? Weird things that's what Read More
More about Whalebone Jim and his friends. A new episode from a little Mexican drinking village with a fishing problem. Read More
When you can't find happiness in this life, the afterlife will do! Read More
We sit on the roof alone for hours taking in the silence when your world gets turned upside down. Cany you control yourself and fight against your mind. But remember think outside the box.. Read More
erin is a book about a girl (named erin) that is going to a boarding school. at the beginning of the story, she meets two of her new roommates, pizza and pretzel. despite their strange names, they're very fun, comforting, and interesting friends. (btw, if you decide to read… Read More
Kayla Winston is a 23 year old film student who has a fateful encounter with a bizarre being one night. She finds a stone that holds a mysterious power that will change the lives of Kayla and her best friend Kaya as they undergo a surreal and transformative journey.… Read More

Short Story / Horror

March 05, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Are you scared of the dark? Read More
A man has just bought a new house. Only it turns out it's already owned and full of weird and unusual happenstances. The police think he's involved in the death of a police officer, but the truth is so much more bizarre and unbelievable. But forces are at work… Read More
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