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(it is in english, except for a verse before the solo: fy nghalon, fy poen. rydych torrodd fi, toraff i chi! this translates as: my heart, my pain. you broke me. i will break you! -in welsh) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The chapter in The Cuckoos of Batch Magna in which the houseboats on Batch Magna's river the Cluny, receive their notices to quit from the new squire Humph - or Sir Humphrey, 9th baronet, as he now is - an erstwhile short-order cook from the Bronx. Phineas Cook, off the… Read More
A list of Welsh names and their meanings. Not necessarily in alphabetical order. :3 Read More
This is another poem written using the inspiration I got from Tim Davies' work. Read More
I went to a local gallery and saw some of Tim Davies' work displayed. I'm not sure whether I like his work or not, but I like the inspiration it gave me. To fully understand this poem, you'll have to take a look at his work. Google: Tim Davies, postcard… Read More
Well now that just don’t make any sense. There’s must be some reason for it. Well there ain’t. What reason could there be? Just figured there’d be something, is all. No, there ain’t nothing Read More

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February 12, 2011

A short acrostic poem. Read More
Just some new storys I will post up!! Read More

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In case I haven't said this enough, am half Welsh. :) so, this is about how the Welsh language has been deemed "a dying language". Admittedly, I speak barely any Welsh, but am learning. Slowly... Read More
This is my poem Bad Memories in my own language welsh. Read More
Step into the magic world of Celtic fairy tales to find out what happened to Mabyn Read More

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November 15, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Silly idea but if you like Monty Python and crazy british eccentricity you should get a pretty good idea of the look of the characters, sound of their voices etc. Some distasteful images but I don't think it crosses the line. For US readers it may be worth tapping in… Read More
The ancient Celts had a name for the elusive, watery hours, after moonset but before sunrise, when the world is cool and fresh and furtive. They called it the time-between-times, neither night nor day, and they believed that it held special powers. During this time more than any other, our… Read More
When the house of there dreams came onto the market a young couple decide to buy and renovate it to pay for there child's operation. What they don't know is this is no office block but a abandoned mental institute that had been built on a sacred Indian burial ground.… Read More
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