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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are at it again. This time a large heist of valuables from a train But will they get away? Read More
Two weeks after battling the Band of Lovers, Curtis, Sly and Mabel are laying low in Tangate. But with funds running low and suspicion growing, they can't stay much longer and prepare to depart back into the open desert for another stretch of adventure. Read More
Nextus Seven Texas is a futuristic western sci-fi written by Jason Bujnoch, author of the novel, Rising Dragonfly. Read More
Once upon a time, the last Immortal lost his powers to an Aenuk Healer and her tree. Nine hundred years later, he learns that an Immortal child is going to be born, and with it, a chance to regain his lost magic... The Kara and Aenuk races have been enemies… Read More
after a job goes wrong, ringo's day goes from bad to worse.... Read More
Two separate drifters, a Mexican and a Texan, approach a southern Texas frontier town to seek a drink then be on their ways. Adversarial from the beginning, the two engage in a gunfight that will change their lives forever. Read More

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The Romance House

Escaping an arranged marriage, Cassie finds adventure and romance in the old west. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An icon of the 50's. Read More

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"Great poem: all little boys need someone they can look up to and some day follow in their shoes." Read More

A young, brash gunslinger calls out a legend for a duel. Read More
The story is about a teenage boy named jack and his clumsy horse, horsey, who become a great team in the wild west. they face various challenges, including corrupt lawmen, and become local heroes after exposing their wrongdoing. despite their obstacles, they never back down and prove that even the… Read More

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Meet Daniel Chesterfield, a 6’7” foul mouthed straight arrow with a trite sense of humor and deep love and respect for law, order, and justice. Trading in his detective shield in Palm Beach County, Florida for a Sheriff’s badge in the rural town of Cowbell, Montana, Dan is assigned to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Young Riders meet The Vampire Diaries in this tale of brother versus brother and blood-magic set in a gaslamp fantasy world. Book 1 in the Deadly Touch Trilogy. Llew has a gift. Her body heals itself from any injury, at a cost to anyone nearby. Llew’s father disappeared when… Read More
Escaping his past, Johnny races the police to the finish line. Read More
Curtis and Sly continue their assault on the Band of Lovers' branch outpost and finally gain insight on who Midnight truly is and where he could be. Meanwhile, all of the Rangers of the Valley Strip prepare for what is seen as the coming of a new age of Outlaws. Read More
Curtis and Sly commence their attack on the Band of Lovers' outpost! The Rangers have the homefield advantage, but the Outlaws are clever and determined to rescue Mabel! Read More
The gang is separated! Mabel takes in her situation and plans out her next move while Curtis and Sly strategize a rescue. Read More
Curtis and the gang face off against another threatening Ranger from the Band of Lovers and their animal companion. Read More

Short Story / Westerns

September 24, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

This is my first, first person western Read More
this is a short story about a civil war soldier stationed in Minnesota. and thinking about a tall tale that has been passed around by the other soldiers. Read More
Parker finds the easy life with his new fishing mate Read More
A Science Fiction Western based on the Iron Maiden Cover Art. Read More
Curtis, Sly, and Mabel make their way to Tangate when they hear an unsettling sound that leads them to their next obstacle. Read More
The gang make their way to Proudkeep where they find yet another challenge that can't ignore. Read More
It’s bad luck to kill a lawman so I figgered I better lay low somewheres until things weren’t so het up. I remembered readin’ that bible to the dying kid, so I got me some preachin’ clothes and started callin’ myself Revrend Zebediah Thomas. Read More

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a scummy bounty hunter gets more than he bargained for on a mission in the 1880s Read More
Curtis and the gang make there way to Proudkeep. After a brief break, they stumble upon a pair in need of help, but things are never so simple for the gang. Read More
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