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Curtis, Sly, and Mabel make their way to Tangate when they hear an unsettling sound that leads them to their next obstacle. Read More
In the 1850s a group of filibusters trespass into Mexico from Texas, hoping to start a war or a revolt that would allow for the US to gain more territory as per the Manifest Destiny belief. However, the group is routed by a force of Mexican irregulars. Two brothers and… Read More
The gang make their way to Proudkeep where they find yet another challenge that can't ignore. Read More
It’s bad luck to kill a lawman so I figgered I better lay low somewheres until things weren’t so het up. I remembered readin’ that bible to the dying kid, so I got me some preachin’ clothes and started callin’ myself Revrend Zebediah Thomas. Read More

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a scummy bounty hunter gets more than he bargained for on a mission in the 1880s Read More
A short story I wrote a while ago about a hermit up in some Appalachian mountain who must deal with the world he left behind encroaching upon his sanctuary. Read More
Curtis and the gang make there way to Proudkeep. After a brief break, they stumble upon a pair in need of help, but things are never so simple for the gang. Read More

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May 17, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Otherlands is a western fantasy worth reading. Read More
Born abolitionists the Coppock brother's passion for freedom will take them into the heart of the Civil War. Read More
The gang finally gets to settle down for a proper night's rest, but relaxation isn't on the itinerary. Read More
Marshal Thibodeau must try to turn a young man down a better path. Read More
marshal thibodeau and his choctaw friend are on the trail of crazy harvey wells. "somewhere up the trail, perched in his nest, harvey wells spat and cursed. 'pretty quick there, boys, aren’t ya? now just stick your head out again and i’ll part your hair for ya.'" Read More
Curtis and the gang arrive in Onyxlanding to resupply and rest. Unfortunately, they can't go anywhere without running into trouble. Read More
"Hector Kilborn Thibodeau was a long, taut-muscled man near thirty. The son of a New Orleans merchant and a Cajun queen, he came to the Marshall service at twenty-three and had quickly made a name for himself at Fort Smith." Read More
Curtis and the gang continue east toward the next town, but they learn that the open desert is just as dangerous as a crowded city or town. Read More
Parker has to take drastic measures to save his camp from varmints Read More
Back in the days of his youth, Parker has a memorable trapping trip. Read More
An Unlucky Ranch hand encounters a bit of luck. Read More

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Sly approaches Curtis with a proposition. Curtis also opens up a little about his past and who exactly he's searching for. Read More
John P.'s cure for summertime boredom goes awry. Read More

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Having rested and recuperated in Brindlebridge, Bonnie Carter and Alexander Vaughan receive further instructions from the elusive Miss Moreau - they're to meet an acquaintance of Miss Moreau's at the saloon for a new job. However, things swiftly go to heck in a handbasket, and Bonnie's safety is threatened. With… Read More
A young girl by the name of Bonnie Carter is tasked with delivering an important package to the town of Brindlebridge, though outlaws and coyotes are hell-bent on making the trip a waking nightmare. Luckily for her, she has gunslinger Alexander Vaughan looking over her shoulder, a short man of… Read More
Jesse is not a normal kid, he hangs out at the sheriff's all day. One day, Tom asks him to volunteer to kill Boney Halan, the greatest outlaw of the 1880s. Will he take the job, or not? Read More

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November 10, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Welcome to Texas, the mid-1880s, and a tiny incidental desert hamlet named Slap Out. It's a little known, seldom spoken of frontier town, snugly nestled beneath majestic mountains along the southwestern border between Texas and Mexico, and morally poised between virtue and corruption. It's a mundane community barely on the… Read More
To the close observer, even at a distance, there was a difference in the figures as they straggled through the sage-brush. The man who rode a big black stallion, leading two other was outfitted in all black. A horned toad startled by the intrusion darted across the trail from the… Read More
The year is 1849, the hottest part of June. With the rising morning sun behind his back, Cold Steel's shadow had stretched before him. He was going to face his opponent, the evilest cut-throat who’d ever lived, the crooked Sheriff of Slap Out. He didn’t say a word, but somehow,… Read More
OneShot was only sixteen the day the town of Clearwater hanged his father for being a horse thief. All because he wouldn't sell the big black stallion he captured on the open range to the town's sheriff. Read More
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