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The Booksie Classic House

A haughty gunslinger meets someone who isn’t quite what he seems. Read More
This piece of work is dedicated to Kim; Then, also in an extended way, to all of you lovely ladies who have inspired the spark of it's creation... A Happy Birthday, & blessed life to those who are so special to the rest of us all... Passionate; The act of… Read More
The arms race that claimed the lives of some of the greatest firearms innovators of all time. Read More
A challenge from a caring Dolphin to the lovely Mermaid... He asks you... Are you a cute little Mermaid? Do you swim in his sea? A Mermaid is the Celestial creature of the whole Earth's oceans... She's HIS mermaid... Isn't she? What's your thought... Aren't you? When you girls send… Read More
The bank in Richmond is being robbed. The sheriff has just returned from an out of town visit, there was nothing he could do. But he can go after them. he will, he does, but who will he find once he tracks them down. Read More
May the tender & generous blessings of He who is the author of our Salvation, & the reason for the season, be with you & with all of your loved ones not only today, but throughout all the year... This is my Easter prayer for all of you, my very… Read More
A New Year; Time for change, a new life, a new lift, new... What's the fascination with a New Year? Isn't it an opportunity to start anew? Does it always work that way? House of our own making, misery of wasted opportunity... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"...And there were in the same country shephards keeping watch over their flocks by night..." But in the tight & unkempt quarters of a small, lowly stable, I watched the miracle of a wonderfull & majestic birth... If you follow along with me, I will share that special day with… Read More
Roommates, Kelly & Carmen live in a big wide house with a lot of unused space, until one day in the spring, with a slight breeze blowing to ruffle their hair, they walk literary-ily into the arms of a man... Not just any man, amongst all their wanderings in… Read More
Two men, from two different times, find their destinies and fates at the end of, or beginning of, each others worlds. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jared is a bounty hunter who is just trying to pay off his loads of debt and live a life of style, but when he lands a job to take down the leader of an infamous outlaw gang has he bitten off more than he can chew? Read More

Short Story / Westerns

February 26, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A reunion of sorts in a New Mexico ghost town. Read More

Tags: westerns, outlaws

Mistakes to avoid when writing fiction...please don't do these (sometimes funny) things in writing. Read More
An old Westerner spins a tale. Who cares if it's true or not? Just listen. Read More
In case you where wondering, there are three specific guidelines. Read More
Joseph Mann is a running gun, and on the run from the law. When he stumbles across a small town called Angel Grove, Mann's problems seems to get worst. Read More
These sisters are completely different. But will a change in scenery bring them together to save their future? Read More
Nicky was a dyke who escaped from jail and lived in the streets and goes to the pub everytime it rains or snows. One night she met a girl whom she fell in love with that will also change her life. Read More
this is actualy chapter 9, i goofed and put the wrong number in the last chapter, which is named town revolts. it should read chapter 8 chapter 9 is called Black Betty Read More

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The Booksie Classic House


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The Booksie Classic House

A young gunslinger learns that a drink and a mouth can get you in trouble or worst Dead. I like westerns and read Novels by Louis l'Amorur and I wanted to keep a dying art alive. Now i am not a true writer but i like to tell stories so… Read More
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