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This salesperson has a wheel made by the government that has all 50 states on it. Hawaii is now a kill zone and there is a button on the wheel that rigs it to land on Hawaii. Palazzio, the salesperson, presses it depending on whether he likes the person… Read More
The final installment of The Corliss Chronicles. Read More
This is a song that I wrote about the complications of domestic verbal abuse. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Time is ticking Read More

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A young wheelchair bound child want to be free Read More
12 beats upon the Rythmn in a rope-a-dope style erstwhile child of God Lyrical Miracle Mile Eyes of mine see Horizons witnessed Like a Jehovahs Witness sitting in a pew made for movement Doing Gods work behind the wheel steel radial player tho' make you look at collar rank Dub… Read More

Poem / Travel

October 09, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

I have a special passion for sailing... as described in this poem. Enjoy! :) Read More
In a spiritually way, Jesus and cars have lots in common if you think about it.... Read More
Medicine Wheel purpose there mystery that surrounds the Medicine Wheel written record to their medicine wheel purpose on cave walls in the united states and a and a Secret device to use the medicine wheel keep by a family of the cherokee Read More
how to use the native american indian medicine wheel Read More
Song I wrote a while ago and decided to post it here. It kind of reminds me of Final Destination. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 24, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

meanings in life Read More
Third-wheel, bring along. That is what this is about. How in life sometimes its the people that the work the hardest that always become a third wheel. Read More
Ferris Wheels... Romantic, Cliched imagery combined with carnival/fair imagery. Ferris wheels can have many hidden meanings to it and can be compared to many things (As love can be too)Love is exciting like a ferris wheel, and love can also have it's downpours too. Just like the game/battle of love… Read More
Logan the Wolverine, finds himself in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Read More
Me and how I got my fear of tractors. Read More
Caroline listens to the sugarcoated promises of the carnival. Read More
Once upon a time, there was a witch who loved herself a dozen sleeping beauties. Read More
I wrote this piece in December 1994 when I was going through what I would call a nervous breakdown. My self esteem was at it's lowest and were it to go any lower I think it would have been death. I believe it was divinely inspired by God who could… Read More
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