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A parody of the song 'Foundations' which was originally by Kate Nash. Read More
My anti-Coalition Government, anti-harsh cuts poem for the year :) Read More
The mystery and unknown surrounding what has gone on- was it predestined or coincidental. Subtitled in Latin. Read More
The unheard cries of those pushed into despair, starvation and eventually,death. Inspired by the recent BBC documentary 'Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children' Read More
My poetic reaction to those harsh budget cuts Britain is facing. Read More
A revised and updated version of a story I originally wrote on Facebook. Entitled 'A Continental Affair', this part-romamce and part-mystery novel takes place within continental Europe and explores the protagonist's romance as well as the mystery he must solve.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

All about the loveliness of blonde beauties. Read More
A relatively concise poem about the beautiful fountain in Hertford's Parliament Square. Read More
A poem about the life and death of a common swallow in Britain. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The 'Lightless Road' is preview lyrics for a song that I am thinking of creating. It is partly based on one of my journey-back experiences. Read More
This poem describes how, even in the least intelligent of humans, there are glimmers,at least,of brilliance. Read More
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