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Sweet love that comes only through patience and perseverance alongside another human soul Read More
Heather is a lonely 30-something woman, stuck in the monotony of a single status and having to watch her best friend, Tracy, live the dream just next door. She cannot help but feel like she is missing out by watching her best friend go about her daily life with her… Read More
A story of true love found by fate, and of nature reborn with vivid beauty, "Rescued Hearts", will leave you smiling, and with a new appreciation for the power of love, friendship, and the natural world. Life on Mr. Dillinger’s Midwest turn-of-the-century farm is tough but fun for Anna Petrova.… Read More
It is the late nineteenth century in the United States, and Alton and his family are forced to leave their small town of Texas after Alton gets in trouble with the local gang there. Not knowing where else to go, they head north in hopes of a better, safer life.… Read More

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December 18, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

An inspiring quote made by me. Read More
Join the fun. You are invited to the wedding of John Lapp and Nurse Hal. So put on your bonnet or felt hat, hitch up your buggy and take a ride by scenic pastures and rolling hills to Wickenburg, Iowa. You will find a few surprises during the wedding. Daniel… Read More
Home Health Nurse Hal Lindstrom is assigned Amish widower John Lapp. She offers to stay with his children while he is in the hospital. Fifteen year old Emma takes care of the household. Her two younger brothers are handling the dairy operation. Hal soon realizes that Emma suffers from depression.… Read More
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