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All of us had experienced of dying alive. This sonnet expresses a dark theme of cruelty that grows within someone and somehow shows how that person become wicked. Read More
Somewhere, inside, there's something! My poem. Read More

Tags: man, heart, soul, dust, wicked

Poem / Fantasy

April 03, 2019

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The The House of Poetry House

One of those random bits of inspiration. Had fun with it though :) Read More

Featured Review by Jeff Bezaire

"It's a song that will never die - man wants woman, man sleeps with woman, man chastises woman for being tricked into sleeping with her and deman..." Read More

A story about a plane crash and the captain that is stuck on an island with no relief of ever making it off of this island. Read More
Such is the way of a nightmare that becomes reality. Read More

Tags: dark, horror, poem, sin, wicked

The Morningstar shines brightest on the most reflective of God's creations. How about you? Read More

Tags: evil, sin, fallen, men, wicked

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The Booksie Classic House

A narrative of a nightmare. Read More
A basic narrative of the human snake and relative closeness to Satan. Read More

Poem / Other

September 08, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

About a guy that has a woman come into his life like a summer storm... Read More
What are dreams? What are ideals? What you see from the outside is a picture perfect family. That is what they show on the surface. Every few years or so married couple Angelina and Edward take a trip out. Angelina being a famous pianist while Edward being a professional translator.… Read More
Just a small poem about a girl whos taken control of my life. Read More
Why is there a hell? Why does a loving God send anyone to hell? Is hell fair? Read More

Tags: evil, heaven, hell, sin, wicked

This is about the dark side of you. Your fears, tears, madness, horror and so much more. How you feel. Angry, depressed, moody, sad, happy, whatever. Death, grave, coffin, anything dark. It is in all of us even if we don't want to admit it. Read More
Ananya was traveling to Mumbai to attend her cousin's wedding. Everything was fun only until she encounters something very strange. Read More

Short Story / Other

January 11, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Sahara has always dreamed about performing on Broadway. She knows it is not an easy career path but she is willing to wait for God to lead her there. That is when a brochure comes about Triple Threat Broadway Camp. The camp will teach her about dancing, acting, and singing… Read More
Rosalynn was just fooling around when she accidentally gets chosen to play the lead on Broadway. And the thing is, Rosalynn is still in high school. Despite this being her dream, she is not sure that she can handle it. But surely God had His reasons for bringing her to… Read More
Ever wanted to live inside a musical? To be able to burst out into song and sing about everything you’re feeling at the moment. Hoping for your amazing dance number that starts out as just you and then suddenly everyone around you knows the dance too? To sing the magical… Read More
This content is written in order to re-vizualise the limitations of man, and their helplessness before Death.. Read More
A short story about a girl who wanted more than what she got dealt. Read More
Juanita is tired of being her mother's translator. She is in high school and has better things to do with her time, such as acting in the school's musical. But when she finds out her mother is pregnant, that is the lost straw. She eventually ends up going to church… Read More
A closeted homosexual releases his inner ambition to sing, and stand out, leads him to play a female role in a school musical known as the hit show "Wicked". He soon finds the true meaning of love and decides it comes at much too high a cost. Playing as the… Read More
13 year old James was ditching the last day of school with his friend, Oliver. They went into this secret place that they found out about their treehouse and went through a secret portal and had went to another world. The world name is unknown. No one knows about their… Read More
Phantom of The Opera Fan girl moment/poem!!!! Read More
Tonight a teacher has died. I wonder what humanity has left to ruin. I'm sickened. I hate myself for being part of a race that can take something fragile, and shatter it. You give me things to write about. You inspire a world I so desperately hope I had created.… Read More
this poem tells us that mostly, it is disappointment in this world that make us ignore it and seek God. the unfairness and threats in the world make us focus on heaven. most of us go to church to tell God about our problems and to seek solutions to them.… Read More
Life is simmilar to a Game of Chance, Sometimes you have to throw in all you have for something you've always wanted. You could either lose or win... It's all up to you, wether you're good at it or not. Read More
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