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COMPLETE - "What are you going to do Alistair?" I smirk, "Go nerd on me?" He just stands in front of me, fists clenched at his sides. "Poor, poor nerd with no way to defend his equally geeky girlfriend." I give him a mockingly apologetic smile and turn to leave.… Read More
***For Fantasy writer's Feathery Feelings poetry challenge*** An emulation of Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope (is a thing with feathers)". I actually had to do this for school when we were studying Macbeth. We had to pick an emotion that is evident throughout the whole play and compare it with an… Read More

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per•sua•sion: the act of persuading; the act of influencing the mind by arguments or reasons offered, or by anything that moves the mind or passions, or inclines the will to a determination. "Persuasion was just an illusion after all." Read More

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Shuffle the songs on your iPod and take the first 20 titles. Those titles are the beginnings of each paragraph in your short story! Sounds easy? You'd be surprised... My entry for a contest on storywrite, hope you enjoy it! Read More
Hey guys! Here are the character pictures for my next novel Handsome & the Geek = ) Comment if you would like to be updated! Read More

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-COMPLETE- "Do you even like being a wolf?" The question took me aback. Did I? Memories of life before I was bitten filled my head. The laughter, the warm house, the sparkling lights. Then, the time after I was bitten - fear, darkness, pain, and a single gunshot. After that,… Read More
These are all the characters in my novel, The Bitten Wolf. I look forward to your comments = ) Read More
This is the actual NOVEL part of the Enter the Clans story. Enjoy! Read More
Welcome! I am Darkstar, leader of DarkClan. Make a charrie and join my Clan, along with the choices in the writing below. I await potential members. Powers accepted. You can make cat hybrids, as long as they resemble cats to a degree. Read More
***Entry for Arcticstar's challenge*** Jen, a girl of thirteen, unknowingly catches a dragon, Draco, that she later falls in love with. But this is risky - if a human and a dragon fall in love, can they be together? Read More

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August 16, 2009

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Winning story! :D There is a continuation of this story, a novel called My Perfect Nightmare. :] A story of a girl, whose life isnt the best. She has one escape, which she looses to a boy whom just moved in. Over the days, she survives without her hiding place.… Read More

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-COMPLETE- Have you ever imagined a world where magical creatures exist? Dragons fly across the sky, bright lights that are actually pixies, griffins that cry out to the people below? A world that is not real, yet so real...This is a story, a story of betrayal, love, mystery, and adventure...This… Read More
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