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Episode 3: An evil band of space pirates, who like to kidnap women, visit a planet where several crewmen are sent. They manage to kidnap every woman on the planet and most of the female Bre-anye crew; Iris, and Moss, and Winters. Only Kylie and Sequoia are spared, but for… Read More
Episode 8: The Traitor's revenge. Something strange happens to the ship due to the return of a vengeful Dr. Shamrock, and Kylie is able to protect only those on the control bridge. Featured cast of The Traitor's revenge: Ray, Pine, & Sequoia. Read More
Episode 7: Ray, Porpoise, and Moss are offered the ability to return home, but they each have to commit a serious betrayal to the rest of the crew, possibly even killing them, as the price. Featured cast: Ray, Porpoise, & Moss. The Devil's Bargain. Read More
Episode 6: Falcon is infected, and the Breshleyites have a treatment that helps. But no matter how hard he tries, Quail can't get them to share it. So Kylie goes out to find a cure, not a mere treatment. Featured cast: Falcon, Kylie, & Quail. Falcon down. Read More
Episode 2: Checkmate. On the day before the high holy day Samhain, Captain Falcon is invited to a conference, where important leaders from all nations are to attend. He brings Quail, Iris, Winters, Sequoia and Shark with him. Shark soon discovers that the conference is really a trap to hold… Read More
Episode 1: Upon returning to the ship after a mission, Kylie, Moss, and Salamander discover that something terrible has happened to the rest of the crew aboard the Wise Owl: They have all been driven mad. Featured cast: Moss, Kylie, & Salamander. Title: Banshee's song. This is the first of… Read More
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