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"I don't yearn to be famous, that's for idiots who have nothing else better to do with their lives then be the centre of their own screwed universe they call home. I want to be professional. I simply want to live my dream. Is that too much too ask for?"… Read More
Regret Saga is the full saga of Tommy Wolfe and Lynn Brenson. Any fans of the original Tales and Regret will love this overhauled and revamped version of the psychotic Tommy Wolfe and the softhearted Lynn Brenson. It's a horror/thriller/romance about Tommy Wolfe, a deranged psychopath who is obsessed with… Read More
When Mila Manson moves into a new home, she finds it infested with pests. What's she to do when no one but her little sister, Maggie, believes her? And the pests? Not you average pests. Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 29, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Seth and Wolfe have just lost their parents in a terrible arson at their cottage. With both their parents gone, they are forced to adapt to a lifestyle without them. But when the two are exploring the village one day and find a strange talisman, what will they do with… Read More
This takes place in Amber, Oklahoma, before the events of "Regret." Tommy Wolfe tries to get the girl, Lynn Brenson, to be his, but to accomplish this, the two go through personal trauma and a journey filled with death, hatred, and self-realization. But will the events between 1975-1981 affect his… Read More
A noir-esque story about two childhood friends, who thanks to a unfortunate series of events, became mortal enemies in a battle of separated ideological spectrum. This is the first chapter. I will write more later. If they're any grammatical errors, please, let me know. Thanks and enjoy the first chapter… Read More
This is just a short story about a wolf... who has a sad ending... sorry if this is sad for you, i rly do love wolves!! Read More

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