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July 10, 2020

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Bethany is a wolf hybrid, and she knew it. Her childhood best friend was also one, and together they discovered a whole new world and made friends, plus finding true love. Read More
In the first episode of the six part series, a town known as Asmuth has been infected by an alien virus. The only ones who can stop it are a group of teens with fantastical abilities. Read More
wolves squirrels and other animals get ready to be informational. Read More
Shade is an abandoned wolf pup who was found and taken in by his aunt. He has never been welcome in his pack. And He knows he needs to get out. Out of his torture that is his own family and 'friends'. But the other packs might not agree with… Read More
So I am writing story about wolves and I wanted to share first paragraph of it. Sorry about spelling and other mistakes. I translated it from my language. :) Read More

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'What if we’re all bad?' Jem murmured. She didn't know how to respond to that. The thought of it made her feel cold and alone. Right and wrong, good and bad, it used to be so easy to tell the difference. So why was Ella Michaels helping the guys that… Read More
Ryuu and Kiyoshi are two people with the ears and tail of a wolf due to experiments that they were put through. Ryuu and Kiyoshi have to learn to live with their differences from normal humans. They learn new things about real life, good and bad. Read More

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A Short Story about a boy, wolfs, a red flashlight, and darkness Read More

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People are like pebbles...pebbles that fall down the mountain called life...most of them get lost and lay forgotten among thousand others...but there are some, some that start an avalanche, to leave their deep marks on the mountain itself...they are the keys the world revolves around....for the better or for worse...… Read More
in this novel werewolfs and humans fight for control of the land when two warriors one from each race fall in love Read More

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About wolfs that are the only guide towards a utopia that eludes men in a world of endless war. Read More

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How dose love work? Do nightmare's really come true? am i in one?! or..maybe im not..? I have never let anyone in and dont want to! but this person...Seems like he WONTS to know me...i feel loved and save around him like he dose care? Yes me might of took… Read More

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If you like stories with mystery, romance, and a full moon, this is the one for you. Read More

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February 22, 2013

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Dawn, a lone silver wolf, is turned away by the clans due to her unique abilities, each clan suspects she is a spy sent by another rival clan. She is left to fend for her self, until she finds herself being comforted and cared for in the hands of another… Read More

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December 09, 2012

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Been having dream's that this is me but it's a celebrity instead THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A REAL CELEBRITY BUT THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE Images will be up shortly after i write the first chapter Read More

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August 12, 2012

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" “Yes and before you do, you will transform into your human body. That way I can take you down with little effort if you try something stupid.” He nodded and he and the other transformed back. They kneeled before me with a hand in their laps, unlike the werewolves… Read More
The story of prey. Read More

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this is a whole bunch of contest Read More
PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT!!!! there's something different about Jeff Jarecki and Darlene Jenkins. They both don't know all of the truth. But they will soon. They will soon realize that they are not human at all. Read More
Hidden behind a forest of large oaks is a valley with mountains, forests, lakes, and so much more, lives the wolf packs. No one dare goes near there because of the wolves, no human is stupid enough to go into a forest full of wolves. What they don't know is… Read More
Told through a wolf's POV the MC Rose is journeying through what is her life. Through numerous hardships and countless mistakes and failuars,she begins to… Read More

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September 10, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

always wondered what happens after breaking dawn? ... even after her immortality is bella still a danger magnet? find out about bella's new power, and renesmee realizes why her and Jacob are inseparable. 6 years after breaking dawn Read More
It's not something you can hide from. It's not something you'll find under your ambition. It's not something you will ever be safe in. It's not something you can never see for yourself. It's not something you can runaway from. It's Planet Scars. (Chapter 2 and on) Read More
IF you were ever curious about what happens next in twilight. Here's the story that Nessie tells, 6 years after the famous twilight saga. IF U LIKE IT AND COMMENT, I will write more to it... Read More

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Do you believe in werewolves? No. Sixteen year old Kira didn't either but once she start attending Midnight school for the supernaturals she made best friends with one. Normal teenagers try to surviving high school but Kira Have to try to stay alive. Can Kira make it alive at her… Read More
Julian is a Son of Anarchy. Warriors honor bound to protect those who can't defend themselves. They stalk the night for those who are consumed by sin, each warrior also burdend with their own personal sin. They not only fight those with sin, but they must also fight not to… Read More

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July 24, 2011

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i really don't know how to explain it...but please read it and give me your input. Read More
A lone white wolf named Milo was deserted from his pack,left for dead in the cold winter night. Read More
i had a dream last night , and so i wrote this story as closely to it as i could. Read More
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