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It's hard to be a woman in today's society. I wanted to share this piece I am working on to help promote self-love and raising self-esteem in today's women. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sure, there's a historical meaning. But have you ever just thought about the words themselves? Read More

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After years of dyeing my long hair, I decided to stop. I grew out the grey and discovered a whole new personality. Read More
about a girl with depression that almost makes a mistake. Read More
about how women are strong and can fight with the best of them. Read More
Elizabeth is next to feeling complete. With a successful medical career, a classic reincarnation of Emmit named Stephen by her side, she is still missing something. When a unique women's care home in the country comes into her responsibility, Elizabeth is overjoyed to acquire other loyal women of her… Read More
The story of a girl's struggle against Discrimination/Gender Bias. Read More
A rant against mother nature and the laws that govern a woman's fertility. Read More

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Is it fair to blame Christianity, the Bible, and/or God for the oppression of women? The short answer is, "no." Read More

Poem / Humor

September 05, 2017

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The Poems House

A Limerick look at dating. Read More

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I hope you enjoy this pioneering format I call, "A Story Cast". In this format you'll meet two exceptional women who are best friends. Meet the family and friends who love them and the people they love. These people include: wealthy step brother, a loving dog, three sister in laws,… Read More
This is an opus dedicated to emancipation, where is spoken about women, men, and the differences between them, that are not good to ignore, or then, if they are ignored, to what this leads. The topic is old as the world, but until about a century the things were more… Read More
Charles, my mate wants to get himself an overseas girlfriend. I prefer to go for the british one. We both love our football club so much that we want our girlfriends to be part of it. Read More
After all, what is it that a woman looks for in her man? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

At a gathering today, I was asked to spontaneously say something romantic to my girl who was sitting across the table. This was what I came up with. She liked it. I hope u guys do too. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

She suffered so that you didn't have to. What are you going to do about it? Read More
Equal rights are very important but women getting high preference on all sectors so, the consequence is going to be worse. When a boy or men get a job the hypothesis will be spending money to family, children or for friends or for his spouse. When a girl gets the… Read More

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If your little girl could talk to you from your womb, what do you think she would say to you, mommy?:) Read More
Don’t fall asleep yet. I need you to know why I am murdering you. Read More
A tribute to the enigma that is woman. Read More
Immortality is more like a comedy. Read More
An aging woman and a lonely kitten learn the real meaning of home and family. Read More
But none needs to know what it seems to be a women! Read More

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taken from my book, "Must You Find Out?" Read More
A poignant story about a woman's first Mother's Day after her adult child died. With Christian undertones, this story has a fact based beginning. Read More
Suchitra came to give interview for the post of manager in 'Surya Hotel'. She was sitting while waiting for his turn to come, but she was walking in the mind because she was about to get married next month.... Read More

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