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And now for the final live concert. All is set. But ! What's this?! Panic! Everything was going so smoothly, but now . . .oooooooooo. Read More
Incredibly, after some more wise advice, Zach and Garth Grant have become drinking buddies. All seems to be sailing along to a thundering live-performance success, but . . . Read More
Zach seeks further help and advice. He also meets with the Director.Producer, Paul Kashoo, and remains nervous. Garth gives a startling report to Bert Belkins. Read More
'Garth Grant Week' begins and the young Studio Director meets the number one pianist for the first time. Read More
Now our young hero gets the assignment to 'baby sit' the temperamental number one pianist in the world and discusses preparations with Valerie. Read More
A young inexperienced TV exec is tagged with the problem of pleasing the very difficult number one pianist in the world, over days of performances. Read More
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