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In 1939, on the sunny skies of Warsaw, Poland. A young boy named Milek and his family are sent on a dreadful quest to evade the cruel Nazis during World War 2, yet Milek is yet to face something far more frightening and life-changing than simple warfare... (UPDATE 5/06/21: A… Read More
When gods and superheroes fall in love, it takes gods and supervillains to keep them apart. Powerful alliances from both Daniel and Nina’s pasts are about to rip apart the fabric of time. Dark, tragic days loom close as those plans come to fruition. Meanwhile, Nina and Daniel struggle to… Read More
Love is hard, even for superheroes. Nina and Daniel have never known any destiny other than fighting their separate masters’ wars. Now, a secretive organization is creating a weapon that will collapse history. Their fight is to stay together. It takes them on a journey around the world and into… Read More
The dragons finally emerge from their hibernation deep beneath an ancient mountain. AS they break free from the stones cold grasp, they find themselves faced with a world a of concrete and metal. And of annoying, pesky little humans. Read More
A look back at the life of George and Ann Scirrotto Read More
Reporter Eleanor Allen witnesses the horrors of the second World War, and journeys down a path she wished that she had never taken. Read More
London, England, September 5, 1940. Maggie Westland is a young woman who is working for the London Branch of MI5 during World War II, under Prime Minister Winston Churchill. As the German threat under Adolf Hitler spreads throughout Europe, she puts herself in grave danger. Read More
A short story of silent companionship in the 1940's war torn London. Read More
Richly illustrated, and with a wealth of materials never before available in English, this book provides an overview of more than 200 of Nagasaki's A-bomb heritage sites. The entries are organized into a series of tours for the convenience of tourists actually visiting the city, and to give the general… Read More
Book description: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, built at what was once the hypocenter of an atomic blast, is the most visible sign of the city’s renaissance as a force for peace in 21st century politics. But it is not the only reminder of the spirit of Hiroshima. Less well-known are… Read More
This is a story that a neighbor told me on how he came to the united States after World War 2 Read More
When the guns of Navarrone meets 633 squadron we get Silent Kill Read More
A MONOSYLLABLE NOVEL! Back in 1999, I began writing a book about a Japanese field laborer in the cane fields of Oahu who becomes a hero during the Pearl Harbor attacks of 1941. I wanted it to be written entirely in monosyllables except for dialogue, but being young and inexperienced,… Read More
A wartime encounter brings hope to a shopkeepers' heart. Read More
This whole book was my friend's idea Read More

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In the course of the war Frank fell in love, he also lost that love. With a broken heart he tried to move on, but every year his ghosts come back to haunt him. Read More
Four years after the second world war, Germany launches an unexpected attack on all sides of North America in an attempt to wipe them out in one strike. Mexico fell immediately, but Canada and U.S.A stood their ground, surrounded, out numbered, unprepared, but that they didn’t give up. They pushed… Read More
This is a fictional retelling of some of the war stories my grandfather told me as a kid. It is about Scott Bernard, a Canadian who survives the battle of Diep and spends most of the war in an Oflag, a Nazi prison camp for Allied officers. It is… Read More
This is a story featuring Nicholas Shelemy, Angelina Hopps, and other characters from Zootopia revelations made by Griffin Dreamblazer, everything shown in this story is complete fiction and dont take it too seriously Read More

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Tells the story of a reckless World War 2 fighter pilot, and the fight be can't win but can't refuse. Read More
I was inspired to write this poem while watching Saving Private Ryan recently. It is from the viewpoint of a mother who lost her son in D-Day and is standing at his grave. I dedicate this poem to all of the soldiers who fought in the Battle of D-Day… Read More
Germany 1933: When Peter returns home from being out in the sunny day, he sees flames dancing oh his childhood home. His father, mother and little sister are gone from the home. Peter sees tall men in grey military jackets. He soon realizes that things are not as they… Read More

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November 4, 1944 Grisha Avilov was a civilian conscripted into the military more than two years ago, soon after the Second Great War began. He never wanted to be a part of it, he didn't want to be a soldier for a war he didn't believe in. All he wanted… Read More
A German sniper trying to stop the Soviet advance at an abandoned farmhouse near a field. What started out to be a simple reconnaissance mission turned into something bigger. Read More
a loud thundery roaring sound could be heard and then the people began to panic as that was the roaring sound of the german bomber planes. then the air raid warning began the loud wailing sound of this siren began to echo over the streets of london. the bomber planes… Read More

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A short story about the landings in Normandy during World War 2. Read More

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November 16, 2016

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I am currently working on 3 different books with the same theme but different time periods. They will all end up being connected and are all part of the same story. I will tell you no details to prevent from spoiling the story in any way. Please comment any feedback… Read More
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