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The Ebonlocke family were no ordinary family. They were miles away from ordinary. They owned the land. They created the laws. And if you broke them. You would pay. Read More
A glimpse into a character, this fanfiction was designed, inspired, and written, from ten minutes of World of Warcraft. Disclaimer: I do not own World of Warcraft, Horde, Alliance, or any affiliated merchandise. That belongs to Blizzard, and was merely the setting that inspired the story. Only Ahna, the main… Read More
This is my entry for the Blizzard Global Writing Contest 2011 (no word yet on the contest's outcome yet). Based in Blizzard's Warcraft franchise, it concerns the events of The Shattering and the Zandalari's decision to unite the troll tribes for an assault on a broken Azeroth from the perspective… Read More
One of Arthas's Death Knights who also feels regret for his past actions, but is too weak-willed to voice them. PG for violence. Read More
Ronnie, no. Excuse me, Ron, is in one whirlwind of a therapy session. His traumatizing experiences with the addictive game World of Warcraft are all being flushed out of his mouth by some crazy kook who calls himself a therapist! Also, Ron's old girlfriend keeps coming up in their discussions-… Read More
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