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A Christmas horror story where a soldier must confront his post-traumatic stress from the First World War. A short film script based on Henry Williamson's short story of the same title. Read More
The sad story of a war veteran who battles with survival of a different kind. Read More
Wings of Prey is set in WW1, and is about a Avro 504 pilot, who finds himself in the seat of his plane, amid the heat of war. Read More
This is Part Second of the previous piece with the same name. This final portion wraps of the story with what I shall call a 'satisfying ending'. (Profile picture is actually RMS Olympic in Atlantic Dazzle paint.) Read More
You do not have to be of the same creed,background,wealth or race to love one another. My poem relays the story of the RMS Olympic,who did serve in World War One. This is the story I wove of how it must have been for an ocean liner to serve in… Read More
You see me walking past in the grimy London street; guiltily you invite me into a pub for a drink. I eye you, adjust my face, and reply. Read More
A Short Story of a wandering beast entering a new village on his journey, and the unfortunate event that occurs when running into a disgruntled, and obviously inebriated, citizen within. Read More

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Aftermath of The Great War. The influence of the First World War on modern life in France, where people get killed by all kinds of explosives from the 1914-1918 war. Read More

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"So you want to live through this?" Nils asked "How do you think life will be for you if you survive? Nothing will ever compare to what happened today, nothing will ever match the feeling of watching a plane that was trying to kill you tumble to the earth wreathed… Read More
I know there's not much at the moment.... will update ASAP Read More

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Elizabeth O'Neil is the wife of a Soldier of the First World War. Through all the horrors and tear stained letters, will Elizabeth ever see her husband again? Read More
Alfie is a new 17 year old soldier based in a trench against the Germans. Not only does he have to fight the opposing team, but battle with his mind, and everything he believes in in order to survive. Read More

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This poem is inspired by the song Christmas 1915 performed by Celtic Thunder. BTW No Man's Land was the strip of land between two enemy trenches in WWI. Read More

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October 05, 2010

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Hey everyone! First time posting in a while. This is a poem comparing the White House fields to the open fields next to the Somme River in France. For those of you who don't know, that was a site of one of the biggest and bloodiest battles in world war… Read More

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She's just a girl, growing up in England, in the 1900s. She doesn't know her world is about to change completely. The onset of powers both internal and external haven't yet besieged her. Other countries, other people, other feelings...they haven't yet crossed her path. They are about to. She's just… Read More

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