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Vengeance delayed is more deadly. Her father's off-world war with mindjackers nearly ruined her family. Now, twenty years later his secrets could be their downfall as raiders from across the galaxy bring the war home. Linayd would do anything to defend the people she loves. Instead, her actions and her… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

War destroys the survivors. Especially if hyperspace transit and mindjackers get a grip on them. When Denneval, the aristocratic heir to world-builders, is uprooted from his home planet and pitted against Chesh, a primitive but horrifically talented warrior, both men are doomed. Denneval is sent to claim Chesh's world. Chesh… Read More

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"An epic, well written, Science Fiction novel. Book One is great, in the vein of Frank Herbert, and Peter F Hamilton. " Read More

How does a family cope with making a life-changing the decision? We have all had to make them at least once in our lives. Does the family become closer, or drift apart? This fictional story lets you peek inside the lives of one family of four that makes the decision… Read More
Suddenly I am engulfed by a wormhole... Read More
This book is obviously far from being finished. I just wanted people's opinions on the work I've done so far and some feedback on how I can improve. Read More
The recovered file of physicist Torbin Lyndau in which he recounts his extraordinary experiences. Read More
A sixteen year old kid build a wormhole generator so he can escape from the bombing of the united states. it isn't finished yet. Read More

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Who climbs out of a spatial Traverse where there is nothing to see? (This is part of the same fictional canon as all my other science-fiction) Read More
this is a story about the nature of love. how one loves another and why. heres the blurb as i sent it to the lit agents. but before you read it i gotta tell you this is a romantic tradgedy. a very sad tale... At the heart of Amber’s inner… Read More
The time is the present day. Travelling to work on what can be considered a very typical Monday morning, the passengers onboard a suburban train are to experience the most bizarre event in their lives. The novel is a blend of science fact and science fiction. It revolves around a… Read More
Would it be possible to cross into another world through an attic window? Read More
A night spent next to a river reveals an improbable and extraordinary event. Read More
The future is in the past... and present. Read More
This is only the first chapter. Miles acedently makes a wormhole and then even more accedently gets involved with the dangorous happenings of futer flu, hamster and his very hated father Read More
A fable from 2005 about a boy who shoots for the stars. Read More
(Finished!!!) Whenever we talk about science, we always hear the name Einstein. Any idea how he is in private? This is the very first science fictional story i wrote with my boyfriend and a close friend. It was actually submitted as a project for one of our modules. I post… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is not a script, but the plot and bible for the film itself. This was conceived in my mind as an origional idea. But, some people have noted that it is similar to the TV show "Battlestar Galactica", I can say that without a doubt this is in no… Read More
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