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I just read Alexander Byrne’s essay entitled “The Elements that Maketh the Writer.” He delves deep into his soul and successfully and absorbingly explains his creative drive, and the “demons and angels” within him that push and pull, and finally succeed, where sometimes the sense of the creative process slows… Read More
Poetry based on my feelings, emotions, and life Read More

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October 25, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Poetry written and driven by my feelings and emotions. Read More
Dedicated to Dr. Seuss (1904-1991) who died on September 24, 1991. Read More
Some time ago, I wrote an article entitled “To Become A Writer.” In that article I explained my personal motive(s), explanation(s), purpose(s), and even intent(ions) for writing and for sharing my thoughts, opinions and feelings. Read More
Wanting to be, and finally becoming a writer, is one of the most challenging and dangerous jobs or vocations that I have ever undertaken. I am not talking about newspaper writing, but rather, writing from the heart, because it exposes you for who you really are. It reveals your passions,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I get a lot of questions from readers about me and also about my work. I also received suggestions to write my autobiography. I decided to briefly describe my life and something about my books. I will allow you to look only partially behind the scenes where my first work… Read More
A writer tosses the start of a manuscript in the trash – they’re destined to learn the story wasn’t done with them. 1.250 words. Read More
This inspirational memoir of an Indian novelist, playwright, short story, non-fiction 'n articles writer, translator, a 'little' thinker and a budding philosopher, underscores the human possibilities amidst the imponderables of life. Read More
Like you, I am a writer. Not one of fame or renown, or even distinction. I express myself openly, with candor, bluntness, and an outspokenness that some may find refreshing, while others may find disturbing or upsetting, too liberal, or too empathic to certain causes or views. Read More
The Writes creates stories and poems so dreadful, they drive people to madness or death. Read More
Sometimes a writer will find an idea for their short story. Other times, an idea will find the writer. Read More
A writer's nightmare is to not write. Read More

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A story about a good and naive stuttering boy named Sean who works as a waiter, and is always being mocked for his speech impediment by his colleagues. His only friends are his father who is in a wheelchair due to the time he served in the army, and a… Read More
Got Two Hundred reads.. Yay! Another poem again! This would be impossible without you! Thank you very much! ~Alizzia Read More
Daily Scribbles #5 If I was my own coach, what coaching would I give myself right now? Read More
Daily Scribbles #4 What helps me make the right decisions in my life? Read More
Daily Scribbles #3 What is freedom to me? Read More
Daily Scribbles #2 I would like to see what happens, if… Read More
Daily Scribbles #1 What one thing do I wish I had known about life when I was younger? Read More
Poem about passion. Read More
A young research assistant at a publishing house gets an amazing job offer. She soon gets a peek behind the curtain and sees the darker side of the literary world. She finds things to be not so clean and clear cut as she explores the seedy underbelly of the publishing… Read More
What happens when a writer sent to a world by magic where characters of his stories come alive. Read More
It's easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of the internet. I've certainly had my fair share of procrastination moments. In this post we talk about a method that might help with this problem. Read More

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Hi everyone! *waves at you* This is a story about a man who decides to commit suicide after getting fired from the job, and hearing his mother's death on the same day. He gets so depressed that he decides to give away life. But then, something happens. Read More

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