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August 05, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

The man snorted, "Peace? Is that even English?" He then raised his gun and aimed at me. "I think this is what 'peace' meant 100 years ago until now." Read More
During World War Three, practically all of the governments had been disassembled. Four countries now exist: Huo, Ambu, Bhu, and Ilon. The four nations are still at war and Ilon is the most technologically advanced. They are breeding superhuman weapons to win this war. They are determined. Read More
In 2019, the United States Was devastated by 50 simultaneous attacks. Member's of the infamous ISIL detonated 50 suicide bombs in each of the most over populated areas in each state. Al 50 states. Shocked, shaken, broken, our new elected President, Donald Trump, deploys every available force to Syria and… Read More

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A novel series about the history of humanity in the universe of void. This novel will include both full length and short stories spanning different time zones on the earth. Read More
Chapter 1: Red Satin summary> In the future, the world is dominated by a single government and genetic research is all the rage. Set nearly 30 years after the events of horrible World War Three. Three scientists are selected to travel to post WW3 London to meet the Founders. Being… Read More
This is a story that I just went straight out and wrote without any planning, I was very happy with the result overall. Read More
British soldiers defending Chippenham are faced with unrelenting fire power from the most powerful forces on earth. elsewhere Special Forces continue to carry out Black Operations throughout the world to secure the ultimate prize for their nation. Victory. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After Terrorists strike across the world in an attack that has been planned for many decades and a collapsing US economy drives the American government to drastic measure the world is ripe for ignition Read More
I was told this was good, so I shall post it :) It's a super super super short, not even story. It doesn't really have a plot at all. The old man is based upon Magneto/Erik/Ian Mckellen. I hope you enjoy :) Read More
Can love bloom on the battlefield in WW3? Relish in this tale of oppression by sniper bullets. Read More
"Don't leave me," I pleaded. He sighed softly, "Goodbye, my love." The year is 2010 and WW3 has broken out. Sally has to sit and watch as the love of her life leaves for war. A heart breaking story between two love birds who keep in contact though letters and… Read More
As a time of great war descends on to the already warn out United States, North Korea and China ally together as brothers in arms, quickly hastening toward a more literal world war. A bloodlusting marine sniper named John "Ace" Reno recounts the horrors that he met through the makings… Read More
This is to present a lighter and somewhat sarcastic view of a truly serious issue, currently, under heated public debate. From September 11, 2001 until now, the end of 2006, this debate has been gradually intensifying. On one side of the debate are civil libertarians who claim that one or… Read More
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