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The history of the Afton Square Shopping Center: One of America's first planned shopping centers. Read More

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William and Patrick fought in the trenches of World War I. During their years of suffering, they found comfort and love in each other's arms. But when they returned to their homes in the English countryside, they knew their love was a sin and the two cut ties. A decade… Read More

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A poem written to remember 100 years later WWI. Read More

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This is the edited version, which is arguably worse than the first draft... I had trouble shortening the whole baseball part. In a year of five, I will become the master of editing. Right now, I'm the opposite... A massive thank you to the Booksie community for helping me improve… Read More
Jacque, a medic in the trenches of WWI, deserts his platoon and joins a Christian monastery to flee the violence he can no longer endure. There, he deals with problems of good and evil, faith, God, cowardice and heroism. Only by telling his story and coming to terms with… Read More
Monty found himself flying a B.E.8 over France Read More

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It is summer 1914 and the Thompson family are spending the holiday at their lavish estate in Cayuga, Ontario. Looming over their quiet and comfortable domestic life is a cloud of uncertainty as tensions in Europe reach a boiling point. 'The Thompsons' is a story about love, loss and… Read More

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June 13, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a found poem - a collection of adapted phrases from All Quiet on The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In 1919 Manhattan, 22-year-old Elias Nitka runs a bar with one peculiar quality—every night, it attracts those lost in space and time. At the same time that Elias solves the mystery of his brother's sudden disappearance, the emergence of an 18th century Russian prince in the bar who doesn't leave… Read More
A young man learns from an old vet-about the truths of War Read More
A summers morning on the Western Front. Read More

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When you're sent to war in Verdun, you better hope to god you make it out alive. As the Central Powers grow to take Verdun, the Entente fight back keeping them in check. Read More
Small school project from a couple years ago, shows a small example of some PTSD, not a bad case though. The veteran name was taken, so i named it The end of romance with war, for it takes place right after WWI. Read More
A look at the mind of President Harry S Truman, during perhaps the most difficult choice of his life. Read More
Marcel Lafayette is a french foot soldier during WWI. This piece of work follows the his thoughts during an assault by German forces. Read More

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A small story I wrote a couple years back for class during our WWI section. It was greatly influenced by Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front. It's followed by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae's poem, 'In Flanders Fields' that also inspired it. It's a short story about a… Read More

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Ruth and her brother Max struggle to survive in a Nazi concentration camp. When letters begin arriving from a mysterious source, is it indeed a miracle? Read More
Germany has occupied Poland during,making the second world war a fact. A boy has entered the nazi army full of pride. Little did he know what was ahead of him. The boy was given an assignment to research a church nearby, but what he found was something quite unorthodox. Read More

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WWI Australian digger (soldier) and his story. I wrote is many years ago when I was younger and in school, it was later published in a RSL magazine. Read More

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The aftermath of WW1 leaves Sam in shreds, but as he lives his daily struggle of a life, he faces the challenge of a new job. The man he loved died on the battlefield and he has to live with that for the rest of his life but, making it… Read More

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A story of life in the trenches and the Battle of the Somme - July 1st 1916. Read More
You see me walking past in the grimy London street; guiltily you invite me into a pub for a drink. I eye you, adjust my face, and reply. Read More
The memories of an old woman whose father and grandfather were caught in the World Wars. Read More
Gurtha & Sax is a short story set in 1930s Berlin about a Jazz ensemble that is torn apart due to the national socialism movement in Germany prior to World War II. Gurtha Schnelling is a married jazz-singer that is faced with a choice to leave her husband and country… Read More
Explain the significance of November 11th 11:00am "Remembrance day". This was for school. Read More
WWI through the eyes of a soldier behind the lines in the trenches-- of course, many thanks to Archduke Ferdinand. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

March 18, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

WWI from the front lines- as told by the Lost Generation. Read More
Take a ride with us around three great events in World History: WWI, WWII, and The Great Depression! This was suppose to only be a five paragraph essay for school, but I got really into it and it became almost twenty! Read More
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