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In 1939, on the sunny skies of Warsaw, Poland. A young boy named Milek and his family are sent on a dreadful quest to evade the cruel Nazis during World War 2, yet Milek is yet to face something far more frightening and life-changing than simple warfare... Read More
The Book Thief is discussing what knowledge is about during the tumultuous times. Read More
Surely everyone has heard of the Christmas Goose! That magical fowl whose first act of gratitude to a little girl was to bring her parents to safety. Known for the conspicuous open wound on its long neck, the goose has been sighted many a Christmas Eve. There are many wonderous… Read More
Harriet Parker receives a letter out of the blue from her dead mother. The letter hints at a family secret that has lain buried for decades. Compelled to delve into her family history, Harriet finds herself sucked into a tale of treachery and lies in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. As she puts… Read More
A retelling of Bluebeard set in Nazi Germany. Read More
Book Review Title: Stones From the Rivers Author: Ursula Hegi Genre: Literary Fiction Publication Date: 1994 Read More
Book Review Genre: Literary Novel Title: Stones From the River Author: Ursula Hegi Publication Date: 1994 Read More
Eastern European reaction to Putin's attempt of using VE event to build legitimacy of his regime is addressed via recollection of the sequence of historical events in period from 1938 to our days. Read More
A short story of silent companionship in the 1940's war torn London. Read More

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Everyone know the main points of the Second World War, but I want to educate you on the three wars that were a part of WWII, that many people don't think about. This is the first one. Read More

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It's World War 2 (WW II). A handsome sailor on his first leave in New York City encounters a beautiful girl on the subway. Is she the girl of his dreams? This story is my idea of the screenplay I would write for Judy Garland and Gene Kelly Read More
An scene in the war about a Mom and a child. Read More

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A misdialed phone number brings Donovan to Sandia’s front door. He thought he was to teach Braille to a blind person, but she thought he was a disability attorney. When Donovan learns of Sandia’s and her grandfather’s dreadful circumstances, the Braille lesson is forgotten and he embarks on a mission… Read More
A wartime encounter brings hope to a shopkeepers' heart. Read More
Story of a man who delivers a Army telegraph to a family in rural coastal Ga. Read More
Heinrich Hauser, a new graduate of the elite political education academy in Berlin, begins questioning the values he was raised with. Read More

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In an alternate universe where Germany had gained support from Japan and China during World War II, a captain guides his arguing rag-tag team of soldiers through the war front. After being caught behind lines, the team of twenty run deeper behind lines as eighty enemy soldiers pursue them.… Read More
Sniper in WW2 in a unwinable battle against the allies. The Germans suffer a terrible defeat by the hands of the Allies and some routing soldiers get shot in the back. Read More

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A French marching band is forced to work for the Germans after the invasion of their town, causing a rift between the band's members. Read More
This is a short summary of the creation of the Atomic Bomb and the tragedies that came shortly afterward. Read More

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November 4, 1944 Grisha Avilov was a civilian conscripted into the military more than two years ago, soon after the Second Great War began. He never wanted to be a part of it, he didn't want to be a soldier for a war he didn't believe in. All he wanted… Read More
Just a splurge of descriptive writing i hope you all enjoy. Read More

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Private Johnson, newly recruited marine, is about to be rudely awaken to his experience with the marines. His first combat mission-to capture Normandy Beach. Led by Sergeant Price, Johnson will be tested by his wit and courage in order to survive against the Nazis. Through trenches and tanks, Johnson will… Read More

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Hitler is one of the most infamous war criminals in the world. His name invokes grimaces on anyone who hears it, and he will forever be know as the most evil man whoever walked this Earth. But what if he escaped justice? What if he didn't really commit suicide in… Read More

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Fictional book about Greece in WWll. Bob Meincke, Anny Lou and Christi identities revealed later. Read More

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Thirteen-year-old Jacob is faced with the German occupation of his hometown, the death of his father, and being sent to Auschwitz death camp. Read More
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