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Follow the story of a girl who’s life ends up enwrapped with those of the aliens she once feared so much. Elle is a girl trapped by the confines of lab. Even she doesn’t know who she truly is. Until one fateful night. She joins the aliens… Read More
Ethen and Jessica are soldiers that defend the world against the PREDATORS that attempt to devour the world. How will Ethen and Jessica save the world from the Aliens? Will humanity win? Read More
The crew of the USS Challenger are called to aid in a resettlement program in the Alpha Centauri system. When they begin the resettlement they would face a alien race that is bound on conquering Pandora and they are lead by a man who is bent on revenge. Read More

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August 05, 2014

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The colony Tellus - TL-540 is somewhat quiet, no contact has been made for a number of weeks, yet the center of operations; Terra believe everything is in working order and that there's no cause for concern. Well, that’s until Meghan, a colonist from TL-540 manages to contact Terra by… Read More
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