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Book / Romance

January 05, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Masaomi is in love with his best friend and has been for a while. But when a new kid named Aoba comes along, things begin to stir. Also inspired by the song "Mr.Brightside" by The Killers Read More
Chloe is a transgender woman who struggles with school and has an temper to boot but its all for a classmate she is madly in love with and obsessed with, now she will do anything for her senpai, this is the beginning of the deadly sickness that we call love. Read More

Book / Horror

March 10, 2016

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The Psycho Terror House

I, am Ayano Aishi. My Senpai is the most attractive boy I've seen, and he will be mine. This "Osana" nonsense is not going to happen. I will make sure Senpai will have me, and only me. No one shall talk to him; especially another girl. I don't care if… Read More
A curious work by a young Daniel "Vicarious" Glazzie authored many years ago -- a fantastic fanfiction tale in which the mysterious overlord of the universe "Freiza" returns to Earth, to wreak havoc. Read More
Troublesome boys. Filthiness. I freaking dislike them. Nearly ripped off a boy's scalp once when he spilled orange juice on me on the first day of school. Good news was that he didn't report me. I'm pretty rash.… Read More
When your life's as messed up as it can get, you have no way around becoming addicted to your only love in your life. But what if someone came along and tried to ruin this spark? Do you just give them death? Or do you let them roam free and… Read More
Lerouge is a beautiful girl with a mysterious background. During summer vacation, she meets a group of teenagers who would become her schoolmates in the coming term. La fille avec la cheveux rouges is packed with several elements that readers will love. From the main character's comedic monologues, to Lerouge's… Read More
No one understands the pain you go through... No one understands the pain you endure... But I do. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Well, what can you do when your innocence is overtaking you and your lover flirts with up-to 100 girls aday? Gotta teach him a lesson on who should be by his side... ? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Caleb's life was fine in a way, but now? He's being literally stalked out of his mind by this one boy whom he met up with not that long ago; and this guy is determined to befriend Caleb. It's pretty clear he doesn't just want friendship, though... -I thought since… Read More
"I'll do what every it takes for you to be happy. Because for me, love has no boundaries Read More

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