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For some odd, unknown reason, Yasir leaves Shardenay and Dontrell after Dontrell tries to figure out what was wrong with him. So Shardenay is forced to cope without him. Then, something terrible suddenly goes wrong... Read More
Painfully in love, 14 year old Yasir is being tormented as he watches the girl he is madly in love with, Shardenay, in pain. He also has to watch as she is comforted and cared for by another person. The odd thing is, though, that the other person is his… Read More
With the night through, Ben realizes the situation he has put himself in. And in an odd way, he begins to like it. But someone crashes the party... Read More
16 year old, Ben, is standing - literally - on the edge of a cliff, when the story of why he is there flashes back to him. He has made some poor decisions that have hurt a lot of people, including himself. And he has to make a decision, live… Read More
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