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The first song I actually managed to finish, I'm not sure I like all of it, butI like the analogy of the bird, and since it's the first thing I completed, I thought I'd share it Read More
I like you but can we be? Read More
Just a song I made up out of the blue and decided to share it. It is not exactly full or finished... hmm any ideas? Read More
You and me... Virgo and Libra You and me... make a great team you and me... Read More
this is one of my funny poems. it is about asking a boy or a girl out when they are not sure if they like you. Read More
Finding him is what I had so long strived for, but on the count that I have, was I suppose to? Did he even want me to find him? Maybe. Maybe he's one of those guys that when they want to leave your life, they want to leave for good.… Read More

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February 22, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

This is one of my first attempts at poetry, so I want your honest feedback on it. As for what is it about.... you'll find out ;-) Read More
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