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Sandy and Jessa have been best friends for as long as they knew what best friends were. Ten years later, they were set to graduated High School in a month, when Sandy reveals a shocking revelation: She's giving herself a month to accomplish every she wants to in life, before… Read More

Book / Thrillers

September 18, 2022

Casey Jones wakes up in a building he has never been to before. He has no idea how he got there or any of the people he is with. The reason is soon revealed: Everyone brought to this building must play a version of the Werewolf game where everyone's very… Read More
As a girl with cancer I have had experienced a lot, but nothing prepared anyone for the time I... Read More
Mark Myers is like any other teenager, planning a secret party for when his parents go out of town for a weekend. Then his life gets turned upside down when Mark discovers the bodies of his parents, murdered. He is then thrown into an adventure by the goddess Freya herself… Read More
In world filled with spiteful, purity-loving gods and ever-encompassing darkness, 16-year-old Allegro Cadenza has one goal: to take care of the family he loves. He is, after all, the kind of person the gods despise. However, his encounter with a mysterious girl one night threaten to derail the life his… Read More
Welcome to Invicta, where the sword is stronger than the pen. The year is 1546. The Dictatorship of Mucro is at war with the Kingdom of Fortis, a deadly conflict that has lasted centuries. Lord Leviathan and King Peter II are vicious rivals, fighting for dominance over the continent. The… Read More
Our world is not alone... Between our world and the others are the corridors…winding mazes full of monsters and magic that transform whoever enters, granting them abilities, skills, and power…if they can survive. When high schooler Griffin Spader is tricked into entering through one of the secret hidden entrances, his… Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 26, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Libby is a high school senior who just wants to enjoy the last three months of school with her friends. Her single father James has to go on a business trip for a month. He asks that one of his good friends Ash stays with her. There is only one… Read More
ules spenser, a sixteen-year-old protégée child, has come to texas to intern for her phd. with her gymnastics career on hold—she takes the job of her dreams at her grandfathers company—the advanced nanoscience research center on south padre island. jules has it all; good looks, athleticism, intelligence—she was born with… Read More
Six individuals from ethnically diverse backgrounds and heart-wrenching circumstances unexpectedly convene at Brookside Community College, LA. Beginning their transformative journey in college as roommates, they share raw and profound experiences that contribute towards their introspection and growth. Harsh confrontations with reality and recurring memories of their dark past interfere with… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lee dies when he wasn’t supposed to, which causes God to give him a new life. Lee had the opportunity to be stupid overpowered, but he chose not to because it would get too boring. So God changes the difficulty mode to hard, where Lee would face many strong enemies,… Read More
The heroic Story of a pizza bagel made from love and sent into the world encountering impossible characters and other talking foods. Read More
-------------------------- ''FAXANADU: The 1985 RPG VIDEO GAME ADVENTURE ! ''---------------- Masculine RPG Warrior and Wizard: Video game Castle ! ------------ ( UNDERGROUND LOG-CABIN NPC TOWN ! ) --------------- (VIDEO GAME: Easter Egg Items - Red LifeBar, RPG White/Red Dough and White Elixir Medicine ! ) --------------- PART 1 ! --------------------- Read More
--------------- NEW 1987 RPG-VIDEO GAME ! -------------- {GRANDMA ZELDA'S 1987 UNDERGROUND RPG-ADVENTURE ! } -------------- Labyrinth: 1987 Video Game ! (TRAIN YOUR LEVELS and SKILLS ! - INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAME PLAYSTORY ! ) ------------- ''Find an Exit into the ''Underground' ! '' } ---------- ZELDA's 'Red Heart-Milk' and 'Easter Egg'… Read More
A short story about a mysterious man, and young boy, and their misadventures with colorful characters, humorous situations, an inspiring message, upbeat theme that is perfect for the young and younger adult looking for a new type of short adventure story. Read More
------------------------------ ''VAXX and ZELDA'S SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE-UNDERWORLD #187 ! '' -------------------- (Find An Exit from ZELDA'S UNDERGROUND ICE WOODS and XXX CASTLE UNDER-WORLD REALM ! ----------------- Secret Underground Video game World: Brown NPC, White and Pink Heart-Medicine and RPG Lamp ! ) ----------------- Read More
------------------- ''ZELDA VAXANDORF'S & HER AMAZING MEMORIES From Year #1995 ! '' ------------ (Crystalis, BATMAN FOREVER, The Nutcracker: Christmas 1995 and Kenny G's Music !) --------------- THE AMAZING YEAR of 1995 ! ----------- Video games and Movies ! -------- Read More
------------------------------- '' NOAH'S #1985 UNDERGROUND BASEMENT VIDEO-GAME WORLD '': ------- Grandma Zelda and GANON'S Log Cabin RPG TOWN and TELEPORTATION ! ---------------- (Exit to Log Cabin Castle and Basement-Underworld #89: ------ FIND CHOCOLATE PINK CAKE, XXX MEDICINE and RPG SEASHELL-FLUTE ! ) ------------ Parts I and II ! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"It's okay, you're okay, everything's okay" Bindi loves to write. It's the only way to get the mess of thoughts out of her head. Starting her freshman year of high school would be hard enough without the pain of anxiety and no mother to help deal with it. Luckily Bindi… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Read and weep, motherfucker. No seriously, thank you for taking your time to visit this novel. I hope it brings a certain light to your eyes and helps you to reconsider your choices if you fall under hard times. Going under a hiatus with this one. I wanted to post… Read More

Book / Romance

June 27, 2022

Molly's been watching the guy who works in the sweet shop for over a year. Not stalking, like her best friend Courtney says, but watching. And that means she practically knows him, right? So she's not surprised that he agrees to let her work there, to gain experience for her… Read More
Jared has been kicked out of another school in a seemingly countless row and his new one doesn't seem any better than all the others he's been to. But probably due to an unexpectedly good mood in the first few days and weeks, he makes friends, falls in love with… Read More
The scatter of wild worlds in every chapter. Read More
--------------- ''GRANDMA ZELDA'S 1995 LOG CABIN HOUSE ADVENTURE VIDEO GAME: ---- Grandma and Granddaughter's RED DOUGH-CAKE and PLAYDOUGH and 1865 White-Medicine ! ''------------- (Grandma and Grandpa's Log Cabin: Buttermilk Dough and Johnnycakes!) -------------- WEIRD PINK BED and GINGERBREAD and MILK DOUGH ! --------OREGON TRAIL VIDEO GAME: From 1995 ! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Bennetts are the picture-perfect family: at least, that’s what they want the subscribers to their famous vlogging channel to think. Between Mom’s obsession with their impeccable reputation and Dad missing from the picture, seventeen-year-old Alyssa’s life is anything but normal when the cameras are off. Her parents’ divorce was… Read More
------------------ ''I LOVE YOU ! '' -------- { ZELDA'S GREEN DOUGH-BAR ! ----- ''WARM TROPICAL VEGAN MILK-BATH and VALENTINE'S PINK SPA and CHOCOLATE Hemp Milk-Bath'' ! ------------- ''ASMR CHOCOLATE LOVE-SMOOTHIE and WARM TROPICAL MILK BATH ! '' } -------------- 2022 Honey Dough-cake ! ----------------- (Kasey's Green Dough-Bar and VEGAN Chocolate… Read More
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