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------- ''LINKY'' ---- (NEW MATERIAL ADDED TO CHAP. 1 + PROLOGUE !) ------- Welcome to 'FAXANDU': The SECRET UNDERGROUND DUNGEON-REALM! ---- Find a 'SECRET TRAP-DOOR' in the Bizarre 1950'S CAR! --------- Down and Into An Underground Brothel-Closet ! ________________''MY VIDEO GAME REALM''! -----The Murderer Appears! ---- LINKY'S KIDNAPPING and FINDING… Read More
------ ''FOLLOW ME!'' ----- FIND THE ELDER ! ----- Simon's Quest in the Secret Underground Castle-Realm ! ----- SECRET UNDERGROUND ICE-CHURCH! ----- Bizarre Underground World! ---- VIDEO GAME! ------- CastleVania! ___ Read More
There once was a time of Legacies and Houses, famous and strong bloodlines twisting around, trying to rip out others by the root, smothering small houses before they were even established. After a great war, shattering the rule of Houses, Thomas Jade has taken an oath to stamp out the… Read More
---------- ''DOWN THE UNDERGROUND WARDROBE'S VENT!'' ------- Beware Zelda! ------- VIDEO GAME REALM! ------ Secret Underground T.V. and bizarre checkered path ?! _______________________________ RARE UNDERGROUND BASEMENT WORLD ! ---- Find an 'Underground Gang' and a 'BIZARRE 1950's PINK AUTOMOBILE' ?! Read More
Milo Murray, An Orphan From Chicago, Illinois, Is On The Run From The Government, Fearing He Will Be Executed When He Meets Avery Queen, An Agent For The Government, Who Becomes A Double Agent, Protecting Milo From The Government, All The While Showing Him Who He Really Is, And What… Read More
Layla is having a panic attack. Read More
----- FOLLOW US ! ------ ''DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ! ''--------- Follow ME into the 'GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Underground' ! -------- SECRET QUEST ! ----- Video Game Underworld. ________________________________________ ____________________________ALICE IN WONDERLAND! ------ Bizarre Furry Rabbit ! -------- FROSTY UNDERGROUND WINDOW ! Read More
Jake returns a plate to the neighbor down the street. He gets more then he bargained for. Read More
Lee dies when he wasn’t supposed to, which causes God to give him a new life. Lee had the opportunity to be stupid overpowered, but he chose not to because it would get too boring. So God changes the difficulty mode to hard, where Lee would face many strong enemies,… Read More
'Are you two like a thing?'. No, it's not like that. 'Do you Fancy him?'. No, it's not like that. Since Sammy and Josh entered this world they have been inseparable. They don't expect people to understand their connection, but it definitely can be straining to prove to people you… Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 06, 2020

Rain Ross is a 17 year old girl from Chicago. She is tasked with caring for her young brother and ignoring her alcoholic mother until she is attacked and nearly kidnapped by kids her age with powers. Strangers explain that she is a Zodiac, born with special powers based on… Read More
------- ''DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE'' ! ------ Welcome to ''Zone X'' ! ------ FOLLOW ME INTO THE UNDERGROUND ! --------- Video Game ! ------- PART 1! Read More

Book / Romance

October 29, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

How does one define normal? Even as Kari tries her best to appear as normal as possible, she can't help but feel out of place. Yet with all that she's accomplished, Kari's past manages to mingle with her present life. Kari who was born as a werewolf yet tossed aside… Read More
Camp Crystal Lake is cursed. When Steve Christy re-opens the camp, with other campers, they fall victim to a killer who is seeking revenge. Read More
------- FOLLOW US ! ----- Beware of the Secret Underground Police ! ------- FIND THE 'BIZARRE RED KEY' and Secret 'GARAGE Entrance'! -------------- ZELDA'S QUEST in the SECRET 'SUBTERRANEAN REALM of NIGHT-MAGIC' ! ----- Video Game ! ----- UNLOCK the UNDERGROUND GARAGE ! ---- Bizarre TV and Pink Ice-Car ! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

With a twist or two in the classic Romeo & Juliet story, Luca Palladino is a young, intelligent prince who represents the forbidden love between famous musician and actor Vince Palladino and Princess Camila Juric, both of whom are from two entirely different neighboring cultures that have been at war… Read More

Featured Review by Robert Helliger

"A wonderfully written romantic novel." Read More

---- Follow Me ! ----- BIZARRE TV and HIDDEN UNDERGROUND BASEMENT-GARAGE ! ----------- Ellie's Quest in The 'Secret Underground Pipe-Warp Zone and Closet' ! ----- NEON GARAGE and PINK CAR ? ----- The Industrial 'Pipe Zone' !? ---------- FOLLOW US ! --- Read More
----- FIND US! ------ UNDERGROUND HOUSE-WORLD: DAVE and MAX ! ----- 'Come Find Us, Dave!' ------- THE SECRET UNDERGROUND PLACE ! -------- From June of 1999. ----- PART 1 ! ------ VIDEO GAME! ----- Bizarre 'Red Lamp and Cigarettes' ! Read More
After discovering that her daughters were being tested for the gifted program, Mandy Bishop tries her best to keep education at the top of their priority list. This education priority causes the triplets to grow up without many passions, as their education came first (especially for Carla, as she was… Read More
---- FOLLOW ME! ---- Pink Ice-Car ! ------ ZELDA'S QUEST in the 'SECRET UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL ICE-ZONE' ! ----------- Secret Underground Hideout and Garage ! ----- FOLLOW the BIZARRE PIPE ?! --- Read More
The Chevallers is the first in a series of novellas about a multiverse full of overpowered people. The series is called The Absurd Knights of Hel. The Chevallers introduces siblings Shanti and Daha, beloved super-powered aristocrats. They will be forced to rely on their power, their courage, and each other… Read More
------- BEWARE of 'The Underground' ! ------- HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! -------- SECRET UNDERGROUND CLOSET ! ----- Follow the 'Red Brick Road'! ------HAUNTED HALLWAY! Read More
Marshal Cranwell never really fit in with other kids his age. Except for one named Hyeon, who he has known for a huge chunk of his life. ...And Marshal would love to spend the rest of it with Hyeon, if possible. But at the same time, Marshal is afraid to… Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 09, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

My existence is swept away from me. I held my father's decapitated head in my arms and watched my mother's guts spill onto the battlefield. I was dishonorably discharged from the Elven military for losing my mind. I'm trapped in a body I feel disconnected from, in a city of… Read More
----NIGHT-ZONE: SECRET UNDERGROUND GARAGE ! ---------- Carter and Elliott find a bizarre key and enter a secret locked garage that leads to the entrance of an industrial underground parking-garage facility and glow-in-the-dark zone, known as 'Leaf'.-------- FIND THE PINK CAR ! ----- Down into the depths of one of the… Read More
--- PART I: My Industrial Basement ! ------- CASEY and THE SECRET UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL PARKING GARAGE FACTORY! ------- Part I. ---- Follow the Bizarre Pink Car! ----------- The SECRET UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL PARKING GARAGE'S ENTRANCE: Casey and the 'Underground Theme Park' beneath his basement ! --- Video game story ! Read More
New York, 1975. Jacob Scolder is a teenager who goes camping at the sinister woods, several miles outside New York. As he, and his friends, spend the weekend enjoying themselves, they're stalked by a killer who wants them dead, at all costs. Read More
- - Welcome to 'THE SECRET MATRIX'! - - Find the entrance into the underground industrial parking garage and factory ! - - Follow the bizarre fellow down into the 'Underground'! - (PART 1) - FIRST PART OF THE STORY. ----------- (Secret Underground World!) - FROM MAY OF 2020. Read More
Martina Grimes is a Tennessee witch. When she attempts to find herself in the modern, 21st century World, she has to deal with all kinds of pressures from her family, and friends, as well as her enemies. The first Young Adult supernatural teen book. Read More

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