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Ohio, 1985 The killer who attacked Bethany last year, has been arrested and taken away to prison. When she continues to babysit, the horror of the Sheppard House preys on her mind. Read More
In 1974 in Ohio, sixteen year old Thomas Bray becomes deeply affected by a series of kidnappings that grip the city. When he places his life on the line, he feels compelled to save others from the same fate. Read More
Halloween night, 2017. Maddie Shelton is a teenage girl who is dared by her friends to go to Ashwood House, a place known to be haunted. When she spends three hours inside, she finds out that she's not alone. Read More
Belinda Camp is a fifteen girl from Montana. When she, and her friends, head to her parents' cabin, for a week-long vacation, she finds out that they're not alone. Read More
Beth Young is a fifteen year old babysitter in Louisiana. When gets paid three hundred dollars to babysit the Ford children, she finds out that there is a killer intent on harming her, until she fights back. Read More

Book / Horror

October 18, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

In New York 1812, twelve year old Elspeth Darrow is killed in a sacrifice to the wood demon by a preacher who thinks she's evil. In 2012, a group of teenagers spend the weekend in the woods having a party unaware of the woods girl, who seeks revenge over her… Read More
Seventeen year old Jessica Robertson is a witch in London, England. When she meets her Uncle, she meets all kind of guests there. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In New York in the year 2,600, Andrew Myerson lives in a futuristic society in which the bright neon signs and perfection, is dominantly displayed. Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 29, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Tears also coursed down my cheeks while writing this one. I am in a recovery stage; I just hope that this will make you realize; if I can recover, then so can you. I believe in you, and I believe that you can do thia. Read More
this story is inspired by both the hunger games, and red queen. i hope you like it, and i admit to making a very similar story! Read More

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Heinrich Hauser, a new graduate of the elite political education academy in Berlin, begins questioning the values he was raised with. Read More
This is a story I started in 2015, and have been on and off adding to for the past three years. Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

January 21, 2018

Mo hovers tantalisingly between fantasy and reality, between horror and wonder. It describes how a young boy tries to find his way as family, friends, and strangers tug at his conscience with their conflicting demands. All the while a mysterious voice attempts to guide him. S Pearce's enigmatic tale skilfully… Read More
Imagine. Waking up, frozen in time, without the ability to remember where you are and who you are. Surrounded by people that insert themselves in your life as your family, and a man who 'needs' you to recall the memories. Adriana Campbell is inside a world she doesn't even… Read More
At the age of 13, Grace Simmons met the love of her life. Joey Coranado was the bad boy; broken and damaged. She fixed him, and then her parents moved her across the world, where something unspeakable turned her into the broken one. After months of searching, Joey finds where… Read More
Mary is on her way home and she can't wait to eat lunch with her mother together. However what she didn't expect was to be hit by a car as she crossed the street, taking her life from her instantly. What's more is that she finds herself waking up… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

November 06, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Lucy meets the mysterious stranger Edward in a supermarket on her birthday, only to later find him on every single picture in their family photo album. After noticing that no one besides her is able to see and talk to him, she realizes that he is no ordinary man.… Read More
"Wait, let me get this straight.So you are going to start a rebellion against a rebellion you put in power against an earlier rebellion your grandmother put in power thirty years ago against her own family?" "I am so glad you are on board. Now let's go kidnap your used-to-be-dead… Read More
I love to write things like this to help people who have been through bullying or depression to let them know that the entire world isnt against them and someone is there to be with them Read More

Book / Romance

September 24, 2017

desiree johnson is the world's most popular up and coming teen actress. but her life isn't all what it looks like. nathaniel james is a lower class teen who has a grudge against celebrity and what you see of his life is all that he has. but when a… Read More
Elk Ridge is an ongoing collection of chapters that will show the lives of several families in the town of Elk Ridge. Their is a little bit of everything that will be shown. From romance to mysteries to shocking plot twists. The story will be reminiscent of a soap… Read More
Emery Hostel just transferred to Cedar high in the middle of her senior year. Living with her sister and niece she's happy to be in a semi familiar place after traveling so much. But..... living in a house full of hidden relationships and lies is anything but what Emery planned… Read More
Sophia has been pressured to be perfect all of her life. She's never had her own way and has never been truly happy. Until now. Romance, friendships, and adventures begin after she makes a life-changing decision. Read More
Coming-out in a Catholic family. Read More
Aaliyah is rich , pretty , smart , all with personality to match . She goes from thinking she has it all figured out to questioning everything she once knew in her life . Reality hits her hard , and she's just trying to find her way , she is… Read More
First time being called pretty. First crush. First flutter of anticipation for a first kiss. First boy to kill himself inches from her lips. In the Four Points we enter the world of a young teenage outsider and her struggle to be accepted—her struggle to accept herself. But ERIKA is… Read More
Who knows what will happen when five individuals all join a blog. Read More
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