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Always be aware of Ex's, you never know what kind of psycho they turn out to be. Read More
Why would a gang of sinister men begin hounding a beautiful, innocent woman for no apparent reason? Why would they accuse her of having something belonging to them, when she has no idea what it could be? And why is it, that when you’ve given up on the idea of… Read More
A well planned and thought out fishing expedition that turned into a mild disaster Read More
I thought I would tell you the very strange and curious story of the baby named Baby. Some of the things you are about to read will sound too strange to be true, but it is this story that will prove that sometimes truth can indeed be stranger than fiction,… Read More
A man travels from NZ to Australia in search of happiness. But he finds something else. Read More
The Final Cartwheel is the story of a young doctor’s return home, after a five-year hitchhiking odyssey around the world. Through East Asia, Indonesia, and around the Antipodes, the circle becomes unbroken. Read More
Join Arvay Raynel through her journey of life. Discover and feek what it is like too be in her shoes. Experience love, loss and pain. This novel Broken Things is a tear jerking, heart breaking romantic novel. You will cry. You will cuss. And You will smile. Read More
If you do not know who the ANZACs are there are the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. they fought in the 1st world war. Every year on the 25th of April Australia and New Zealand remember the sacrifices and bravery of those men and women who laid down their… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Asher Williams; a quiet, moody 16-year old with a troubled past and present. He’s been seeing a shrink ever since his brother moved out and he became the main focus of attention for his step-father. Asher is happy being alone; he’s never needed a friend before and doesn’t intend to… Read More
I always see people who put these up amd wanted to do one myself and i NEEDED people to see how i picture Ali and Ben. lol Enjoy, thank you ms Sierra Mackenzie for the picture for Ali. Read More

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READ PLZ!!! IF YOU DONT YOU MIGHT GO SAYING STUFF OR REGRET IS!! JUST READ IT PLZ DONT BE LAZY!!!! Okay sorry about that. Well this is my first story on here, and I am just writing for entertainment not for a curior or anything so dont go 'oh this… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 10, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

I had to write this poem. It's not really that good, but I hope you like it. Read More
she believes in the man who inhabits her and loves him, but to him, she is still the dirt he walks on Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is a general New Zealand knowlege thingy and so yeah its a contest comment me your answers and ill comment you back the answers.... can you tell im bored! Read More
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