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September 04, 2015

As a League of Legends gamer, I love the new PROJECT skins so much, I want to make individual short stories about each skin. This shall be the intro to the story, setting the scene for how I personally imagined the PROJECT series as a story. I have now also… Read More
What goes through the mind of someone stuck between hurting someone they care about or living in a depressive state. Read More
Just a goofy zombie story I made for my friends. I changed all our names in it but I based the characters off all our personalities. Read More
This independent film/series follows a young woman, Katherine Brooks, as she finds herself thrown into the apocalypse. As she realizes that the dead don't stay dead, she begins running through a fast deteriorating world. Alone, afraid and armed only with a camera, she must cling to her sanity as she… Read More
Pictures of ONLY main characters! and one little kissing scene of Loki and Sky :L Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 28, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Sky, is a typical teenage girl, she has a best friend, a brother and dad that love her, but then a dream turns her world upside down, battling to save herself and her kingdom and all within. Sky meets her greatest fears, falls in love and learns magic. Meeting new… Read More
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