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In the Office of Statistics and Probabilities, one agent sees a pattern that she is not sure that she should ignore. And maybe she is seeing the results of something more sinister. --- Who Knows? The fact is, this is about U.S. Presidents and an apparent pattern. A pattern about… Read More
The second part of the story- Raul's twin brother Raun wants revenge so he blackmails 12 zodiac signs to come and defeat him in the battle, but he prepared bad surprize for them... Read More
When Raul kidnaps her family, Holly must find eleven girls from the list. Their meeting awakes the acient Zodiac power... Read More
This is the first of the Zodiac book series im starting. Hope you enjoy. When a old man called for me He didn't make sense. He said I played a larger role somewhere else. He said they'll help me. That I'll also help them. Only now do i understand what… Read More
An ode to Virgo... Read More
A work in progress, The Zodiac Lover is a story about a girl and her experiences trying to find the love of her life. She chooses to go through life letting the zodiac guide her, but as she gets close to the end of her search, she can't help… Read More
A Wish Upon a Star is a re-imagining of the China's Great Four Folktales, "The Cowherd and Weaver Girl". When the star-crossed lovers from the classic love story are stranded in the mortal realm after the Celestial War, their only hope of returning home to the heavens is to… Read More

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In love with a Scorpio... Read More

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If you have some common sense, you can understand simply how astrology works. It is your eyes that is looking down at the symbols; and soon you are able to understand what they mean. Read More
In the year 5000, 12 young women develop the powers of the zodiac and embark on a journey to discover the origin of those abilities Read More
Anaya is apart of a secret family of members of the Chinese Zodiac, but she doesn't want to be. She is the bunny and while the whole family has special powers, humans wish to capture Anaya to get to her powers. And while Anaya avoids these people easily, what happens… Read More

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In the heart of the world, twelve lights go on, twelve lights go off. Helen Dreaming is certain that even if she wasn't a runaway with too many worries and not enough luck, she'd steer clear of woman like Leo. Woman that live within a strange and sinister world she… Read More
12 animals were selected for the zodiac, One selfish act in the past led to a group of followers looking for revenge. Ten original were killed, Ten new ones have yet to be found. The lives of 12 kids will soon change, the balance of earth will be in their… Read More
Sixteen year old Adam has had nightmares ever since he lost his memory six years ago. However this one is different. This time he saw himself hanging from a shower head, dead. Determined to life a normal life Adam hides what he saw. But the man who killed his family… Read More
A taxi driver picks up a customer that takes him on a crazy ride that he'll never forget Read More
The ups and downs of reading horoscopes. Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 06, 2014

Seeming like my weak shadow Read More

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Maybe this will turn out to be a KyoXoc..... maybe.....I really don't know yet. Yumi mets kyo soma. Also pretend the bottom part of the last ch didn't happen. Read More

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Yume, Yuki, Misaki and Natsume are close friends. They start thinking that they're being haunted, but soon the truth is revealed that they aren't. Life of a teen is hard. Life of a teen being chased by monsters 24/7? Not so nice. Join them in their not-so-safe adventures! (This fanfic… Read More
Everyone has a elemental level, yes even you. One person like that is Castra and her brother Pollux, lowly peasants in the village of Atcer. Life was going good until Castra finds out she is a white elementalist, the rarest element of all. So rare that evil Doctor Randall is… Read More

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October 17, 2013

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Leona is a fiery haired girl who just wants to disappear into the crowd. After an accidental encounter with Mirella her wishes go right out the window. Can Leona help her new friends? Can she stop her curse? Find out inside. Read More
Sam is a typical 17-year old high school student. Her life has ben normal. Normal family, friends, and being top of the track team. Until her life is change when she encounters a book she founds in her attic. Containing a magical dog plush, teleporting her to a strange new… Read More

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Rating for some adult content in current chapters, and may change as more is posted. In a world of magic and dragons, an elite group of warriors, an elven prince, and a human princess must race against time to bring peace to their newly united kingdom, or their world will… Read More

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Essay / Fantasy

March 12, 2013

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Another English assignment, in ninth grade. The assignment was to make up a mythology on how the world came to be with one or more God or Goddess. I decided to take an obsession and write about it, which is the astrological Zodiac. Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 05, 2012

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A girl, famous on her world, transported herself by will into another world and ended up forgetting her memories. Her friends from her world comes to find her and helped her regain her memories to fulfill their plans and to regain their friens for their enemies, the darkdoers is now… Read More
At turns heartbreaking and diabolically funny, Journey to Virginland is an avant-garde tour de force, delivered by a master storyteller. The protagonist, a loutish and uber-cerebral antihero known simply as Dog, takes on the challenge to navigate the perilous paradigm shifts of our age, determined to find his proper place… Read More
This is the tale of how the western zodiac came to be. It tells of how the people from the East, the people of science, met the people from the West, the people of magic, in a young land. The people of science learned of their way of fortune telling… Read More
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