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Jeremy Rodgers spent his childhood with his father, building up a reputation with many people, and not all of them the model sort. These reputations weren’t the kind he expected to carry on after he left the military until his new employer came to him about a new job.… Read More

Tags: spies, jeremy, zsn, zosiva

Jeremy Rodgers just starts to get himself away from his maternal family, his constant tormentors, when the ZSN sends him after something that makes their help necessary again. On top of that, he faces the old age of his grandmother and tolerating his in-laws for his wife, testing every… Read More

Tags: spies, jeremy, soka, zsn, sokain

Jeremy Rodgers spent most of his life without getting to involved with his mother's side of his family. But that all changed when he got a package in the mail. A package with something in it that made him get involved, before he lost his brother. North and South,… Read More

Tags: agent, spies, jeremy, soka, zsn

Paradise is a quiet little place in the heart of Katoctocy. It is controlled by Jeremy Rodgers. Jeremy is a newly orphaned millionaire whose life is about to change. From following his father’s orders to taking command and responsibility himself. Becoming the hero to many in the heart of… Read More
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