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A soldier's life is ruined in Helmand Province when an IED explodes, killing a new officer, and drastically injuring him. This is a story of a man's life breaking down, then the rebuild and success that follows. A story about the problems in Afghanistan today, and a possible way to… Read More

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Underlined them all, not me! But hey were here! As winners are, .... Grinders At loss! of tactical aragments, so fit in or dine! With Tye after chain, it's is they're all content family's gone to struggles and time! Read

Article / Mystery and Crime

June 09, 2023

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Do we? Control. Read

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Ann Sweeten has a powerful message to share, “Love keeps you going and I have been blessed in that: my husband has always been right by my side. Love is the steady gate as we navigate life's ups and downs. And my love for my dogs, and their love for… Read
One word in Heather "Digby" Parton's Salon column led me to write about how Trump's self-defeating behavior can be understood. Read
While I never tune into Fox News for the hell of it I thought I'd look at the Fox News website and above at the top of the blog is what I saw. Read
This is a classic case of municipal decision makers putting the cart before the horse, only in this case the cart is a shopping cart. Read
So busy and lots of time on hand, need discoverence help? Maybe you can still see more! Read

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In life we gain control through look and class or you just as entertaining as, So in evidence we are all the same at heart, don't discloud our thoughts Integlegnece is equal to this is our formality! Read
An erstwhile syndicate feature, predating Messezoic misshaping. Quagmire doctrine eliminates emergency reconnoiter. An able-bodied, surreptitious anointing. Quake effect notoriety symbolizes erstwhile anatomy to scourge supplemental efficacy. Tutankhamen subsplash anoints heresy to a symposium nightmare, a relinquishment for all those who engender a dictum insatiable. A dictum of energy rewrites itself… Read

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And as if I talk, as if I don't see the truth, as I am more moveing! As it so strange, as it is wild! As life can be free! And we are! Read

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Just a few killer ideas the one down the bottom is ground breaking Read

Article / Non-Fiction

June 06, 2023

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To all the nessary, this is you! Read

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Not for all, as in can count to evaluation I don't need to do The math you know you want it Read

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These are collection of literary and philosophical quotes. Read

Article / Non-Fiction

June 05, 2023

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Just a theroy, to the step's of life and a relying instinct theroy! Read

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This is an Apologetic interpretation. Read

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In Serbian. Ovde dajem u duhovitoj formi objashnjenje zashto ja ne volim demokratiju, shta joj nedostaje da bi bila dovoljno dobra za inteligentne ljude. Ova objashnjenja broje vishe od tuce, u nekim sluchajevima oni imaju neprazan presek, tj. neke ideje se ponavljaju, ali na ovaj nachin se stvari bolje objashnjavaju,… Read
There are two sides of the anti-woke movement. One is fascistic and no joking matter. The other ought to be a joke but unfortunately it isn't. Read

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This is Strip Art a new avant-garde style of art that is a deconstructive reading of art. Read
Carlos Dengler has a strong sense of arrangement and cinematic accomplishment, the spectrum of sounds is balanced and well constructed. The melodies originate in the bass, while the spectrum of instrumental and other sounds gives a rich and peaceful feeling, a lot of natural instrumentation, a lot of acoustic instrumentation.… Read
Tucker Carlson could run as Trump's VP choice but why wouldn't he run for president himself? Read
Are you knocking on God's door? Do you seek to find? Asking to learn? God will open the door and give you the good gifts He has waiting for you! Read
Full stack development is a highly sought-after skill in the technology industry today. It involves developing software that covers both the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) of an application. Read
Of course because I am one of the less acclaimed experts on Trump's psychopathology I was going to write about a Salon article which says what I've been writing about Trump since 2016: Read
A GOP nomination race between Trump and Christie would certainly be entertaining. Read
Trump’s lawyers called District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution politically motivated and argued that the federal courts have so-called “protective jurisdiction” to prevent state hostility to a federal officer. This is a legal maneuver, but wait a New York minute, let's analyze this from an entirely different perspective. Read