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This is a rather humorous attempt at an autobiography. Pretty much everything in here actually happened, to the best of my recollection. Enjoy! PS: The picture is really me from my 1957 Bitburg High School yearbook. The person who took it left it in the developer too long and overexposed… Read More

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If it truly is Mankind who is causing the purported change in the Earth's climate that is dubbed as Climate Change (aka & alias: Global Warming), then, who or what is/was responsible for the end of the great Ice Age that Scientists tell us existed as the freezing state of… Read More

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America is in trouble Read More

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If Europe could secure an alternative to Russian gas, it might deter Russia from destabilising neighbouring countries. Read More
A short article on why I write and love the horror genre. Read More
This is an article "How are Eyes Differ With Animals When We See Color" by Marc Primo Warren. Many are still wondering if dogs can only see in black and white monochromes, but the short answer is false. However, there is truth in the difference between how animals and people… Read More
Not that it matters, but... Read More

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Featured Review by Archia

"I enjoyed reading your article, it was very informative and covered a lot of the different things that are found in the sea. I always enjoyed go..." Read More

The Trump administration is moving ahead with its ban on the popular Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok. Read More

Article / Young Adult

September 28, 2020

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This is an article "Best Print Design Trends for 2020" by Marc Primo Warren. Designs change as fast as the seasons and for those in print, always being a step ahead on what's fresh and relevant is a must. From statement shirts to the use of fonts, keeping up with… Read More
This is an article "Here's What Happens When You Don't Pay Your Loans" by Marc Primo. Creditors definitely have better memory than those who borrow. That's why being irresponsible with your loan payments can get you into a tighter bind than you'd want, without little recourse or solutions. If you… Read More
Awaiting The Rapture? ... Don't hold your breath ... Read More
Loving your self, Believing in your self and accepting that failure is just a result of an attempt made are three basic steps of raising above Low Self - Esteem Read More
The First step of getting out of low self Esteem is accepting the fact that you are suffering from such. Read More

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Your mentality is what drives you, and what drives you determines where you would get to in life Read More

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Your mentality determines what you accept of reject in life. Your break even point is determined by your mental strength. Read More

Article / Non-Fiction

September 25, 2020

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A recap of last night's New York Yankees/Toronto game. Read More

Article / Non-Fiction

September 22, 2020

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Just a random post cause im bored and i wanted to share my workout with people. Read More

Article / Other

September 20, 2020

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Why Happy when it pains, and why does it pain when you are Happy?? Read More

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Love makes your soul crawl out from its inner space Read More

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Starbridge shares his experiences and thoughts of his first day in the ancient city of Rome. Read More
The air conditioner service providers are trying to offer advanced cleaning and maintenance services. For smooth and hassle-free service, the companies are constantly trying to update the service. The prerequisite for it is advanced cleaning machinery and tools. Though service providers have come up, not all of them have the… Read More
A short article about the turbulent life of Thomas Harrison, a leading figure on the Parliamentary side in the English Civil War. Read More
This is an article "How to Deal With Co-workers You Don't Like" by Marc Primo Warren. Whether or not you've watched The Office (U.S. version) sitcom, it's likely you've encountered co-workers who you just can't get along with, no matter what. In the television series, Dwight Shrute is the resident… Read More
This is an article "How to Make Your Room a Staycation Destination" by Marc Primo Warren. The COVID-19 pandemic broke out early this year and shattered every plan we had for a holiday. Worst, it forced most of us to stay home and quarantine ourselves in seclusion. As the new… Read More
This is an article "Choosing the Right Colors for Your Blog or Website" by Marc Primo Warren. The first mistake one can make when designing a website is selecting colors and visuals that are appealing only to one's self. In every aspect of design, bearing in mind the target audience's… Read More

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A recap of yesterday's New York Mets/Toronto game. Read More

Article / Sports

September 13, 2020

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A recap of last night's New York Mets/Toronto game. Read More

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