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We're excited to announce the release of Booksie Print, the easiest way to see your book in print. Upload your book to the site, press a button, provide your address, and a formatted copy of your book will be sent to your home address. Perfect for proof copies, gifts, or… Read More

Featured Review by sappy

"This is absolutely wonderful! I'm really looking forward to have this being opened in more countries! ^^" Read More

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Book banning and its consequence. Read More
This article is for anyone who would like to draw a map for their Fantasy World to accompany their stories or books. Read More
Excerpt: " 'Alien' on the other hand refers to the external thought systems and philosophies which have extended out of their domains as a result of their belief of being omnipotent and universal and claim to offer a better alternative than the native. But, in the garb of offering a… Read More

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"Music is a universal language that connects us without prejudice, it speaks to us all equally, yet is received with great variation.”— Fiona Joy Hawkins Read More
This is an article "New Normal Essentials for Business" by Marc Primo. As more and more companies start to re-open for business, many have already re-channeled their budgets to investing on sanitation essentials in the workplace. Keeping employees and customers safe and productive seems like the best way to face… Read More
This is an article "Everything You Need to Know About On-Page SEO" by Marc Primo. In the world of digital marketing, a 'keyword' is exactly what its name tells you. It's the key that unlocks opportunities for your website to gain improved traffic, more conversions, and wider reach to more… Read More
This is an article "How to Live a Frugal Life" by Marc Primo. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread worldwide, more people are finding themselves in financial crisis due to having lost their jobs or livelihood. To address the cost of living challenges, budget-conscious habits have suddenly become one… Read More
This is an article "Entering Banksy's Gift Shop" by Marc Warren. Bansky is arguably the most influential and unorthodox artists of the past generation with his use of street elements and means to convey political and social messages that have mesmerized cultures all over the world. With his unusual ways… Read More


This is an article " How to Create a Facebook Page for Better Online Presence" by Marc Warren. There's no doubt about how Facebook has become one of the most essential social media platforms for today's businesses. With a huge audience of 2.4 billion monthly users, it has also become… Read More

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All dogs were wolves. Read More

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I have written something that i feel is important i have a video link as well as links to some information. i know there will be people who will 100% disagree with me and the video and that is fine we all have our opinions just don't judge my writing… Read More

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Why I choose to wear a protective mask during a global pandemic. Read More
Although most states today protect consumers from predatory loans with unreasonably high interest rates, federal law provides various loopholes for loans to be legally granted to consumers in every state that can carry interest rates above 1,000 percent--higher than what many loan sharks charge. This is an issue that allows… Read More

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i dont know what to do anymore Read More
Have you ever had an important day at work--and had it ruined by a cat hitching a ride? Read More
No God, no savior, only us bringing about reality in a non-random universe. Read More

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Only joking... Picking apart 'Your Song' in the most un-PC manner lol. I love Elton's music. Elton John's 'Ticking' is one of my favorite songs... Read More

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These are excerpts from an article originally published on The Telegraph. Here is the link for the full thing: Read More

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Using pure organic tones within their many analog, digital, and modular synthesizers, Howard Givens and Craig Padilla have created hypnotic and meditative music to stir the heart, embrace the soul, and free the mind. Read More

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July 01, 2020

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Set fire to anything that may incriminate one's heart. The possibility of love is miniscule and possibly less than zero. Read More

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Just having fun.. don't be offended. Read More

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June 28, 2020

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chaos of life is never ending, you just have to learn to live with it and star finding happiness in it if you want to survive! better days will come; they’ll surely come you just have to put your whole trust in allah. i personally believe if you’re going through… Read More
The power of success is in you. Success is birth from within Read More

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This is an article "The Spectrum of Yellow in Brands" by Marc Warren. What's the first brand that comes to your mind when asked about the color yellow? Pretty difficult to come up with something isn't it? In Color Psychology, yellow is associated with happiness, warmth, or caution and the… Read More
This is an article "Defining Your Customer's Digital Journey" by Marc Primo. Like traveling, a customer's journey comprises many turns and forks on the road. As a digital marketer, it is your job to serve as your customer's GPS that will guide them to where they really need to be.… Read More
This is an article "Looking Ahead When The Jobs Return" by Marc Primo. We're already halfway into 2020 and so far, the year has brought us more bad than good. With the COVID-19 pandemic still not contained, shuttering businesses, spiking unemployment, and worst, claiming lives, a looming economic challenge becomes… Read More

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i am a freelance writer , wanting to reach out to the world and share my thoughts Read More

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An honest, funny account of my experience with a menstrual cup. Read More