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No matter what we do in life, we will all experience this. We all will face one day when we have to describe her, but the fact is you can't because she makes you speechless every day. Read More

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As violent protests have happened across the country leftist govt. has encouraged and rewarded this behaviour Read More
1. As long as I Do Not Realize WHO I AM NOT, I will Never Realize WHO I AM. 2. A life without meaning is equal to Death. It's like lying in your grave except that you still have Breath. 3. A tree shouldn't be so busy creating branches and… Read More

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This is an article "Drawing and its Universal Language" by Marc Warren. Like most forms of art, drawing is one of the most appreciated styles that people can easily relate to. It enables us to think, visualize, and understand what we see through a series of lines, shades, shapes, and… Read More
This is an article "The History of Pantone" by Marc Warren. Every designer and marketing expert should be familiar with Pantone and how it uses its color matching system for a variety of industries including fashion, retail, print, and manufacturing, among others. Throughout its history, the Pantone brand has been… Read More
This is an article "How to Create a Compelling Personality Online" by Marc Warren. Creating good content for your readers, from your 'About Us' page to your blog articles, is important to establish your online presence and brand. Content gives you and your business character and personality, which makes freelance… Read More
This is an article "Top Business Tactics You Should Be Looking Into" by Marc Primo. Ah! The tricks of the trade. All businesses have their own and borrowing some best practices from other entrepreneurs can definitely help you improve yours. As long as you know what tips are appropriate for… Read More

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This is an article "How Google Ads Work" by Marc Primo. With over 246 million unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions, and around 700% ROI, Google Ads is one of the best options to spend your money on ads and gain a wider reach. As one of the many great… Read More
Sexual violence is a major public health risk and takes many forms, with rape of women and girls quite common. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) sexual violence refers to “any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic, or… Read More

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It's an article focusing on what life really means. What our journey should reflect at the end. Question the worth of whatever you do, whatever you earn, and whatever you want to achieve. Be sure to spend some time every day questioning yourself if you are really happy with what… Read More

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