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Poem / Poetry

December 31, 1969

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Penned in 1984 but never printed. Perhaps the Iraq war would have been the time to print. Read More
This is an article "How to Earn as a Freelance Writer" by Marc Primo. Aside from dealing with the threats of COVID-19, many Americans have also found themselves suddenly struggling to secure jobs and earn money. This, as numerous small businesses begin closing down leaving thousands unemployed. With the current… Read More

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This is an article "The Invisible Man" by Marc Primo. Release date: 28 February 2020 (USA) Director: Leigh Whannell Language: English Production Companies: Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Nervous Tick, Goalpost Pictures Producers: Jason Blum, Kylie du Fresne Read More
This is an article "Using Colors for Your Marketing Strategy" by Marc Warren. Color to marketing is like icing to cake?-?it makes everything about the whole shebang appealing and enticing. But it's not all just paint and post when it comes to designing logos and marketing collaterals. Most graphic designers… Read More

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As the world is racing to contain COVID-19 and its economic fallout, the pandemic is leading the globe into a new paradigm, reshaping our lives economically, that would outlast the crisis as economic growth stalls. Now, facing a pandemic-induced economic down-turn, Nigeria is breaking out of her oil-dependent economy by… Read More

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Is it okay to keep your mind filled with thought? Read More

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"Every Consumer will become consumed" Read More
An initiative by the PoeTREE Foundation to help the audience of New Age Enlightenment to better understand the poems published under the movement. Read More

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Year 2020 Read More


This article is about the municipality in West Bengal, India. For its namesake subdivision, see Kalna subdivision. For its namesake community development block, see Kalna I. For another namesake community development block, see Kalna II. Kalna Ambika Kalna City Kalna Temple Complex Kalna Temple Complex Nickname(s): The Temple City Kalna… Read More

Article / Romance

April 25, 2020

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after a long time thinking about what to write, i decided to go with an unexplainable cliche romance rollercoaster article. Read More

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A Journey to Gurudongmar Lake Read More
Welcome back and thank you for your patience everyone for another episode of Myth Behind the Gard! Last week, Bragi and the Muses had to make a sacrifice in order to convince Fossegrim to teach Bragi how to play in time for the battle of the bands. Now with his… Read More
An Interview with Spotted Peccary Artist John Gregorius celebrating his newest album FULL OF LIFE, a free flowing, sincere set of compositions brought to life by the time-honored ensemble of guitar, bass, and drums, all richly augmented by synth ambiences, electronic beats, and ambient guitar atmospheres. Read More

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These are two new idioms I made from Judaism. Read More

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These are some allusions out of which I have developed new expressions. Read More
For the suitable functioning of air conditioners, it requires maintenance. So, cleaning the fins, coils, filters are of immense importance. It should be done correctly to make the AC unit function properly. For this, you have to get in touch with a reliable and reputed cleaning service provider. Read More
The inevitability of pademics and the enivable denial by the ill-informed. Read More

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This is a news story that I wrote on the shortage of toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

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Featured Review by Craig Davison

"Yeah, there are denialists in the small town I live in. They believe we are immune because we don't live in the city. The young people still han..." Read More

This is an article "The Marriage of Art and Business" by Marc Warren. It's not easy to treat art and business as a happy couple since they actually are two polar opposites. Art connotes creativity and imagination, while business is more associated with strategy and numbers. Arguably, these bedfellows may… Read More


This is an article "Here's Why Blogging Matters in Business and Marketing" by Marc Warren. Most freelance writers continue to make a killing out there today despite the current impasse the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to various industries. However, most of these professionals have arguably thrived even before the present… Read More
This is an article "The Color of Consumer Behavior" by Marc Warren. Since the dawn of modern advertising, marketers have used the power of colors to persuade consumers to buy products. Aside from giving advertising collaterals their appealing visual elements, color can also dictate consumer behavior. Today, when the internet… Read More
In the present climate, I was just thinking of those little things that I take for granted. It could have been a book, but it is not. Nobody deserves that. Read More
This is an article "Should You Still Go on Your Scheduled Trip Right Now?" by Marc Primo. The short answer you're looking for here is "yes". With most airlines around the world cancelling flights to destinations, pushing off your travel plans to a later date is the best and safest… Read More
This is an article "Brahms The Boy II" by Marc Primo. Release date: 21 February 2020 (USA) Director: William Brent Bell Language: English Production Companies: Lakeshore Entertainment, STX Films Producers: Michael McKay, Jackie Shenoo, Robert Simonds Read More

Article / Non-Fiction

April 22, 2020

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These are some allusions to which I have added my thoughts Read More

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April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a point in time to reflect upon our home, which does not belong to human beings alone... Read More

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Telos means purpose. To become great in life, one must walk with the designer of one's telos to be able to get perfect accomplishment Read More
At a time like this, during this global pandemic. It becomes needful for people to re- evaluate their goals and strategies to be sure they are still relevant and can outlive them Read More
These are two idioms from the New Testament Read More

Article / Poetry

April 17, 2020

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“Here's an interesting form of murder we came up with: assassination. You know what's interesting about assassination? Well, not only does it change those popularity polls in a big fucking hurry, but it's also interesting to notice who it is we assassinate. Did you ever notice who it is? Stop… Read More
Legacy through reproduction is the idea Shakespeare presents in the opening sonnets 1 - 17. I interpret the evidence of the text as two worlds of perception; the temporal and the noumenal. The former issuing cyclical decay and death, the latter offering sublime constancy and a source of truth and… Read More

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Humour in Maltese Proverbs There exists a multitude of sayings that are referred to whenever sound advice is required. These are proverbs that have been passed down from one generation to the next, some, since hundreds of years ago. Sages have mused about particular situations, taken, not least from their… Read More
Heidegger separates nothing / zero from beings, the Being emerges from this difference between zero and beings. This difference reminds to the man his mortality and because of that it constitutes the cause of the existential angst. In that sense, the question “Why does there exist something but not nothing”… Read More