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About a girl alone in the dark on a swing... Read More
An invisible alien invades a Monsters’ territory and spies on the ongoing fete; revealing everything as is, recounting to humans. The alien – male or female, not clear, ‘unless otherwise’, but certainly is an exciting character with a beguiling tone. Read

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They final Return of Mr Lazz Niga Dbz. This story brings about change an changes in the Nigeria economic Read

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Once lived a king named janameyeja . He got a doubt and went to Veda Vaasa ashrams ......... To clarify his doubt............ Read

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In Uganda, a mystery of land grabbing led by a one General Mali and Colonel Galabuzi befalls Kirasa village. People's land and property are grabbed as blood birth drowns almost all villagers. Most villagers die in pain but a few manage to escape the land. Villagers who were held as… Read

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Due to oligarchy, kleptocracy, corporatocracy, human rights injustices, inequality, taxation injustices, subsidies and tariff injustices, Zabanala a Congolese domiciled citizen who lived in Uganda disappeared without a trace. Zabanala’s son Rodgers struggles desperately with the memories of his father’s disappearance. He comes up with a plan of bringing forth his… Read

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Hi, This is my first post having just joined and so I will shamelessly plug my fantasy novella if you don't mind. Read My handwritten free lance writing assignment 1972 which I believe supports my journalism evidence of My Web of Births Sharon Mary Ivanov Governors State University Journalism Free Lance Writing 1972 Read

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I can see which way the wind is blowing, and I’m very much enjoying the breeze. :) O … Please note in the title “dumb” is my opinion, and I meant it in the strictest possible sense, in that I believe the article to be misleading (intentionally or unintentionally) and… Read

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To an exemplary user of pathos - Read
This novel peer e kamil has a different fan base ???? Read
A review of four recently published British crime novels. Read
17 books read and recommended by by Filip Noubel in the first half of 2021 Read
After reading this epic, I scoured the various analyses for answers of what it could mean. What I would find I’d strongly consider grossly inadequate and a complete misunderstanding of his work. A misunderstanding that would be tantamount to the confusion surrounding the man himself. Even slight understating of Jungian… Read

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My take on what ideas were born from reading this novel. It created a pathway of describing similar phenomena that others deny in actual everyday life. Read
A review about the book - THE POWER. In this book, the author has explained about the greatest power in the universe. Please do read and leave your comments in the comments section. Thank you. Have a happy reading. Read
The "Story in Story" approach in the short fiction of The Surveillance Bird photo in courtesy of Rachel Wu Read
Read the review of C.J. Anderson-Wu's collection of short stories "The Surveillance" Read
Read Justin Tung's explanation of some scientific terms of Liu Cixin's Sci-Fi "Three-Body Problem" Read
The story is about a young woman, though it is a must read for all youngsters. This is a book review of Wake Up, Life is Calling Read

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It is something that we must Always do. My poem. Read

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God is the pain of the fear of death” - Fyodor Dostoevsky, Demons Read