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For as long as she could remember Rachel had been in a hospital with a mysterious illness. She befriends a new patient from the hospital and things take an unexpected turn. Rachel must now escape from the hospital. She has reasons to fear for her life. Her illness is a… Read More
Canadian writer Carmelinda Scian's book review of My Father, Fortune-Tellers & Me by Eufemia Fantetti Read More

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One hell of a journey, a truly powerful insight in the mind of a Mr. Anonymous. Read More

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The Jezebel spirit is asexual..... Read More
AN EPOCH MAKING IN A BOOK TITLE: MOBILISATION FOR NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT BY BRIGADIER GENERAL DOMINIC GABRIEL UDOFA It's almost certain to profess that a Writer is one to whom writing is more difficult than any other. But there are few and rare who make writing appear as though… Read More

Book Review / Memoir

November 12, 2019

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True story.....The Beginning Read More

Book Review / Romance

October 31, 2019

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Masterpiece in the making Read More

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Book Review / Memoir

October 23, 2019

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We all yearn for this place.... follow your heart! Read More

Book Review / Memoir

October 23, 2019

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Be honest.... Read More

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mindfullness at work Read More
A review of Dutch economist and philosopher Rutger Bregman's manual for building a better society. Read More

Book Review / Fantasy

September 06, 2019

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Where do I start? I must admit, I was a little concerned if, Emerald Wilson-Bey, would be able to pull off such a manuscript of this genre, coming from minimal author experience, having only published one book before this one, which was a Hollywood tell-all, about a short relationship between… Read More

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Isaiah mentions Cyrus in the bible. This Cyrus was the servant of God to deliver the Jews from captivity, and get the temple foundations laid. Cyrus was doing great until he came up against the queen of the Massagetai. The book is by Herodotus, and is worth a read. Read More
A review of Unnatural Causes, the autobiography of leading UK forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd. Read More

Book Review / Fantasy

July 18, 2019

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I don't like war, and yet I was a soldier. There are some things that we have to face while we are on earth; war is one of them. Read More
A review of Taylor Downing's account of the endgame of the Cold War focussing on the events of a single pivotal year. Read More

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My name is Sandra James and I base in USA...“My life is back!!! After 14 years of Broken marriage, my husband left me and our two twins. I felt like my life was about to end i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time. Thanks… Read More
The real monsters in our life The real monsters in our life A Story by Driley " The story of my life before,doing and after rape As a child. " 1. Through out your life many things will change.People change,surroundings change even you change.As a child we never see things… Read More

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It's analysis of The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass Read More

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It's an an analysis of Orwell's 1984 Read More
Let's learn to live out our living faiths before God and community! "Whoever follows the traditions of their law, faith, and father-including the trait of brotherly-love-to the fullest should inherent the leadership in the kingdom Read More
As the Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Viet Thanh Nguyen, has surmised, Apostol’s book of memes and memories, “INSURRECTO’, plunges us into the vortex of memory, history, and war.” INSURRECTO takes American readers to the land of the Philippines as defined by cinema, yellow journalism, popular sports figures (like Mohammed Ali) and… Read More
A review of Willow Winsham's enlightening account of witch panics and village rivalries in seventeenth century England. Read More
Translator: Carol Brown Janeway Publihser: Vintage International Genre: Literature Novel ISBN: 978-0-679-44279-0 Read More
Since the 1990s, Mosley and his Jubilee Partners have been speaking to Christian churches every where. Mosley says "I long for the day when every church congregation in the United States that claims to follow Jesus clamors to have the privilege of sponsoring at least one of these refugee families!… Read More
Translator: David Dollenmayer Publisher: Arcade Genre: Fictional Memoir ISBN 9781628724240 Read More
A Book Review of a Historical Fiction. Story of Four Immigrant Young Women in America in 19th Century. Written by Jane Healey. Read More
read Bo Demont's book, called Nemesis Vector. Read More

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this is for an english class Read More

#narnia, #lww

I give you my in depth analysis and review of the debut Nic Pizzolatto novel, Galveston. Read More
A general short synopsis of Blackmailed Bride. Read More