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A short true story of loss, friendship and perspective Read More
You're not that great, but neither is anyone else is a hilarious take on the importance of negative emotions and how they can be used to improve your life. Read
A book review of It's not rocket science: 7 game-changing traits for uncommon success by Mary Spio. The description on this book jacket paints the amazing life of Mary Spio and how you can change your own life. This book details ways for the reader to become a “Game Changer”… Read

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the story about a woman discovering who she is. Read
Have you ever wondered how nutrition plays a role in your mental health? This book by Lisa Parkinson Roberts goes into great detail about ways you can support your mental health. Read
the Adam and Eve story might be crap Read

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February 19, 2023

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DONT READ THIS YET LMAO. I NEEDA BE IN THE ZONE TO ANALYZE i just analyze things here. i think i am smart enough to not make a fool of myself by publishing this. Read
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas tells the story of Bruno, a young German boy growing up during World War II. As a nine-year-old, Bruno lived in his own world of imagination. He enjoyed reading adventure stories and going on expeditions to explore the lesser-known corners of his family's massive… Read

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Message in a Bottle is the second romance novel written by American author Nicholas Sparks. The story, which explores the romance theme of love after grief, is set in the mid-late 1990s, then-contemporary Wilmington, North Carolina Read

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The Forty Rules of Love is a novel written by the Turkish author Elif Shafak, Her interest in writing this book was influenced by the degree she received in Gender and Women's Studies. The book was published in March 2009. It is about Maulana Jalal-Ud-Din, known as Rumi and his… Read

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Teaching is gain! Read

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.Is.w.a We8 Her! On me, Onui Read

Reads: 144 it..m Sweet progressions Find my anem Read
Whorephobia, homophobia, murder, sexual assault, transphobia. Tequila Leila, a prostitute finds herself murdered in a dumpster one evening. This book, particularly talks about the sexual exploitation of the sex workers, flesh trade, unjust laws and fanatic physical assualts, justice for which is mostly inconclusive. She has designed this fictional story… Read
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Murakami situates this story in Tokyo and populates it with characters who are the cusp of adulthood in the 1970s. He talks of love and longing and mental illness among the young. Of course, I read the English version but I am glad to report that it read beautifully and… Read
Streaming consciousness as a literary device, as interpreted by Virginia Woolf can be a very trying read. Best left to interpret by students of literature and best avoided by lay readers who read for enjoyment. Read

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A story of a young girl who loses her memory and her parents to a car accident and gets adopted by a new family. Read
this is a fake book review more for achia contest Read

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"The hood is like a ghost town haunted by souls who believed time stood still" -Nas Read

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This is my Book Review for my story "The Best Spot". This is intended for the contest currently underway at The Review Chain House Read

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Review of a fake book for Archia's contest. Read

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