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After an explosion sinks a cruise, five teenagers find themselves stranded on an island. They soon find themselves struggling to survive. Feofan Wright, the oldest of the kids, is the only one who knows the true danger of their situation. One of the kids, Kazuki Bolen, is a vessel of… Read More

Guide / Song Lyrics

December 02, 2021

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My Last Trip to London! Read More

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This mini portable quote book provides motivation, intuition and makes you inquisitively be focus on what you love to do and find a purpose with meaning and medication. Power Words are design in such a way that it can be your medicine and weapons to master your problem wherever you… Read More
An amazing encounter with God. Please read this brief description. You are going to love this story - plus, it is important for your health. Read More

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"Life can fvcks you anytime; just moan" - anonymous Read More

Guide / Humor

September 11, 2021

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Never look down on anyone As we all have different Destinies Read More
Here's what I know . . . and one can NEVER be sure. Only God knows, for real. Read More

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After I was born, I started functioning as a human being through the energies that were given to me from above. And also through what I inherited from my parents; and the way they brought me up. Read More
Earlier this year I had to surrender and seek professional help due to mental issues. In short my mind took control over my body and everything haulted. I simply had to get help to regain some sort of normality. Read More

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What do we know about the Bible? Read More

Guide / Non-Fiction

June 22, 2021

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A Giant turns joy into sorrow Read More
Steps to high vibrations. Read More

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A guide to the places and characters in Colourland. Read More

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They say move on. Easier said than done. Read More

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Base on how people fail to see what they're good at. Read More

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Words about life. Read More

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God's plan towards his people. Read More

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Never alone means never alone. No one is alone. Read More

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Guide / Literary Fiction

May 01, 2021

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All about people who are albino's and this is a poem of courage for them. Read More

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I hope this quiz will enlighten some of us. Read More

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All about the love of God towards our lives and if you're a believer you would love to read this.. Read More

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What is Trauma Bonding? Read More
Do you know that inside of every person there's a ticking time bomb? There are certain habits that people do that will trigger that time bomb to eventually explode unexpectedly. Find out what it is in this guide. Read More

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"l'm a force in motion, that is what gives me momentum." "what am l? find out below Read More

Guide / Other

February 22, 2021

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I was negative from childhood. then at the age of 21, I came to know about the law of attraction. it's really amazing. when you follow the law then you will see a change in your inner world and outer world. everyone should follow this law. if everyone will follow… Read More

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This is a writeup of a hike I did recently (February, 2021) in the desert of southeastern California, known as the Colorado Desert (named after the river). Read More

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Success is Orgasm Author: Gilbert Zenner COMMENT Please leave me a Comment how you react to this true Confession. This is a guide about how to lead a pleasure-seeking life while also making the money to pay your expenses. I REALLY NEED REVIEWS TO GET AN IDEA OF HOW GOOD… Read More

Featured Review by Criss Sole

"I thought this was some great advice. " Read More

Guide / Other

February 03, 2021

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What word comes to mind when you hear the word intelligent? Someone who reads and studies books. Honor roll students? Know-it-all? Read More
The Essentials that are foundational to the survival of a marriage relationship. Read More
Luckily it is possible to resort to different natural elements present on the market under different forms, available in herbal medicine and able to promote good rest, which allow us to sleep peacefully without having the collateral effect of stun. Read More
In Christ realities makes you more than a conqueror, a winner always and no longer a slave to fear. It is only a matter of correctly positioning yourself and know your identity in Christ. Having such knowledge at your fingertips will enable you to boldly and fearlessly tell the devil… Read More

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A short advice on how to prepare for what’s sure in this world. We all know we will die one day, so let’s prepare to let go now. Read More