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A boy from a poor family discovers a treasure trove of ill-gotten gains left to him by his grandfather who recently died in prison. Read More

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November 21, 2022

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Just a guide to the LGBTQ+ community. Enjoy! Read

Guide / True Confessions

November 06, 2022

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A short inspirational quote for all Read

Guide / Romance

September 29, 2022

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..., I wanted to take pictures of this and post it its not quite finished but interesting, its all to do with my skitsopranic beliefs, Long... Read

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Your guide to movies with less than two stars. Read
A universe, way, way out there somewhere is protected by valiant and honorable superheroes who battle against the devious plots and sinister schemes of the worst supervillains this side of the Milky Way. FAN-FICTION DISCLAIMER I do not own any rights to David Okum's Monster Book of Manga Universe or… Read
On Furlough - writing my music, is about my progress into the world of writing song melodies, lyrics and harmonies. This is the second episode, where we follow the story of a love-lorn French maiden through her decision making process. Luckily for everyone concerned she is helped by a wonderful… Read

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I was taught how to do this by an Angelic. Many people do this their own way, depending on who taught them. YHVH's way is faster and better. You have to clean your Chakras. Or you can read the Bible, where He hid the words of Power, numbers of Power,… Read

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Here I share my journey into writing original songs - both the lyrics and melodies. It is a journey that I've shared with my family and my close friends. Music is a way of communicating free of the constraint of language and I love this freedom of expression. In these… Read
A formal note about these books and the general purpose behind my writing of Dark Fantasy novels. Read

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August 04, 2022

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Know your worth Read

Guide / Young Adult

July 29, 2022

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Life is not a bed of roses Read

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Laptops are one of the most often purchased gadgets in the United Arab Emirates for both personal and business use. Therefore, they are at threat of being damaged. because of their tiny and light size. In Dubai, we do data recovery for laptops. In addition to working on data recovery,… Read

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A faulty battery is a common issue that many MacBook Pro users face after a few years of ownership. You may discover that your MacBook Pro needs continual charging or that it abruptly shuts off. Before you replace the whole laptop, you'll see that macbook pro battery replacement is far… Read

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A faulty battery is a common issue that many MacBook Pro users face after a few years of ownership. You may discover that your MacBook Pro needs continual charging or that it abruptly shuts off. Before you replace the whole laptop, you'll see that macbook pro battery replacement is far… Read

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If your laptop or PC HDD fails, you will lose all of your data at once. This might be cause by a number of factors, including a corrupted or missing Master Boot Record (MBR), a sudden system failure, and so on. If you find yourself in this circumstance, the only… Read

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June 04, 2022

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We've been offering support for more than ten years if you need help with Apple goods. We have the most expertise and experience in this field, and we can assist you swiftly. Macbook display difficulties vertical lines, Macbook display issues, Macbook screen flickering lines, Macbook air display problems horizontal lines,… Read

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Yes, we do it as well, and rather successfully at that. We began by offering onsite computer service for households and workplaces, thus we are professionals in onsite new computer setup. You may have a desktop computer or a variety of changes you'd want to implement at your site. Whatever… Read
In life not everything is subject to prayer. Find out how you can manifest whatever you want without praying or asking. Read
Discover an Easy Way to Improve Your Mental Health and Resilience, Eliminate Stress from Your Life and Prevent Burnout! Did you know that people who have low-stress levels earn more money than overworked and burnt-out people that hold the same position? Are you a stressed-out business owner, partner, or employee?… Read

Guide / Humor

February 14, 2022

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DUSTING The woman takes off all the knick knacks she has on the shelf. Then takes a rag, sprays it with pledge then wipes the shelf off. Then does this until the entire shelf is cleaned. The man grabs the closest cloth available. Looks around to see if his wife… Read

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Frozen Yogurt- This is how you make frozen yogurt. Get all the ingredients you need to make it. Then throw it all off the table. Cause it'll take too long. So, here's an easier way to make it. Go and buy some yogurt. Bring it home and put it into… Read

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Mango Lassi- How you make Mango Lassi is easy. All you need is mango, yogurt, milk, a little sugar. (Not the entire bag. Don't need to be a diabetic yet.) And a sprinkling of cardamom. Then you put it all together then you have the most delicious drink that only… Read

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THE WOODSMAN Tony "The Woodsman" McClaine- Tony McClaine was a very peaceful man when he was alive. But when him and his friends went out on a hunting trip. They walked across a bridge. Tony tripped over an object. Then landed onto a bear trap. The bear trap snapped and… Read

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# 301) The Eighth Deadliest Sin's 8 State Jokes (Joke Book) # 302) The Eighth Deadliest Sin's 27 Game Show Jokes (Joke Book) # 303) The Eighth Deadliest Sin 8 British Jokes (Joke Book) # 304) The Eighth Deadliest Sin's 8 Stripper Jokes (Joke Book) # 305) The Eighth Deadliest… Read

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# 201) XXX Murders (Short Story) # 202) Beyond The Quarantine Zone (Short Story) # 203) The Internet Comedian's: Top 20 Holiday Jokes (Joke Book) # 204) The Internet Comedian's: 10 Jokes That Cross Further Over The Line (Joke Book) # 205) Beasts (Short Story) # 206) The Internet Comedian's:… Read

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# 101) The Adventures Of The Anti-heroes (Novel) # 102) Lizard Of Alberta (Short Story) # 103) Sasquatch Vs. The Yeti (Short Story) # 104) Serpents (Short Story) # 105) Pumpkinface Double Trouble # 106) Curse Of The Seven Deadly Sins (Short Story) # 107) Mosasaurus Double Trouble # 108)… Read

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#1) The Heartbreaker Trilogy # 2) Zombies (Novel) # 3) Badgers (Short Stories) # 4) Ghost Tower Double Trouble # 5) Halloween Gnomes Double Trouble # 6) Orthrus Vs. Minotaur: Kaliyah Slithers In Trilogy # 7) The Woodsman Vs. The Notloc Double Trouble # 8) The League Trilogy # 9)… Read

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This is a short advice for youth based on the effort we make though we fall on the road and embrace much challenges along the way but it's a word of knowledge and wisdom towards our goals to stand up and rise to grace. Read

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In this pocket guide, I am aiming to write every single correspondence that you will ever need for the food in your kitchen, meaning that you can make every single meal (even cheesy toast), magickal! Too many times have I frantically been searching from book to book, trying to locate… Read

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Short trip to London during Christmas time Read

Guide / Song Lyrics

December 02, 2021

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My Last Trip to London! Read

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This mini portable quote book provides motivation, intuition and makes you inquisitively be focus on what you love to do and find a purpose with meaning and medication. Power Words are design in such a way that it can be your medicine and weapons to master your problem wherever you… Read

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An amazing encounter with God. Please read this brief description. You are going to love this story - plus, it is important for your health. Read

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"Life can fvcks you anytime; just moan" - anonymous Read

Guide / Humor

September 11, 2021

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Never look down on anyone As we all have different Destinies Read