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Three boys who were enjoying their time playing a new game expansion of a very popular MMORPG game suddenly get transported from their gaming computer chairs to a real life fantasy universe. Read More
When the past overshadows the present. learn to surrender to the present moment because this is where all of life happens. Read More

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Excerpt from something a whole lot bigger Read More
this is the love we all need to know Read More
This is a love story involving two people who were injured in separate accidents. They work for the same company and everyday events draw them together so they have to deal with work, weather and their injuries. They discover their love for each other as everyday events draw them closer… Read More

Miscellaneous / Humor

June 13, 2021

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Short jokes Read More
I hear the sound of church bells ringing. Awakening the morning and the slumbering consciousness of my existence. The sound of church bells once so piercing and so proud, today softer, quieter, as if regretful at announcing the beginning of the blessed day. I remember once hearing the glory and… Read More
I sing a song of courage. A song of hope and faith and possibilities. I sing of my America, the land I love and cherish. Read More
People are always enthralled with the dirtier side of life. They try to pretend they’re not interested in seeing or hearing those “dirty little word,” but deep down, people of whatever age, cannot help but hunger for a glimpse of “contaminated” thoughts or words: Read More

Miscellaneous / Other

June 11, 2021

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Well these days are interesting. Sometimes no I always overthink. Read More
a girl who enjoys random conversations on fashion,fitness,food,fridays.into reading fictions,writing and loving whatever life throws at ! Read More
REMIXES AND SONG CREATIONS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Lawsuits will be filed if you take my lyrics, so fucking try me :) ¨Welcome, Stranger! You must have Guts to Proceed to Read a Piece as fine as this! He-heh-hegeh! Thank you!¨ For reals, though: This was only made in about 10-15… Read More

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Certamente não é para pessoas que vêem o mundo só a preto e branco. A Vida é: incerta, imprevista, por vezes maluca. E, nesta vida de imprevistos, o autor expressa nos seus poemas a vida como a recebe ou recusa. Aqui a história de uma vida, de muitas vidas é… Read More
Channel or else doesn't work for me. In fact anyone who is "or else" ing me gets nothing but a direct connection to their own hell. Read More
survived 2020! No one can force you into black Tantra and if someone does it's not Tantra it's just black magic. I was happy with the white and pink experience when I started in innocence but that's never enough for this world is it? What's white needs color. Needs to… Read More
The psi and sang wars are real Like any other disagreements of this above that the whole thing is just another ridiculous power play. Not even in worlds where we are not supposed to exist can we find peace. Before you label this insanity, read the articles, Listen to the… Read More

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But does it matter even after death? If not, what does matters? Read More
I usually hear people talking about how to overcome when relationships fail. But how often do we speak about, how will we feel, or how to overcome when the loved ones leave while being our loved ones and the most cherished ones. Puzzling? While the best childhood... Read More

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What Ifs of My Long Life. Read More

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I can’t stop the music within me. I can’t stop the rhythm that beats so loud in me. I can’t stop writing down the notes on the sheet of music that create the sound and resonance of how I feel inside of me. I have an uncompleted symphony of words… Read More
When troubled times confront us, and tears begin to flow, we will look up toward the heavens, and pray for guidance and deliverance from the pain and fear, to days that will comfort us and bring us peace. Read More

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We are consumed with love and hate. We conceive and deceive at every turn at every age. We betray, and we protect as benefits ourselves. And as we reveal the gentleness within, we conceal the ugliness that lies beneath the fabricated smiles that hide the scars of doubt, distrust and… Read More

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If you are extremely puzzled that the person you are currently with remains your "special person" or not, then please go ahead and read. Read More

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Azura,a beautiful and kind girl, moves to a new town along with her family for a "fresh start" as her mother calls it. She knows her life is about to change but she doesn't know to what extent. The town she moves to is actually a werewolf pack named Lunar… Read More
The file of an unnatural entity known as Mr.Mouthless. The [REDACTED} has made a series of top-secret files for the known [REDACTED] out there. But just how many are there? Read More

Miscellaneous / Other

May 14, 2021

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As anyone who follows me knows: I love art. But I also don't have anything in the way of social media. Sooo... have a deer I drew during class today, cause I was bored :p Read More

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Miscellaneous / Other

May 08, 2021

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This is the best version of me be positively super. Read More

Miscellaneous / Romance

May 07, 2021

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Please do read and post your valuable comments here :) Read More

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Its about a cloud in soliloquy, the way our world has changed Read More