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Reverend Riddell has committed to helping the people of his community anyway he can Read More

Featured Review by Celtic-Scribe63

"Rich in description full of great well fleshed out characters so well written, polished and professional. Littered with inventive lines and v..." Read More

Script / Romance

November 16, 2020

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Script / Other

November 15, 2020

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my angel Read More

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It’s November 3rd, 2020, Election Day all across America, and everyone in Stone Productions hunkers down for a potentially long night as President Trump and Vice President Biden square off. Rob hosts another “pod party” at his house. Rob becomes so horrified by the early results, that he is heavily… Read More

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A man and woman engaged in separate cell phone conversations discover they know each other from their years working in the stunt flying business. Yes, the Flying Medusas, a legendary female stunt flying outfit and look out, here they come!!! Read More

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An architectural firm is force to lay off all of its staff and merge with a lingerie company, sharing headquarters. All of its staff but one -- Merilee Hudson, secretary and resident tarot reader. She is tasked with leading the company out of this mess, but finds herself in an… Read More

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Investigation Franchise deals with two stories: One is Investigation: On progress and the other one is Investigation...Both follows different story line on crimes and thrillers, focusing on the journey of a police officer to nab the mafia and terrorists and how they face hurdles from their respective family members! Read More

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The story is based on a man, who never likes women and hates them to the core, because of his career-oriented mindset. How he realizes the value of love and how he sets on to rectify his mistakes forms the Love story: A tale of Romance Read More

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Ne'er-do-well teen brothers try to rescue camp cuties from monster moose stampede in the wilds of Maine. Cutest durn script you'll ever read. Read More

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The shooting date for Alien AIDs and Human Slaves is moved way up, and after actors drop out, Miles is forced to hire Rob, McKenzie and Bonnie for major roles. Rob and Bonnie quarrel over their acting choices. Kevin is conflicted over his feelings for Evelyn. Miles tries to impress… Read More

Script / Non-Fiction

October 26, 2020

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If God becomes human and join a human effort as our forgotten army for every infinite mile ever stepped as oneness for saving our sustenance on this living Earth, I must request you, that the time we waited for has come and let us make this second chance, as the… Read More

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A incomplete love story of imagination. Read More

Script / Humor

October 19, 2020

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A mysteriously beautiful, dark-haired girl who makes fleeting, ghost-like appearances in the mouth of a grape arbor in the backyard of a rented house provides an important psychological key to a divorced woman's troubled past, and leads to reconciliation between her and her ex-husband. Three-character stage play in seven scenes.… Read More

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Brian becomes obsessed with using his Christmas bonus to impress Nina. Spencer tries his best to bond with Melinda during their weekend together. Jack tries to pair his mother up with Lindsay. Read More

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Tongue-in-cheek cell phone conversation between an estranged father trapped in a Katrina-like hurricane and his daughter, who is trying to bring about reconciliation between him and his wife. (This is part of the "Biff Bang, American Hero & Other Plays" collection available on Amazon and as an ebook on numerous… Read More

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Life story of Levy as she walks her path to Erotica. Read More

Script / Fantasy

October 11, 2020

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After a string of unsuccessful jobs, grad school student, Kira Nguyen, is beginning to worry if she'll keep her apartment. Life in the Big City isn't cheap, after all. A sudden call from her estranged aunt, however, points her in the direction of a shop close to her home with… Read More

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Trapped by a winter snowstorm, a middle-aged suburban man imagines he was tricked by his wife and locked in the cellar in an act of betrayal. A monologue/soliloquy. Part of "Dark Snow" collection on (Come on, folks, shell out. It ain't gonna kill you.) Read More
Yes, the might Kudhu, turbaned seer and carnival sideshow attraction, who brings you prophecies of things to come. (An oldie by a goodie. First presented in 1999 as part of First Stage/Hollywood's annual Playwrights Express.) Read More

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Rob has to attract the interest of a financier with daddy issues but has trouble doing so. Hannah tries to get closure with Xandra. Luther, in his new capacity as head of talent management, tries to sign rapper Pop Spiders while trying to ignore his personal distaste for his music. Read More

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• Joseph Wallas (Jo) is a successful director spent his life working for the International Company which owned by his life friend (Matt Duncan). • James Duncan is Matt’s brother he didn’t speak to Matt since 15 years ago after Matt kicked him out when Jo discovered that James uses… Read More

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Jacob has spent his entire life running from his mistakes. Terrifying and horrific, their blood is one his hand, and all Jacob can do to repent is to life his life out in exile with his daughter Elizabeth. But no matter how hard you try you can’t outrun the devil.… Read More
On the lip of a cliff overlooking a lake, a man contemplates suicide in defiance of his lord and creator, who has taken his wife from him. A powerful soliloquy, part of my "Dark Snow: Soliloquies & Duets" collection on Amazon, B&N, Google Books, iBooks, etc. Read More
Vic the Prick has recently learned he has a heart condition, which is fine with him. The old bastard just wants to die. Unfortunately for him, his daughter Jane has learned the news as well. After a lifetime of being bullied by the old man, Jane finally stands up to… Read More
It's spy-vs-spy in the Golden Fez, a clip joint on the River Nile, in this Casablana-inspired parody. There's a video of a live performance of this at the Riant Theater, staged in April 1996, on Youtube. Read More

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Brian and Lindsay have to figure out how to keep Spencer out of Annex. Nina seeks a job at Annex to keep away from Brent’s harassment at Five-Alarm cabaret. Savannah and Lindsay go to a concert but get more than they bargained for. Read More

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Script / Romance

September 20, 2020

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A story of love Read More

Script / Humor

September 19, 2020

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Another NYC segment done Dark Night style. Enjoy! Read More

Script / Humor

September 18, 2020

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I used wee quotes from the movie Alien. Adjusted them to be not exact, but close. It's condensed to be a very short clip, as if you were watching a movie trailer. Enjoy! Read More
Vic the Prick has recently learned he has a heart condition, which is fine with him. The old bastard just wants to die. Unfortunately for him, his daughter Jane has learned the news as well. After a lifetime of being bullied by the old man, Jane finally stands up to… Read More

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Nobody Knows is an intense thriller centered around a 19-year-old murder case that has defined our heroine detective’s life. As a bit of a true-crime nut with a passion for badass female leads, this drama snuggled nicely into my wheelhouse, but I wasn’t prepared to be so thoroughly absorbed with… Read More

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Rob is tasked with selling a project to a distributor, but the distributors’ strict adherence to Scientology gets in the way. McKenzie finds herself on the other side of her boyfriend’s increasingly pathetic melancholy since he lost his job and needs to whip him into shape without invalidating his feelings.… Read More
Everything you always wanted to know about underwear but were afraid to ask, in a humorous, rhyming two-hander. Read More

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When Thomas Jefferson lived in France he believed that “Truth” would be lost from the music of Rousseau struggle of democracy of change if the meaning of liberty and equality would change into music of greed nd power . This call of freedom and equality was naturally appealing to founding… Read More

Script / Other

September 14, 2020

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Here you can Create a Character for my story 'A Sword to be Honed.' They will be integrated into the story playing any role I see fit. I may make it obvious, or not. I challenge you to try and spot your character. I'll put a Blank copy, followed by… Read More