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The key reason why the Patriots were able to come back and beat the Falcons in Superbowl LI. Read More

Script / Romance

August 13, 2020

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This is a short screenplay. I wrote it but the characters and story was created by Casey Serbergi and Duncan Carroll. Read More

Script / Romance

August 04, 2020

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A memory Read More

Script / Memoir

August 03, 2020

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My psychological emotions and thoughts: Read More


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In the season two finale, Oliver is forced to find a job so he can pay for college next semester, but finds where he ends up less than satisfactory. Kelly entertains an offer from Charlie. Roy grapples with how to get closer to the Lord again. Sheffield prepares for the… Read More

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Hattie narrates how her life has been absolutely turned upside down after falling for the wrong guy on a dating site. A customer with clairvoyance warns her that she needs to be extra careful before The Next Full Moon because her life is in danger, but nothing she does seems… Read More

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In the series finale of Justice Delayed, Vince and Meixiang are forced to abandon their hideout and flee to greener pastures. Randall tries to save his ex-girlfriend from prosecution while assuring his own eventual plea deal will remain solid. Ashton has to figure out a way to hide from the… Read More

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Script / Non-Fiction

July 16, 2020

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They didn’t know... Read More

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Oliver and Naomi are forced to move Colton to a remote location after a P.I. begins poking around about his whereabouts, Charlie and Nancy endeavor to get the nurses' union on their side in a move against Caldwell, and Stephanie and Andy attend an ill-advised "going away" party for Andy. Read More
When you learn about the story of our land where the Lord guarded this secret, you will know the beauty that guarded this secret is our rebirth in time again. Do you have another reason for this worth? Read More

Script / Other

July 11, 2020

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#blue, #sonic

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Joey Calabrese, a young goombah from the Bronx, has followed a Jewess who goes by the moniker Condado Blue, all the way to South America. Condado Blue stole some money from the mob after they destroyed her father's tailor shop, and now the mob is hot and heavy on her… Read More
The Gospel continues Read More

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Vince and Meixiang, their looks now defiled by underground plastic surgeons, take advantage of this by seeking out a person who can help them get to Mexico. Randall is confronted by an old flame. John decides to cooperate with the feds without a deal in writing. Read More

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i wonder what it would be like to take a trip in your dreams..... Read More

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keeping my space Read More

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A man fell on a museum’s old-west diorama, awoke in 1873, warned the sheriff of Jesse James’ first train robbery, and was shot in the shootout, then he awoke back in the museum, wounded, wondering if he altered history's time-line. Read More

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amigos que hablan Español os deleitare con esta historia en nuestra lengua corrupta de cervantes. porfavor disfrutad de ella :) English speaking friends I'm working on an English translation thank you :) Read More


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#world, #heroes, #v

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Oliver investigates who is behind the sudden influx of discreet blood commerce in Evanston. Kelly tries to throw Oliver off the scent, while she deals with guilt over her involvement with Caldwell. Sheffield hounds Charlie about his construction spell. Read More

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#world, #heroes, #iv

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Script / Westerns

June 28, 2020

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A scruffy young desert-traveler wanders into camp and tells a fantastic story of his capture by an old woman to impregnate her five beautiful daughters. Are his claims sunstroke ravings or actual events? Read More

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The world is falling apart... Read More

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#ed, #sonic

Script / Horror

June 21, 2020

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Determined maid thwarts the plans of her grieving mistress to kill young men and sending their spirits to her beloved daughter who died four years ago. Read More

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Vince and Meixiang are forced by Randall to do a series of humiliating chores for him and conspires to escape Randall’s grasp. Detectives Jones and Penniman search for Vince, Ashton, Randall and Meixiang. Ashton is tasked with expanding business in Dallas but has trouble initially. Read More
Analogy of the rallies against racism. Read More

Script / Thrillers

June 14, 2020

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An inept smuggler tries to explain how he and his girlfriend lost a drug-boss’ shipment of cocaine worth millions while transporting it from Cuba to The Bahamas. Read More
Sandra, a sexually inhibited woman in her 30s, encounters a male colleague at a New York office Christmas party, and there is an immediate bond of attraction between them. After years of struggling to overcome her inhibitions, for the first time you senses the possibility of love. She calls her… Read More

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After a long Texas cattle drive, two cowboys seek fun and relaxation in a remote Mexican village, but instead, ride into mystery and horror. Read More

Script / Romance

June 12, 2020

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2 'R' ML is a poem that its combination of words are highly selected to suit the fellings i have for the woman i like. Read More