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Through no nefarious acts, Johnny Burell finds himself with the identity of another man. Just so happens this other man is rich. Mo money, mo problems. He must deal with a drug cartel while trying to keep a steamy relationship with a girl he just met. Read More

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my first dragon ball soul saga. the first of many. Read
There was a time in every man's life to suffer for poverty at ending to hit the jackpot. THEY TYPICAL STORY OF A YOUNG NIGERIAN NIGA, (LAZZ NIGA DBZ.) Every citizen of Nigeria believed in the code (IMMM) I Most Make Money, either in a good way or bad way,… Read

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20 years ago, a harsh rejection resulted in a violent attack at a local summer camp. The survivor, barely holding herself together travels back in order to recover her life and her sanity. But something is lurking in the woods, watching her. Something is waiting for the right moment to… Read

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Haunted house story I am working on, still in progress. A family moves into a house that seems to have some sinister forces lurking within it's shadows. The only one to notice is Martin, a young boy ignored by his family. Read

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reasons why fairy bread is the best type of bread. Read

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Thank You Prayer Read

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UNFINISHED/WORK IN PROGRESS! This is a fanfiction cross-over of Bobs Burgers and Archer. It connects to the end of season 4 of Bob's burgers where Bob and Mr. Fishodor are stuck under the pier and connects to the season opener for Archer season 6. Archer stubbles into Linda's restaurant drunk… Read

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It is not good to fool yourself. My poem. Read

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The teaser for a show I focused on writing for a number of years- EDEN: the story of the rise and fall of a nameless vigilante. A serious re-imagining of the tropes that so make up the stories of heroes who decide to choose violence. Tropes are utilized, twisted and… Read

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A man returns to Oaxaca, Mexico after 30 years to die. A child's game gives him a reason to live. The script has been filmed and can be found on my YouTube channel by searching my name. Read

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A city girl is encountering some strange phenomena while living her mundane existence. In search of the truth she seems stuck in an open ended cycle to find the meaning of it all. Read

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How does a man bridge the loss of his wife? Read
“The Great Shift is upon us, but most people aren’t going to make it. Those who do will become the founders of a radically different society and an altogether new way of living and relating to one another, in perfect harmony with nature.” Kyle and Katie (hosts), featuring Jay Dolan.… Read

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Rick is now god, and he attracts that much attention, that a new unified being, is about to take form Read

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Yeah I don know what this is either so don't even ask. Good luck understanding an of it (it's not smart, just literal nonsense) Read

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Guy minds his own business in bar, is pestered by a woman who's had a bad day and is hungry for attention. Read

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Joe Benvenuto, who went by the name of Joe Yesterday, is all washed up, or so his pal Paulie tells him. He tries to rehab himself, and rescue his relationship with an old flame. Read
Legendary Oriental detective grapples with heir to ping-pong ball fortunes, in a Manhattan hotel on an ink-black night. Read
The world seems to be changing and rick is the man to help, but what is going on that makes the world shift without warning, can Rick sanchez our man really help Read
In celebration of ten years having passed since the first episode of The Donahues was completed, we check up on our favorite dysfunctional family. Ryan and Catherine consider leaving California. Ethan must fend off a brewing scandal and an increasingly jealous wife. Jacob and Renee deal with financial troubles. Madeline… Read
Rick, is seen as a man that can do it all but when he is faced with an inventional gift that he can not duplicate, he is meet with one of his most worthy advisor's, the unibra corporation ...Hey this has been getting a few hits lately and I do… Read

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Always nice to see the sun. My poem. Read

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Feeling like an adventure? why not go hiking? see below why you should go hiking. Read

Script / Poetry

April 08, 2022

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Is it all time and space? My poem. Read

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When Mark rediscovers a mirror from his youth, its dark secret reveals itself with deadly consequences. Read

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The cloud was there, and something rushed into it. My poem. Read
What is it on the other side of the universe wall, discover with rick, Summer and morty, what exactly is beyond your border walls Read
Rick and Morty's have all sorts of fun exploring the vast wonders of the universe, but now take the time to winde down and watch an indermentional movie Read
Rick, has now dicovered more than what can be heard what's he going to do with all, knowlege in his hands Read
Third and final part of the Sexual Relations series, three connected short films. Romantic comedy. Parts One and Two: Sexual Relations; Sexual Relations: The Complication (also on Booksie) Read

Script / Fantasy

February 26, 2022

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A young man with a dead crush on Marylin Monroe gets more than he bargained for when he encounters the real thing. Read

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In the final episode of Brian, Contra, Brian reevaluates his life in the wake of significant and tragic events, and decides to take it in a new direction. Lindsay and Savannah also leave their old life behind and start anew elsewhere, with a love for the revolution deep in their… Read