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SUNSHINE, SHADOW, JOY, DREAD, LIFE, TRAGEDY At the beach, a little girl jumps into the brilliant sunshine. Near her, another family slips into the darkest of shadows. A duet of sacred and profane; joy and dread; life and ruination. Read More

Featured Review by Ezra Enzo

"I had to read this twice, not because I didn't understand, but because I enjoyed the detail, story, characters, plot, and the short story itself..." Read More

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Do you miss your first love? Read More

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In a world filled with sound, silence is often times a blessing Read More

Featured Review by Oleg Roschin

"What an emotionally engaging, touching story! I absolutely love it how you choose to focus on such an "insignificant" episode and expand it into..." Read More

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Een ontmoeting in een theesalon... Read More

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Laura had struggled with her weight all her life. When her friend suggests attending a Wellness Camp, she hopes it's the solution to her problem. Read More
The advent of Professor Trilokashwar Shonku of Scottish Church College faculty, in the literary sphere of the Bengali Science-fiction adventure, emerged in the year of 1961 for the first time. He is a fictional character created by Satyajit Ray (1921-1992), the Bengali Oscar-winning film-maker and author. Professor Shonku (son of… Read More

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Geololgist Aron, is investigating the unexplained pinnacle formations on the West Australian Coast. A sandstorm sweeps in from the Coral coast and brings hell along for the ride. Read More

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A short story of the life of Cleopatra and how she became the greatest queen of Egypt. Read More
Een wel erg speciaal meisje leert een professor beter kennen aan de universiteit... Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

May 14, 2021

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this is great short love story Read More

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Breaking up with your therapist can be hard to do... although in my case, I was shown the door. Read More

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Work in progress Feedback would be great Read More

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The box. The door. The crumbling brick. It begged me to enter. Read More

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Last week I dreamt of conversations and events taking place in another realm than the current we reside along with visions of the beautiful blessing of our love for one another. Read More

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Diamond travels back home to get the truth about her family. Note: The location and currency are fictional. Read More

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This is why there are believed to be fewer female killers in the world, we are just simple smarter. Read More

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this is lovely short story.. Read More
Eerst met zijn drietjes op restaurant, dan een afspraakje in het park... Read More
Famed actor James Rutherford cones to town and there he meets a charming young woman who would love nothing more than to be alone with this debonair gentleman. She has her chance when the two share a stage to the town of San Quetzal. The ride is one that will… Read More

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‘How big were these jellyfish?’ Tess spread her hands apart more than a foot. ‘Oh, these were big ones, David!’ Red Sparkle (18+) from Is It Love? LIVE! HJ Furl. Ruth Pownall bravely swims into infested waters!!! Read More

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"This is very... lively, HJ. Well paced. A truly exciting read. Loved it. " Read More

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The blessings that have come into my life uplifting me to heights unimaginable with the average mindset, transformed me into the beautiful individual I am today. The most major blessing of them all are the angels here on Earth that have allowed me the opportunity to grow with them through… Read More

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Embark on a world in which the NRA has achieved their wildest dreams - with handguns as ubiquitous as smart phones - while Healthcare has gone the way of the dodo for all but the rich and powerful. Read More

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A mirror can reflect a beginning and ending. Read More

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Een minnaar heeft een bekentenis te doen aan zijn minnares... Read More
Can you love someone beyond measures, commit them your whole life, and then fall out of it? Do forevers and ever exist for finity? Read More

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Kelly thought she knew who she was. Kelly is about to discover her own flesh and blood. Reading Discretion is advised as contains strong adult themes. Read More
A short knight has a very long sword. Read More

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Caught in our own acts, we fail to see the grand performances of nature playing out before us everyday. If only our eyes were open... Read More

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Ronald Dugan has broken the rules of his club and now he has to pay the price. Before he reaches the end of the line he has just one last thing he wants to do. Read More

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Anything slow in life is surely going to yield beautiful results beyond the beginning prayers. Read More

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Een agent van de Staatsveiligheid is op pad... Read More