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Book / Fantasy

December 31, 1969

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Welcome to the Planet Crisis, where things are not so different from our own Earth. As the world enjoys the splendor of wealth and good fortune, dark forces are moving within, forces that fester in the Planet like a disease threatening its very existence. It is now up to an… Read More
This the the backstory of Yagi Toshinori (Hero name: All Might) in America. A Japanese-born, half white hero who comes to America, finds his place, and grows into the icon the series represents him as now. Read More

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Rhonda and Larry have been married for many years. Rhonda recently met up with her high school friends and started enjoying the night life...but without her husband... How will this impact their marriage when Rhonda meets up with her high school sweetheart... Read More

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Ah, the famed three wish story. How will this one end? Read More

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Cover image: Olivier Guillard on Unsplash. Read More

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????????????????????? This isn't a love story. Nor is this a story about love. This is a story about sweet and bloody revenge. ????????????????????? ?Inspired by Conan Gray's song "Checkmate"? I'll try to publish a new chapter every Friday and starting now, every Monday *:??? This book will be completed on… Read More

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Some lessons are learned the hard way. Read More

#wolf, #hunt, #tribe

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Just having fun. Read More
When a pixie goes looking for a snack, well, you just never know what is going to happen. Read More
Bert's Lonely but won't admit it. Well, I guess lunch is the answer. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

July 29, 2020

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Miracle! She's back! Read More

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What is a civilized response to adultery? Read More

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Sometimes you don't get but one mistake. Read More

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an ongoing story of when the cat met the fox. Read More
Do you understand how Instant Messaging works? Here's how. Read More
What is hidden in the mind sometimes finds it's way out. Read More

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This is a tie-in to the much larger Integrity universe, in which 4,000 people worldwide spontaneously develop elemental powers in the mid 2010s, by unknown means. The series follows a core group of superhumans dealing with the resulting social fallout. This is the small origin story of a man from… Read More

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A daughter, who loves her father a lot, has been suffering adversities one after the other. She appears to be fed up to the teeth with life. She tells her father about her emotional state. He helps her overcome the disappointment in life. Read More

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When Vikings die on the battlefield Valkyries come down from the sky on flying horses to take them away to Valhalla. What happens when a surfer dies? Read More
Barrowed our little creatures names for a short story for young ones Read More

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Featured Review by Joe Stuart

"Perfect! Humiliation can be a powerful weapon against a bully--and with no risk of retribution by the law. This was not how I expected the story..." Read More

Short Story / Other

July 28, 2020

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It was all such a simple plan. Nothing could go wrong. Humans had been dragged through the plague, AIDS, Ebola, the list was endless. In the end they still came out on top. They were a vigorous bunch. The type that never say die. The old man looked out the… Read More

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When two soldiers in the dying months of World War I take shelter in a rundown French farmhouse, they come across a boy named Olivier, eager to invite them to dinner... Read More

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Sorry to beg of you this morning. I wish I could tell you my story about the Unbelievable Highs. But I’m dumb. Please, I beg of you, provide me with a roof over my head, a warm bed to rest my weary body, some love and affection. I get so… Read More

Featured Review by Rob73

"A well written fantasy short story, HJ. Maud is a great character, and it is full of drama as well." Read More

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A racist mother and her young children face certain robotic annihilation. - from Is It Today? Fantasies. HJ Furl on Amazon and, soon, Is It Today? Live featuring Linnea Sage as audiobook narrator and voice over artist. Read More

#love, #war, #hate, #peace, #humans

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"I really enjoyed this one, HJ, with it's curious mixture of dystopia and fairy-tale. I don't care how many signed - that agreement will never la..." Read More

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He left us but he remains as a shining star in our lives . Read More

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Just a short fantasy that may have happened; (???) well, maybe. Read More

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One man meets two other and wants to strike a deal. And then another deal, etc., etc., etc. Read More

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There is a problem down at the Loch, and a stranger is very distressed. Read More

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Featured Review by Sue Harris

"Not what I was expecting, Hully... OMG moment! Shockingly wicked." Read More

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This story is about a man that marries the love of his life but doesn't realize how he fell for her. Read the the story to know how he felt that precious moment. Read More

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Read Flower first if you haven't then read this story's summary and then read the story. So, I bet No one caught on that the flowers had a meaning to them? A hidden message maybe? A wish? Why don't you see what Adrien's intentions with the flowers were? And you… Read More