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Use a dog zapper to control rude children. Sarcastic Humor. Read More

Writing Contest / Poetry /

November 03, 2020

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This is the prompt picture for the Review Chain House Competition. The house is welcome to everyone. Read More

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please if you feel something across someone especially love tell him or her about it before too late.. Read More

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Christian X. Kahn's Story Read More

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this is a story of rita, who tells her horror experience she faced with her sister..... Read More

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Featured Review by Jake J. Harrison

"Hi Sera, You have posted a piece that cries out with frustration about a world that has become bland and conformist. Where children age and l..." Read More

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Featured Review by xnunny

"well that is really close to what is happening right now" Read More

Writing Contest / Poetry

August 14, 2020

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When a human dreams, logic and creativity merge and give the whole experience a fascinating and yet confusing experience worthy of being put on paper. Some believe that dreams are messages, and some think dreams are a divination of someone's true self. And some believe that dreams belong to another,… Read More

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whisked away from dark times... Read More

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Writing Contest / Non-Fiction

June 23, 2020

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Growing in a cult as a kid known as Avalon was not easy for me. This is the story of how I stayed in a cult for four years of my life and how wonderful it was for me how being of something so magical until it wasn't anymore and… Read More

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A finalist in the international youth writing contest Futurible, United Universes was featured as a selection at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2019, and was featured in Shenyang PopUp Art shows as a mixed media exhibit. Previously available for sale upon request, United Universes is now available to… Read More
If our time spent during the covid-19 pandemic has tought us anything, I believe, it is that the only true justice in our world is the law..... but not that law, I am of course talking about Murphy's Law... this is not about that though. Here I present a moment… Read More
Life in the time of the Coronavirus. There is the individual experience, the family experience, and the social experience. I feel lucky compared to many others, although it hasn't been easy, working while not feeling well, dealing with family issues, stranded from my youngest daughter, living with uncertainties. Read More

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im writing a speech that talks about fears and i dont know what else to write, but i really want to finishs it. Read More

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Never let situation at hands move you to the wrong path of the WORLD, never give up pray, stay strong and stay safe. Read More
A diary entry of what I've done during quarantine and my personal thoughts about the whole ordeal. Read More