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An informal contest designed to practice the art of poetry Read More

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Lost at sea when coaxed by a mermaid, his desperate attempts to catch her to find his way back to shore are parallel to his life - always waiting for a catch that isn't there... Read More

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A flash fiction challenge I'm doing with another author. Totally wrote on a whim so if it seems rushed, that's because it was! XD The prompt: Day Three Prompt: You attempt to pronounce the names of furniture at IKEA. In doing so, you transport to a mysterious forest. After wandering… Read More

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Good poetry comes from the deepest part of the soul where words are twisted into something beautiful. This is what I want you to access when entering this contest, you up for it? Read More

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Yesterday News is a fake news "company" that has shown up many times on my account. Read More

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Writing Contest / Poetry

September 10, 2018

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Romance Short Story Writing Contest Read More

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Zombie Short Story Writing Contest Read More
I am a huge animal activist! I became inspired to write a poem like this because i think containing animals in places like zoos or aquariums is unfair and selfish. I hope that when people read my poem it speaks to them, opening their eyes to what that industry is… Read More

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