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Sometimes going back is the best worst thing you can do. Read More

Featured Review by Bobi Leutschaft Poitras

"Amazing and beautiful! Wow!!!" Read More

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Peter Sharp has dedicated his life for acceptance at this institution. Read

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Chapter 1 of a novel Read
Felicia deals with changes at every corner. A shocking declaration by her husband sends her down paths she never knew branches an alternative path for her. Lies, deceit, betrayal-all lead her to a life of happiness and an exhilarated feeling of love. Keith has secrets. A personality where his inner… Read
The Review Chain is holding a wonderful and exciting contest! Read

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Here's a very short inspiration message to uplift people in all walks of life. Please enjoy reading it and take some to time reflect on it. Read

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After Texas becomes a war zone, a broken family must fight for survival against a white nationalist military force, without losing themselves in the conflict. Militant nationalism reigns in the Texan Republic in the wake of the dissolution of the United States. Harry Danes is an out-of-work musician in Austin,… Read

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I will always honor the american flag because of the people who fought for my freedom. one way I can honor the flag is to stand up for the star spangled banner. another way I can honor the flag is to tell a soldier thank you. I could help put… Read

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When the Angel wars were over, God punished the remainder of the Jinn to seventy generations of punishment. Initially trapped inside the ring of Solomon, they were freed, only to find themselves in a new war. With the demons who pursued them for their powers. Then she was born. Deals… Read

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The Story of the Good King and the Bad King James was the prince of Pragyle when his father became ill and passed the throne to James. James had watched his father for years and knew what he would do when he became king. James set out to make life… Read
In Dec 2001, I'm set to be an entrepreneur with my 1986_2001 Banque Internationale Pour l'Afrique Occidentale, Lagos gratuity of N385,278.76. It's for A Retail Outfit. I've 4 grade in 1982 GCE OL Commerce. A result that means I know skill to buy and sell goods. I've as well, a… Read

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Synopsis of Legend Blues. Discharged from the peacetime Army, Brad Chance wants fame as a jazz musician and an escape from his past. Despite the danger of discovery, he settles near his hometown and auditions for a local band. As his reputation grows, he’s torn between seeking success and having… Read

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The Movement begins, Lazz Niga Dbz, Travel in a Sport car to Jos,Plateau State Nigeria"And on his way out the incident happen and the rosh out alive. Lets hear from a conversation of forgotten memory . "I'm afraid she's lost her memory," the doctor says, looking around at the people… Read

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This is an attempt entry to the Booksie 2022 First Chapter Novel Contest. Read

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She's never known life without her, she's always had her Mum by her can one evil man ruin their life. Just when she thought life would never be the same, she's met with an old flame. Will this be a happy ever after or will this end in death? Read

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V.M 18 Una partita a scacchi tra la Grande Russia e gli Stati Uniti d'America; una partita a scacchi che vede le due potenze sfidarsi fino all'ultimo respiro anche sulle posizioni a letto. E non sempre è America a vincere. Read

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This short story is for Archia’s new contest. Please enjoy and read responsibly. Read
How this all became to be is an odd one.. I'm a Science Fiction & High Fantasy designer(writer), but recently I've been..... "testing my reach" in genres that I have no connections to. So one day at work, this song came on. There must have been something to do about… Read

Featured Review by Meaghan Kalena

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This is for Archia's mental health awareness contest. This is sort like a short flash fiction poem I wrote. It's about what it's like living with PTSD, the process of escaping, and I sort of compared it to a Grim fairy tale. Everything I wrote is brutally true and this… Read
This is just a Halloween horror writing competition Read

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Past flash fiction contest entry - needed to use the words “eyes, stripes, lamp” Read
Call for submissions! Read

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About a girl who lost some one so dearly .. Read
Never trust a small town, and especially not the only woman in it who seems intriguing. That's how you end up like him, may he rest in pieces. Read

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For writing contest Read
There was a young boy called, Lazz Niga Dbz. ¤ Lazz Niga Dbz, is a Nigerian and African,Hiphop Raper,record producer,interpreneur. Lazz Niga Dbz, he lived in a smalled Home Town of Bokkos LGA, Plateau State,Nigeria. There was a time,a Nigerian and African Celebrity name Lazz Niga Dbz,begins his early life… Read

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rejected climate-fiction contest submission. Read

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Mood piece based on the assigned picture Read

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There was a young boy called, Lazz Niga Dbz. ¤ Lazz Niga Dbz, is a Nigerian and African,Hiphop Raper,record producer,interpreneur. Lazz Niga Dbz, he lived in a smalled Home Town of Bokkos LGA, Plateau State,Nigeria. There was a time,a Nigerian and African Celebrity name Lazz Niga Dbz,begins his early life… Read

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This is not a contest but I wasn't sure how else to do this. I am curious at how many different unique words can be used to describe one picture. I want to see how people vary in what they see or feel or what their reaction is when they… Read

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A girl never speak up Read
Though he'd been dead for three years, a grandfather's love knows no bounds. Read
A love lost, a betrayal, and a lost career...what should you do? Go to a mountain to think where the memories can out way the bad so you can just disappear... This is written for a Flash Fiction Contest based on a beautiful picture. Read
A man, Pendleton, becomes a vampire. Read

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A girl have a social anxiety Read

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It's a poem abt a world that turns out not to be the escape world but something turns joy to sorrow Read

Writing Contest / Memoir

June 20, 2021

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A mysterious man escapes prison, but not any prison, one of the greatest in the country, maybe even world. Day after day, he gets found and put back in but this time the government has decided to make a special built prison just for him. Can he escape and survive… Read