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Last Updated Apr 13, 2021

News Bulletin

April 13, 2021

Updates - Retitling and Rewriting

Hello all,

As always, I hope that everyone has been doing well. I've been keeping busy. Also, I'm trying a new format for my News Bulletin Board.


- There is one particular work I've been working on, and it has gone from being known as Triple Threat, to Monstrio, to Fangs-Flesh-Fur, and it is now known as Live and Leave Alone. This should be the final title for this work.

- Katherine is now known as The Trickster of Marshall Plantation. This title is not final, but it's better than it was.

- Love's Blade has a new cover now. As always, I do not plan to use these covers as they currently are when it comes time to commercialize my writing. These are temporary and new covers will be released when the work in question gets formally published. 

- I have replaced and improved some old stories from Stories For a Rainy Day: A Compilation of Short Stories. These are "Friends?" (previously "That Girl," the story has been replaced) and "Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures" (this story has been improved). 

- I added a few passages to Dark Dweller as to elaborate on a few aspects of the book. I am not 100% satisfied with it yet.

What's Next?

I don't have too many plans at the moment. I just need to finish some old projects, and finish up Live and Leave Alone. Dark Dweller could also afford to have some exposition cuts as to make the story less cumbersome to read. Also, I have recently developed a strange obsession with lettuce. Just think of all the different types that exist in this world! 

Anyway, I think that's pretty much it. Let me know what you think of this new News Bulletin format.

A. Rhetters


March 18, 2021

Story Rewritten

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick's Day! I don't have a lot of news to share with everyone, but I thought I would mention some things anyway.

- Love's Blade has been offically rewritten! I was dissatisfied with the previous version of the work, but as of today I have not only reworked the plot, but I also added more chapters! It is no longer a novella, but a novel! Due to this "completed" status, I will likely be looking into getting a fresh new cover put on it soon! 

- Some short stories from Stories For a Rainy Day: A Compilation of Short Stories are next in line to be redone. Some of them are no longer relevant, and others are in need for some improvment. 

I hope to become more active on here once again, but no promises. Other than that, I hope everyone has a great day/night!

A. Rhetters


January 1, 2021

New Work Posted + More

Hello all,

First of all, Happy New Year! Let's hope that 2021 will be less crazy than 2020 was! Second of all, a few updates. 

- I have posted a new work, under the title of Circus Nightmare. It's a Historical Fiction work that takes place in 1885, in a circus. I decided to do something a bit crazy and include beings such as vampires, werewolves, and flesh golems (Frankenstein monsters) as well! So I guess that makes this a Supernatural/Historical Fiction work.

- Love's Blade is undergoing a heavy redo. It was "completed" during NaNoWriMo 2020, having been rushed out to meet the deadline. I am unsure if it actually counts as Romance, or something else. I would consider it Dark Romance, if anything. While it has a beginning and an ending, I personally see it as a failure that I hope to fix.

- Contrary to popular belief, I have not given up on Katherine (placeholder title). For sure I will continue it, but I feel as if I need to (once the pandemic settles down) head to a historical North Carolina plantation for further research. I also need to read up on popular prankster-type characters such as B'rer Rabbit and Anansi to better flesh out Katherine, the trickster protagonist of this work. 

- Dark Dweller is basically complete and meets the defintition of a novel, I think. However, I wish to go back into it and elaborate on certain aspects of the androids. I may improve upon more aspects of it in the future.

- Stories For a Rainy Day: A Compilation of Short Stories has some stories that I need to improve upon. The basic foundations are there, but there are some stories that bother me a bit. 

- Poems to Show 'Em has few poems, but is low on my priority list at the moment. I never claimed to be much of a poet, but I have plans to make this happen anyway!

- Light Walker is on indefinite hiatus at the moment. It will still happen, but before I tackle the sequel to Dark Dweller, I need to improve Dark Dweller itself. It would be good practice to wait a while, get fan feedback that mentions plotholes or other confusing things with Dark Dweller, and incorporate it into Light Walker. Makes sense to me, anyway.

So yeah, a lot of stuff is going on. For now, that is all I want to say. Once again, Happy New Year!

A. Rhetters


November 23, 2020

Retitling and New Works

Hello all,

Over the past month I've been trying to post more content. Here is a list of all that I've done so far:

- Reina is now Love's Blade

- More stories have been added to Stories for a Rainy Day: A Compilation of Short Stories. Likewise, Poems to Show 'Em has been posted.

- Poems to Show 'Em is my collection of poems. All of my poems will be posted there, and will be removed from Stories for a Rainy Day: A Compilation of Short Stories.

- I have been working on worldbuilding, but I won't go into detail about it. I think it would be much more fun for people to figure out what I mean by this. Hint: The clues rest in Stories for a Rainy Day: A Compilation of Short Stories. ;)

I think that's all I have to say for now. Happy early Thanksgiving Day/Turkey Day, everyone!

A. Rhetters


October 27, 2020

A Few Updates

Hello all,

Just a few updates.

I changed the fairytale poem about the fairy hitting the ground to "The Fairy That Hit The Ground." I believe that this will be final.

I have also posted a new story called "Dotted Paint." You can find it in Stories for a Rainy Day. "Dotted Paint" is the result of a writing prompt provided by "Review Chain," a House on here (Booksie). 

"Reina" is out, and is the work I mentioned previously that involved a mentally ill protagonist. I am still trying to adjust the protagonist's character, so it can be expected that new chapter versions will become a common occurence on there.

Thanks for reading.

A. Rhetters


September 28, 2020

Checking In

Hello all,

Yes, I am still alive. I just haven't had a lot of new content to post. I do have a couple of updates to share with you though.

- In my mermaid story, I retitled it to "The Mermaid's Scales." I don't know if I will be keeping it like that or not, but surely anything is better than the generic title of "A Mermaid Story!" 

- In my fairytale poem about the fairy hitting the ground, I renamed it to "The Fairy Who Touched The Ground." I don't know if this will be a permanent change or not. "The Fairy Who Hit The Ground" sounds more dramatic, I think. Let me know what you think! 

Anyway, I have three projects in the works. One of these is redoing parts of Dark Dweller to make it more logical (it still needs some work despite being technically "finished" since April 1st of this year). I also am still working on Katherine (temporary title), and am also writing a novel that involves a mentally ill protagonist. I can't give a date for when any of these projects will be posted on Booksie, but I am just letting people know that I am still active.

Thanks for reading,

A. Rhetters

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I am an aspiring writer hoping to eventually profit from my stories, and to squeeze out some bestsellers. 

I do not write in one specfic genre (although I know that maybe I should), as I just write for fun and then I post it to see what sticks with my audience. If you would like to exchange comments/reviews, please let me know via Message. 

Have a wonderful day. 

A. Rhetters


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