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January Venting

Hi Readers. Writers. Commenters.



Long time no write.

Okay, so I put up a chapter. I was and still am, TRULY happy with the way it turned out. That's because I already know in my mind what's gonna happen next after that.

When I posted it, I was also delighted to see a new shelver. Obviously I couldn't look deeply into it because I don't pay every month for premium shit.

Little did I know though that this shelver whom I still don't have the pleasure of knowing, unshelved my content after a few days.



"We don't care, you wannabe novelist."

"You had it coming."

"Your chapters are soo fucking predictable. When they are not so fucking predictable, you come up with something shockingly stupid. Not shockingly awesome, shockingly stupid."

"Ya can't write for shit."


Believe me, I'm still needless to say, learning my way around this mystery genre. For the love of Agatha Christie, I've edited my novels over, and over again.

Let me be annoying for one goddamn second, okay. I'll list a few reasons as to why I do that.

One, because I'm not satisfied with it.

Two, it comes easy for most budding writers to post their content almost immediately because they're happy with how it turned out. That means no editing, etc. For me, it's different. I know no one's rushing to read my work, but I still feel happy with having it posted. Obviously I edit a little bit first, but if I'm still bummed out with some parts, I go back to it again.

Three, I have a huge imagination. By huge, I mean vast. Sometimes I feel like writing a scene that probably takes the novel to another road, but I think again, and see the error of my ways. Hence why I've taken months a couple of times to get it posted.

So those are three reasons, plain and simple.

I'm sorry to those who thought TROB would turn out a different way, but as I saw fit, it needed a little more spice, life if you will, to it.

So ... Sorry not sorry?

Maybe think again before shelving my content, and then act like a complete douchebag and then unshelving it?

Okay, so I am a little bitter about that. Who the hell wouldn't be? It really made my day a whole better. And I've been sick for ... Jesus almost three fucking weeks? Never in my life has a cold and cough lasted that long for me.

Aaaaaaanyway, to those who haven't shelved my content, haven't pressed like to my novel, nor by any means bothered to leave me a comment be it uplifting or criticizing, hope you like what's coming along.

That sixteenth chapter with Sarah was truly a cliffhanger, huh. I just love cliffangers, bitches.

And oh yeah, I figured once I'm done with this novel, I'll take a break from the crazy stuff, and write a romance novel.

It'll be short. 

It'll be sweet.

It'll be a little mysterious.

Haven't found a title for it yet.

And age gap romance has become my thing lately, so yeah. If you're not into older and younger people getting together, turn around and walk away, and continue living your unflexible way of life.

Bazinga. I was kidding .... ish.

'Till next time suckers.


Yours Truly, A. R. Silver





Be prepared to enjoy the Supernatural, Romance, Thiller, and Horror.

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About the crazy Narrator.

~ Sagittarius ~

~ November 25th, 1996 . ~

~ Have told crazy tales since I was nine. ~

~ Love to write, draw, dance, and sing. ~ 

~ Love the genres romance, drama, fantasy, thrill, mystery, and action in novels. ~

~ Occasional poetry writer; I admire those who have that skill. ~

~ I absolutely love anime, Asian dramas, occasional series, and soap operas. ~

~ I absolutely hate animal cruelty. ~

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A nice piece of advice : If you don't like the love at first sight concept I bring out in my tales, I suggest you don't comment.

 Constructive criticism is definitely allowed! I'm open to any suggestions!


I'll gladly return your reading requests! (When I can spare the time.) If I find the novel to be extremely good, with a great plot, I'll read it all the way through. (Usually you'll see me comment on nearly every single chapter, along with its faithful like:) If the novel's chapters don't catch my attention, I'll usually just stop reading them. (If u don't see me comment, please, don't take it the wrong way. I already put a like in there, so relax. If I don't feel like commenting, I won't. If I do, I will. I won't comment just because you tell me to, lol.)


                ►►► Novel Done! (That counts editing.)

 Summary: Sarah Stein is a lonely twenty year old college drop out without any particular goals in life. Also, her current trauma is related to her older brother who had disappeared since their mother's death. She then meets Calvin Cole, an interesting guy who takes a liking to her. However, on the same day she meets Calvin, an unnamed stalker starts following her, and a series of bizarre things begin to take place.  Will she be able to solve this complicated puzzle? (The story takes place in New Jersey. However, the city is never mentioned throughout the novel.)

      (Posted in the Young Adult section)   


       Calvin Cole                         Sarah Stein










             Maria Forrest           Fabian Rivera













Alexander DeVasco              Robin Hobson













                          Grady Philips



 New Novel ! > > >

Summary : In this second saga, Sarah has now become a successful bake shop/ cafe owner. Her life is now perfect, what with the friendly clientele, wonderful co-workers, and a charming fiance who loves her from the bottom of his heart.

 That happiness unfortunately lasts but a while, when news of a Mafia boss wanting revenge for the death of someone in her past reaches her through the letters of her beloved brother. On top of that, she gets stalked again! Will Sarah be able to pull through this madness? Or will she let herself be consummed by it?

(Chapters will be posted in the Young Adult section.)




          Maria Forrest               Rick Hughes 












 Flora Abby Larsen             Andreas Larsen                       

 Clarissa Briscoe           Douglas Richter


         Ansel Stephens            Jotham Stein



  Emmette Stein         Dale Markov


    Caden Forrest



(Info and more characters will be posted until further notice.)


























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