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Last Updated Jan 25, 2020


Saturday January 25th 2020: 'Super-Fab' starts tomorrow evening

This story, five chapter and 4,000 words starts tomorrow, Sunday evening. It's somewhat inspired by Francis Spufford's novel, 'Red Plenty' which I reviewed here* and Aaron Bastan's 'Fully Automated Luxury Communism'. The AI Singularity is in there somewhere too.

Thanks to everyone who commented on 'Cyberbaby'. This is the magic of Booksie: disciplining writing and candid feedback - the only way to improve. I do appreciate it.



Sunday January 19th 2020: 'Cyberbaby'

A new mystery to start the new year. Four chapters and 4,800 words. We are with the investigating magistrate as he considers a strange, challenging case in the south of France. A robot, a cat and a cover-up! But is there even a crime? First chapter will be posted this evening, the rest over successive days.

Christmas Eve 2019: 'Witchcraft at the turn of the year'

So I'm excited by the Art. Because it works and I know why and I believe in it for the right reasons. The Doors sang "People Are Strange" ... and therefore magic. A long and winding road to mastery but rewarding. Yes, very rewarding, even en route.

Check out the essay.

Monday December 23rd 2019: 'Secret Santa'

I was inspired by HJ Furl's "Lit up in Blue" to contribute my own Christmas story. I hope you enjoy 'Secret Santa', barely science-fiction I'm afraid. Happy Holidays!

Saturday December 21st 2019: Happy Christmas!

I mentioned in my previous news-post here that I'd be concentrating on submitting to SF magazines rather than posting new material here (First Publishing Rights issues). I've sent off quite a few stories: the process is slow. I've had the usual rejections - as expected - but also some encouragement to try again. I have not yet been paid anything! You will get sporadic updates.

Best seasonal wishes. I've learned a lot here, not least the perennial lesson that writing is harder than it looks!

Monday 26th November 2019: a lower profile here

I'm writing/submitting to various SF magazines and, as I mentioned previously, have encountered this problem of 'First Rights'. Basically, if a story has been published on the Internet (Booksie!) it's deemed ineligible for consideration. This prevents me from posting stuff here that I might want to subsequently try and place elsewhere.

It's a drag because the Booksie process absolutely improves material, especially if people are so kind as to give critical (rather than appreciative) feedback. But hey, I don't make the rules.

As a consequence, I will be less active here. Just so you know. It's not you, it's me...

Friday November 22nd 2019: My diary on getting published

A new chapter in "The long and winding road to getting published" - published here as a book. Today I realised the awful consequences of my ignorance about "First Rights". Oh dear!

Thursday November 21st 2019: 'The Ronin Express 7'

'The Ronin Express' could be considered Booksie's literary house journal, given that so many contributors are habitual posters here. TRE7 has just appeared on the shelves (ie Amazon) and I have written a review in my ongoing book: "Adam Carlton's Book Reviews".

Let me know if I've been unfair to anyone.

Wednesday October 30th 2019: 'The Piano Teacher'/'In the Kingdom'

Tonight I'll publish 'The Piano Teacher' as a short story (1,600 words). It was published as a book a while back in four short chapters - reviews here were mixed. The problem was that the ending was not properly developed, seeming to come out of nowhere. I have rewritten the earlier part and hopefully it's now better balanced.

I introduced what will be the recurrent character of Dr Alain Caron, self-employed AI consultant in a story entitled 'Going Faster'. The second story featuring Dr Caron will start on Monday (9,000 words, 8 chapters). It's set in Saudi Arabia and is called 'In the Kingdom'. I'm coming around to the view that it's not a good idea to publish across Friday-Saturday-Sunday as too many readers are otherwise engaged. So this will appear in two tranches of Monday-Thursday. I think it's topical.

Thursday October 17th 2019: 'Paramnesia'

A new story (in book form) starts this evening. It's called 'Paramnesia' which means a distortion of memory in which fantasy and objective experience are confused. It starts straightforward and gets increasingly weird.

The basic idea is that we have a cheap, effective stardrive so couples are encouraged to survey the Galaxy - which is easy as AIs do all the hard lifting. Our protagonists are going to have an encounter which will tear the veil from their assumed reality. Ten chapters, 5,900 words to be posted over the next ten days - starting tonight.

Wednesday October 16th 2019: The true story of Harriet

Thanks to Obscure for commenting on "Harriet the Torturer'. Here's my reply.

"Thanks for the care and trouble you've taken here. Perhaps the story is overly obscure. 'Harriet' does not exist and has never existed.

'Harriet' is a 'fake person' created by the Corbyn regime security apparatus in the regime's dying last days, to take the heat off its own senior personnel.

Angela was the lead technical expert in putting the 'Harriet' AI-construct together for the new regime, and also in helping fake the data that a person called Harriet had ever existed for the old one.

So there are two layers of virtuality. The original 'Harriet' of the 'interrogation school' dialogue is revealed to be merely an AI construct of a putative 'escaped-Harriet' - present location unknown. It is then revealed (by exposition) that 'escaped-Harriet' never existed at all, being a contrived deception as I already discussed above.

So your final piece of hermeneutics was what was intended!"

Tuesday October 15th 2019: "Serotonin" - Michel Houellebecq

Having just finished reading this book I thought I'd post a review. Houellebecq is celebrated in France and beyond as a canary in the mine of contemporary capitalism. "Submission" predicted Islamic extremism; "Serotonin" predicted the rise of the 'gilets jaunes' movement.

What's important, though, is that Michel Houellebecq gets under the skin of popular disenchantment - the anomie and alienation of modern professional life. My review takes issue with him as to whether anything at all can be done about it. I am not talking the old cliché of socialist revolution!

Saturday October 12th 2019: 'Harriet the Torturer'

Do you remember 'The Torturer', published in installments some months back? When readers were fainting and passing out due to the graphic descriptions of torture?

(They were actually rather tame by real standards).

Ther story was let down by its flat ending. Several people told me that and despite feeble efforts to deflect criticism I couldn't, in the end, deny it. So I had to rethink it. And now it has reappeared as a short story (4,000 words though) with a new title and a new ending.

Give yourself half an hour, grab a coffee and a biscuit and enjoy.

Friday October 11th 2019: Away Note

I've been away, which accounts for the lack of activity here. Over the next few days I'll try to get things organised and post something which you will have seen a while back, but which has since been strangely altered .. even improved.

Tuesday October 1st 2019: 'Going Faster'

I have five or six stories in the stack featuring the character of Alain Caron, who runs his own consultancy business in artificial intelligence. The first will be posted this evening - three chapters over three nights, 2,600 words in total. It's about a military contractor, a failure to get an AI-pilot to work and a woman who .. well, read it and see.

Sunday 22nd September 2019: My book is now on Amazon

I've written an essay describing how it was put together:

You can check the book out here:


Thursday 19th September 2019: 'The Chitterlings'

A few months ago we were in the Vendée, near the coast. We happened upon a restaurant which sold 'Chitterlings'. Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

"Andouillette is a coarse-grained sausage made with pork (or occasionally veal), intestines or chitterlings, pepper, wine, onions, and seasonings."

[Full disclosure: we've eaten Andouillette exactly once - never again!]

So I knew there was a story with the title, 'The Chitterlings', I just didn't know what it was about.

I do now.

Six chapters, 6,500 words starting this evening. I think it may even end happily, at least for the protagonists, but I can't be sure.

Monday 16th September 2019: 'The Poet'

A short story up today which embeds two poems I wrote a while ago. I hope it captures the atmosphere of these special moments.

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