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Last Updated Oct 21, 2018

ToR Vol.2 update


I watched a fantastic anime series recently: Violet Evergarden.

What an amazing series. Another reason for me to speed up my learning of the Japanese language so I can read the original light novels. Kyoto Animation did a fantastic job, and the voice actress playing the titular heroine fitted the role like a glove. In hindsight, Violet and 2B are similar characters, which makes her (Ishikawa Yui) all the more suitable.

It also reminded me, just how important it is to have hope and dreams, even when the world is filled with pain and despair. If people break down walls instead of building them, shake hands instead of hiding them, and speak sincerely instead of diplomatically, I'm sure the world would be a kinder place.


On another note, a new chapter for volume 2 of Tales of Raetrethra is out. To those waiting for it, thank you for your patience.


Profile Information

Hello! My name is Alvin, and write under my initials (AJLKS). I'm pursuing a career in academia (specifically stem cell biology), write fiction, read books/manga, watch anime, and play video games. 

I’m a huge fan of sword-and-magic fantasy. The book that exposed me to that genre was “Alanna the First Adventure” by T. Pierce, about a tomboy who swapped places with her twin brother to become a warrior. Since then I’ve read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter (I used to be addicted to it), C. Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle (the film butchered it and the book ending was disappointing), S. Hill’s Icemark Chronicles (another excellent series with a great female lead), a bunch of Warcraft and WoW novels, and almost every one of R.A. Salvator’s Drizzt Do'Urden books.

I’m also a big fan of historical novels set in the medieval and antiquity. Authors like B. Cornwell and S. Scarrow made huge influences, giving me a passion for writing with detail while retaining realism. Another series which influenced me was The Chronicles of Prydain by L. Alexander, an epic coming-of-age tale written fifty years ago.

My favorite series by far is Japanese light novel Spice and Wolf, by Hasekura Isuna. This series is about the adventures of a peddling merchant and his companion; a female wolf-deity from a bygone era. Again, it isn’t about grand adventures, great battles, and awe-inspiring events, but rather the relationship between a mortal with dreams and a long-lived she-wolf who hates being alone.

Playing computer games is probably my number one hobby. I don't watch much besides anime, the only other series I follow is The Walking Dead, several shows produced by Rooster Teeth. 

I used to do Taekwondo (got 3rd Dan) but dropped it after breaking two bones for two bricks. I also scuba dive. Did you know that the venom of a Blue-Ringed Octopus can kill two dozen people in minutes and has no anti-venom? Neither did I, and it was quite a chore scanning the sand at 40m underwater for it.

I don't really have a music taste. It depends whether it clicks with me or not and tends to change over time. Right now it's Vocaloid and Nightcore, with 'Epic Music' creeping in. 

I've been writing for quite awhile, and only started publishing them online a few years ago. I usually write fantasy and general fiction. I write in order to convert personal experiences into something a reader can also experience. A moral lesson, an aspect of humanity, a particular feeling, and so on.

Do spare some time to check out my works, and hopefully leave a comment/like/review!


Current Project: Tales of Raetrethra


Tales of Raetrethra is set in a world (name in title) inhabited by four nations: Arab-like Aszyria, Britain-like Atlantia, France-like Aragona and Switzerland-like Avalona. These nations have existed for several millennia. In addition, a UN-like organization called the Guardians exists to maintain peace.

Technology is overall similar to 1880s Europe, varying depending on individual nations. Modes of transport include steam trains, ironclad ships, and massive blimps. Armies still rely on plate armor and traditional arms but have begun the transition towards gunpowder.

A magical power called ‘Shard Energy’ exists, released from minerals called ‘Shard Crystals’ by individuals called ‘Shard Users’. Lastly, Raetrethra is plagued by creatures called ‘Beasts’, monsters that seem to exist for nothing except kill and destroy.

Volume 1 is dedicated to introducing the eight protagonists and part of the book’s universe. The volume's first half focuses on the protagonists’ personal and interpersonal development. The second half sees them embark on their first adventure to a foreign nation.


Side project: Lineage Of Spice And Wolf Vol 1 - Wolf and New Journey

As mentioned above, I'm a huge fan of Spice and Wolf. So much so that I wrote fanfiction of it at 20 and uploaded it to Fanfiction.com a year later. After moving to Booksie I found no evidence of S&W fanfiction, so I thought well, I might as well be a pioneer to introduce it, and either get burned to the stake, get super positive feedback, or more realistically make little impact and watch with despondence as my first ever book written sink under tons of better works.

Anyway, I'll be re-editing chapters before uploading them, probably every two or three days. After re-reading it, I realized how different my writing has become. I'd like to think its' improved, but that'd be blowing my own trumpet. I hope you enjoy it enough to check out the original series and the new ones being written (which I'm so excited about)!


Reading Requests

All request for reads/comments is welcomed. However, it might be worth reading the following:

I am a very critical person. However, my criticisms are not intended on bashing the writer or insulting their work. The reason I am critical is to try and identify any weaknesses so that they may be improved. To that end, I will typically write whole paragraphs or even mini-essays to explain my points.

Any criticisms I make could be biased, influenced by my own opinions/perspective, or plainly wrong. In other words, you have no obligations to accept anything I have to say. I would be happy if my points are acknowledged and used, but am not so arrogant as to think I everything I say is true. So please do not get upset if I sound harsh or unappreciative.

A small disclosure, my English education is only at GCSE (secondary school) level. While it is my first language and I write fiction and scientific literature using it, I'm by no means a master.

Unfortunately, between work and all my other hobbies, I find myself with little spare time to read. As a result, I would appreciate reading works that have been proofread, has a decent layout, and has few spelling/grammar errors (word doc spell check will be ok).

If you would like me to review a sizable work (20k words and/or 5+ chapters), please be aware that my policy is to review pretty much every chapter. However, I may at some point pause or even stop reviewing due to "taking a break and ended up forgetting". In that case, drop me a message and I'll get back to you.

I don't really like the review-mine-and-I'll-review-yours philosophy since it can feel ingenuine, so what I'll say is this: feel free to check out any of my works, read whatever catches your interest, and comment/like/shelf whatever you think is worth it. Thank you.


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