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In the past few years, my family and I have went to Kentucky to visit our cousins. When my sister and I were younger, we would go down there almost every year; but as we got older and started sports and everything else, our lives became too busy to make it down there each year. So in the past 3 years, we’ve made a point to get down there and see them since they live so far away and we never see them.

                We have always drove down there. The ride down is always terrible and seems like it takes forever. My sister always annoys me and takes up so much room, and since I’m always so anxious to get there, the anticipation makes the trip seem way longer than it truly is. The drive there normally takes about 12 hours depending on how many places we stop at, or if we leave and spend a night in a hotel, and then finish the trip the next morning. It can be a pretty boring drive, because we have to go all the way through Illinois, from the top of the state to the bottom. There is nothing but fields and flatlands for miles and miles. There is one bridge that we have to go over to get to my cousins that is very sketchy. It’s an old and rusty bridge that is crazy narrow. It’s so narrow that when two semi’s meet each other on it that there is probably only a foot of space between as they pass each other.

                When we get down to our cousin’s house, we go and get all of our stuff situated in the house and catch up with everyone. It’s always a surprise to find out what kind of animals/pets that he’s picked up from the last time we were down there. One year that we went down there he had a pet goose that was all white and had an orange beak and feet. He had this goose trained like a dog. My cousin would say goose and every time he said it, the goose would honk and come running to him. The goose would let you pet him like a dog and hug him and would follow you around. Every night it would go up on their back deck and fall asleep right outside their patio door, and when it would wake up, it would sit there looking inside the house waiting for someone to wake up. The most recent time we went down there I found out that he had a pet turkey. My dad and I were putting all of our stuff in the house and I looked out the window and saw this turkey strutting out in the yard. So I go get my dad and show him and we go outside, and I decide that I’m going to try to sneak up on it and see how close I can get. As I started to creep up on it, I kind of thought it was weird that the turkey was right next to the dogs and the dogs weren’t barking at it or even looking at it but I just kept going. I started getting really close to it and it didn’t move or anything. I got right up next to it and it just sat there and stared at me and then I kicked it in the side and it just sat there and that was when I knew something was up. I later figured out that my cousin found it in the woods when it was a baby and brought it back to the house and kept it as a pet. This turkey was awesome. It would just hang around with everyone and you could go and pet it and it’d just hangout. He also has a bunch of chickens, a horse, a donkey, 4 goats, and a pond that he stocks with fish.

                We normally go down there for the 4th of July. The 4th of July is a blast down in Kentucky. We get up early in the morning and go over to Missouri where there is a huge fireworks store that all of us go to to stock up on fireworks for the weekend. On the 4th of July, my cousins have a huge party and have a big fireworks show in their backyard. It isn’t just some average back yard firework show, it is about the same as any professionally done firework show around here. We set up sheets of plywood and lay all the tubes for the fireworks out on it. Then we lay out all the mortars and boxes of fireworks in the shed and get everything organized so we all know what fireworks go where and the right tubes they go in. Once everything is figured out and it gets dark, we start it up. Mostly older kids (ages 14-20) are the ones that light off all the fireworks. We grab our mortars out of the shed and then all walk out and put them in their tubes. Then we count down from 3 and light them all of at the same time. From there, it’s constant running back and forth from the tubes to the shed to get more mortars. It can get pretty fun and thrilling when all the fireworks are shooting up out of the tubes that are around you and you’re sitting under all of them trying to get yours lighted. There is normally a lot of fireworks so it takes roughly a half hour to 45 minutes to light all them off. Once they’re all shot we clean all the boxes and paper and tubes/plywood up. After everything is picked up, we have a huge firework war which might sound scary and painful but it is a lot of fun. A firework war is basically running around and shooting people with fireworks. The only “safe place,” is the house, anywhere else you are going to get shot with a firework. There are no rules with what fireworks you use so it can get pretty fun and get your adrenaline going when there’s exploding things shooting at you.

                This last year that we went down to Kentucky, we went over thanksgiving break. At first I was kind of mad that we were going down because I was going to miss all of deer season, but then I found out that it was also deer season at that same time that we were going down there. My cousin and his girlfriend brought me four wheeling with them and that was one of the best times I have ever had. We dropped off and we started riding down an old dried up river bottom and out to some trails that weaved through the woods and out next to the Missouri River. There was one spot where you could ride the four wheelers out on a huge sand bar in the river. There was a big island in the middle of the river and on one side it was all dried up, so you could ride across it and go up to the island where there was a rope swing that hung over a big bank that had about a 30-foot drop. The sand bar was roughly 2 miles long and it was almost like being out in some sand dunes, because there were big hills and drops of just pure sand from when the river used to run through there. I also went out hunting that weekend. I sat 2 days and didn’t see anything and then the 3rd day, there were 4 does and a nice 8 point buck that walked around this hill. They were walking towards this clearing that my cousin cleared out for a shooting lane. So I decided I was going to wait until they got to that lane to shoot. I had my gun up and ready and they were getting closer and closer to the lane, and all of a sudden my cousins pet turkey gobbled and all the deer came to a dead stop. Deer don’t really like turkeys, so I was getting nervous they were going to get spooked and run away. The deer sat and looked around and then put their heads back down and started to walk again. I was starting to think that they were okay now and they would keep walking. But all of a sudden the turkey gobbles again, and they all spook and run away. I was so mad. I was about to get out of the stand and walk back to the house and be done with it but I told myself that I should stay out for another hour. It’s a good thing I decided to wait because about 20 minutes later another buck walked out right in front of me at 40 yards broadside. I pulled the gun up, he stopped, and I shot him. He ran 80 yards down a big ridge and then dropped. I had such a hard time dragging him out

                I love going down to Kentucky to visit my cousins. I never know what new things I’m going to experience and do while I’m down there. I still can’t decide which I like more, whether it’s going down over the 4th of July or in the fall during hunting season. Either way I always have a blast and can’t wait to go down there again.


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