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I'm Angel and I honestly enjoy reading books more than writing one. I haven't wrote one yet, as I'm trying to think of a good idea (it can take me months) but if anyone has any interesting ideas, feel free to send them in :) I love to draw and I sell paintings/drawings: You can view my favorite artwork (that I drew/painted) at:

Favorite colour/s:

Know this sounds gothic, but yellow/gold and black. I also like pastels

Favorite hobbies:

Tennis, video gaming, writing (stories+poetry+comics), soccer, drawing, spriting, painting, sculpting, listening to music, hockey, photography, dancing, singing and fashion designing (i love everything vintage). 



Favorite bands/artists: My favorite bands are: All American Rejects, Good Charlotte, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Ke$sha, Lana Del Rey, Youngblood Hawke, The Crystal Fighters, Feed Me, Swedish House Mafia, The Wombats, The Wanted, One Direction,, The Black Eyed Peas, Of Monsters and Men, Ed Sheeran, Foster the People, Tinie Tempah, B.o.B, Paramore, The Wombats, Katy Perry, Labrinth, Bowling For Soup, 30 Days of Summer, Avicii, Nicky Romero, Simple Plan, Example, MKTO, 30!H3, Calvin Harris, Macklemore, David Guetta, Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds, Sia, Hilltop Hoods, Taylor Swift, Neon Trees, Kelly Rowland, Birds of Tokyo, Gotye, Kimbra, The Gorillaz, P!nk, Rihanna, Fun., McFly, Daft Punk, Far East Movement, Bingo Players, Icona Pop, The Lumineers, Little Mix, Florence and the Machine, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Short Stack, The Pierces, System of a Down, Black Veil Brides, Three Days Grace and Srillex

Favorite Song Right Now: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage by Panic! At the Disco



My favorite YouTube channels are: Smosh, Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, Robazz, maxmoefoe, parodyfactory1, SeanKlitner, RayWiliamJohnson and computernerd01, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, ChaoticMonki (Cry)

I'm also a musician who both composes and plays music. Some instruments I play include: Guitar, Violin, Trumpet, Clarinet, Piano

My favorite animal is: Raven (Mythical is Phoenix :D )

Well, someone requested it and honestly, I haven't played a video game in a year or so, just caught up in my own little things I guess. BUT saying that, my favorite video game EVER would have to be Zelda Twilight Princess. It was one the first video games I ever played and me and my friend Beccy rented it from a video store and played it on her house (she had everything) and it was actually the funnest thing I had done in a really long time, and, don't ask me why, but it touched me alot, don't ask me how either. Anyways, apart from that, my other favorite video games (from what I've played so far) are:

Zelda Skyward Sword, Resident Evil series, Portal, Portal 2 (of course, Crash (I think it's of the giants? Kind of a kid game but it was my first co-op :3 ), Heavy Rain series (some of them were pretty fudged up, actually, extremely fudged up. If you have time, look up heavy rain the taxedermist [think thats the way you spell taxedermist, sorry if it isn't]), Dishonoured and... that's about all that I can think of right now.

I guess, if your talking about PC video games aswell, theres a couple I EXTREMELY loved: (They are all free to download [I hope they still are atleast, and I'll write a little phrase about what it's about, I hope I don't include spoilers, but be warned.])

1. Ib: The tale of a nine year old girl sucked into a museum's underworld, filled with deadly manequins and horrifying dolls... oh and don't forget about the living paintings, with the only weapon of a rose, at the start. You must make it out alive, before you love your sanity, otherwise you will become trapped there. Forever.  There are multiple endings based on the way you played the game. Warning, Horror and Jump scares.

2. Mad father: A game just like Ib with the included bonus of nightmares forever. Mad father is based on a young girl, Aya, adventuring around her own home to try and find the mystery of her mother and her adorable pet rabbit, with the comfort of a chainsaw. And the undead corpses crying for help, with other supernatural anomalies. Warning, Horror and Jump scares.

3. To the moon: The tale of two employees, Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts, who become directed by Sigmons Corp. (their empoyers) to an old mans mansion, to go back in his memories and fufill his dream, to go to the moon. But once the they implant the desire for him to go to the moon in his mind, not all goes to plan. Crying is iminent in this game, or I'm just soppy.

4. Misao: First, a line from the creators: This game contains grotesque imagery and depicts violence, murder, bullying, and sexual assault. Be warned that there are also many scenes in which characters do and say unpleasant things. Playing this game is strictly forbidden for those unable to make a clear distinction between reality and fantasy. Now, if this doesn't scare you away, god knows what will. Misao is a horror game based on a young girl, Aki (or if you feel like it, you can rename her), who is an ordinary girl at what seems to be an ordinary high school. But when a young girl she knew goes missing, and turns up to haunt the school. It seems Aki is the only one who can solve the mystory and give Misao the peace she finally deserves. As mentioned above, Horror and Jump scares are included.

5. Finally, The Cat Lady. With a different art style unknown to any other game, the plot and sountrack combined gives one hell of an amazing game. Susan Ashworth, known in her neighbourhood as the crazy Cat Lady, is a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. She has no family, no friends and no hope for a better future. One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and change everything... But those five, "The Parasites", are also the most ruthless, deranged and cold-blooded bunch of psychopaths the city has ever known. They will stop at nothing to hurt Susan. Unless, she hurts them first. Bewarned, is majorly gory, not for the feint hearted, but definitely worth your time, and your sanity.



And for a cool browser based game like Guitar Hero, check out Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4. It's pretty cool, and funny, with bosses to beat and achievements to unlock. Also, for an extra challenge, play in guitar mode :P

My birthday: October 25th

Favorite Book: Well, I don't actually have a favorite because; 1. I like all books, even if I don't like them. 2. I can't remember half of the book titles I read. BUT, saying that, I like picture books. I know it sounds weird and I'm not retardid or a 5 year old, but I like them. I like how much effort the authors put in to make little children happier. If you have time, you might want to check out The Lost Thing and The Rabbits by Shaun Tan. These stories have, kind of a hidden meaning in them that I think kids will only understand once they are older.


The Rabbits.


The Lost Thing.

Where I live: Australia

Contact details: Email:

Also, if you haven't already, you might want to take a look at a site called "We Heart It". Kind of like tumblr, but better, letting you "Heart" any image bigger than (I think it's 200 pixels) and add it to your gallery. Better if you download the tool bar making it easier to heart images. My account is:

Style: Well, most people classify me as Emo, Goth or Scene. I mean, I suffered from depression (I still do) and it showed through the way I acted and the way I wore my clothes, hair and even how I spoke. Although, I really don't like talking about my issues and I would appreciate if no one asked me about it, it's just me I guess. (This probably shouldn't have been classified under style :P)

Extra comments: If anyone ever wants someone to talk to, or to have a shoulder to cry on or anything, I would be happy to talk, I promies anything you say to me will be private. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Reading List -


Kissing Darkness - salmon1 - Last Updated: March 28 - Hearts: ♥♥♥

BLURB: Amboise has lived within the white walls for her entire life. There, she has been kept safe from the war, and from the vampires. Upon her eighteenth birthday however, she is doomed to return back into the war with only two commands - to survive, and to reproduce. As she returns into the war though, her carriage is ambushed, and she is enslaved and forced to serve in the vampire Kings castle. Trapped and serving the most deadly vampire alive, Amboise quickly realises there's something about her that isn't entirely human, and that the vampire King might just prove deadly to her for all the wrong reasons.

A Coffee House Love - Raquelita15 - Last updated: March 27 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Lonesome Molly, has been through problem after problem, mistake after mistake, she has taken to writing all her problems in a journal that holds her whole life, love isn't a thing that she believes is going to happen to her. But little does she know, that someone holds the key to her heart. (Un-edited story)


A Kiss for Luck - Evangeline17 - Last Updated: March 21 - Hearts ♥♥

BLURB: Reunited after college, a group of high-school friends join again. They find that they're feelings are still strong, and so are their tensions

America's Sweetheart - EbonyLove - Last Updated: April 5 - Hearts:♥♥

BLURB: Give it up for America's sweethearts, I must confess. I thought that was kind of bad (no offence) so I made my own one for it: Cassie has an ordinary life at Poshton High, until she meets her new dog "Guiness" who might bring some good luck after all...  (Sorry, it's kind of sucky :P)

A Promise - ElJay - Last Updated: March 23 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Ariean Jay was an orphan in St. Mary's Orphanage of the Youth in Rome, Italy. Although she was not Italian, but was found by a mysterious man in the dark streets of Rome. One day, when she was still at the age of 13 the nuns told her that on her birthday, during Christmas Eve, an English noble would adopt her. With no joy or sadness at all, she just nodded in agreement. Not even a thought of excitement or fear. Until, that one time came, when she had to deal with an excruciating pain in her ass...a friend. A few years after she left the orphanage, she never expected to meet him again, with all the emotions overflowing, every time they were together. With all the questions in their mind, only one was above the rest--"Will they be together in the end?"

Behind The Towns Bad Boy - PigsFlySince03 - Last Updated: March 29 - Hearts: ♥♥♥

BLURB: Natalie Jones’s parents are getting a divorce. Her mom decides to move her and her brothers to a new town. When the towns bad boy Drew Hanks promises to teach little Jacob Jones skate tricks. Natalie learns there’s more to the bad boy Drew that everyone else knows

bet on you - OliviaEllen - Last Updated: March 20 - Hearts: ♥♥♥

Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Alexis Rooney is a normal senior girl, and lives a normal life. Until the most popular boy in her school, also a cocky player, actually falls for her. She doesn't beleive he's changed, but for once, he's not going to give up. Will she finally break, or will he?

Childhood Sweethearts ON HOLD - Andr3aa - Last Updated: March 24 - Hearts ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: He stared arrogantly down at me, a smirk plastered across his face. I sneered up at him with distaste, wanting to wrap my fingers around his neck and strangle that smirk off of him. He brushed my golden hair from my face, his long, slender fingers sparking electricity in my skin, making my knees wobble together. "Will you ever, forgive me?" he whispered huskily, his eyes intently staring into mine. His face was only mere inches from me. I just needed to reach out a little further to kiss him... "Yeah. Over my dead body." I snapped, before throwing my arms out forcefully, shoving my hands into his chest, pushing him from me. He, is Carter Williams. I, am Lacey Adams. We were once, inseparable. We were the 'Golden Couple'. Literally. We had the golden couple cliché thing going on, golden hair and both had the same golden tans. The unbreakable best friends, that everybody envied. Nothing, could get between us. A part from being tighter than white on rice, we updated our status from friends to being in a relationship, frequently. We were neighbours, which meant our families were all close and even co-owned houses around our town. This, all is, until the day of my sixteenth birthday. Everything changed. The loving relationship we shared, was severed and torn apart. I couldn't hardly stand to look at him any more, without spitting fire that is. Every day is torture, being around him. He was in all my classes at school and the window in my room was even directly aligned with his. So, what happens? My mother's mum gets sick, so Dad and her fly out, just them. Leaving me, to stay with Carter and his parents, who are never home. We would be alone... in one house... under the same roof. If I was insane before, I have no idea what I am now

Don't Let Me Go - Elena ArtistiC - Last Updated: April 6 - Hearts: ♥♥♥

BLURB: Jess, a sixteen year old girl from the US goes to live in Germany with her father and her older brother. At first everything seem to be terrible for her but soon enough He shows up and makes her life full of excitment and adventure... or is he just too dangerus?

Flames... - InfinityAndBeyond - Last Updated: March 30 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: One year ago Janie lost everything, due to a fire that wiped out her Mum, Dad and sister Ranie. Janie was hastily put up for adoption because she had no other family. Meet Jane who has never been able to have kids and has had many failed relationships due to this. When Jane hears about Janie’s tragic story she immediately feels attached to Janie and whisks her to her mansion in London.

Flash Forward -  Rae Blair - Last Updated: March 21 - Hearts: ♥♥ (and a half)

BLURB: This is a passionate suspense novel about romance, devotion, true love, sacrifice, and self discovery. Adley is trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship with the man she believes is her knight in shining armor. Despite the exhaustion, the confusion and the disapproval of friends and family, she and Owen continue their dysfunctional love affair. Adley suddenly awakes one morning in an unfamiliar apartment. Startled, she rushes to the nearest phone to call Owen, whose number is no longer in service. Next, she tries her mother, who is equally as confused and informs her daughter that her and Owen split up many months ago. She has woken up in the future, in an alternate life path where she has somehow decided to leave her lover and start anew.

Forget Me Not... - phoebe thomas - Last Updated: March 24 - Hearts: ♥♥♥ (and a half)

BLURB: I live in a world where men and women do not exist together. I live in a world of loneliness. I live in a world of fear. I live in a world where the life or death of a child can be decided by the flip of a coin. I live in a world of secrets. I live in a world of lies. My name is Savannah Hale. I am 16 years old. I am leaving this world.

Good girl gone bad (GGGB) - InfinityAndBeyond - Last Updated: April 3 - Hearts: ♥♥♥

BLURB: Jasmine hates bad boys, every last bit of them. She hates the cliche of them and has always displayed her hate for them. However when she wakes up one Saturday morning naked and in Eric Johnson bed things become very complicated. Now for some strange reason Eric won't leave her alone, is it because he's bored or is it something else? 

Handcuffs, Kisses, and Awkward Situations. - Andr3aa - Last Updated: April 6 - Hearts: ♥♥♥

BLURB: Nora and Ryder have been at each other’s throats since an insignificant argument ruined their friendship. And when a handcuff demonstration from the local police department is held, the two find themselves chained together. But when the officer loses the key, Nora and Ryder are stuck with each other for a week while a replacement key is being made. With a whole lot of kisses, heartbreak and awkward situations coming their way, can the two look past their differences in order to renew their friendship?

His Final Birthday Wish - ishkabible - Last Updated: March 19 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: For the last thirteen almost fourteen years Elizabeth "Liz" Werth and Cole Werner have been the best of friends. They have a signature goodbye kiss, weekend sleepovers, and one special tradition that their Mother's suggested they do when they were little; The Birthday Wish List. The Birthday Wish List is three items that they really want to happen or get for their Birthday and they have the entire summer to complete each others wish list. However this years wish list tradition is different and Liz doesn't know if she can handle it. Will Liz be able to overcome the obstacles and complete her best friends wish list before his birthday deadline like he wanted?

Making Promises - jademarie016 - Last Updated: April 5 - Hearts - ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Matthew has been Grace's friend their whole lives. They were never far apart from each other...until Spring. Matthew disappears from Grace's life and she can't seem to find any answers on where he went. When she finally does, he's not the same person...

My Brothers Bestfriend. - Andr3aa - Last Updated: April 5 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥ (and a half)

BLURB: Meet Skye Barker. Shes pretty, smart, heartbroken, and Adam Barker's little sister. Meet Chace Matthews. He's cocky, gorgeous,a player, and Adam Barker's best friend. Chace has spent years making Skye's life a living hell, but when he comes back after the summer things change. Add in Skye's ex-boyfriend, best friend, and over protective brother and things start to get complicated.

My Sexy New Roommate - Take the World by Fire - Last Updated: April 6 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Jessie wants nothing more than to move into her new condo with her boyfriend and her best friend. But when the tables are turned, Jessie is left broken hearted and in dire need of a new roommate... ...and that's when she meets Hunter Andrews - a seductive man that seems to be the answer to all of her problems. Is Jessie in for the summer of her life? Or will Hunter end up being more than she bargained for?  

My Twisted Fate - ladyziggs - Last Updated: April 4 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥ (and a half)

BLURB: They say serendipity means specifically the act of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. A "happy accident" or " pleasant surprise." Meeting Gene turned out to be all of that and more. Two strangers, meeting only by fate and serendipity, but nonetheless changing my life. That is, until we met again and found out we were linked in a way no one could have foreseen. Fate was surely mocking us, but maybe a happy ending wasn't completely off the table...

Riding With Boys - FrootLoop246 - Last Updated: April 4 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Sophia Martin is 15, an A-student, a star athlete, and an overall do-gooder. Basically a parent's dream child. At the start of her second semester of tenth grade, the only thing on Sophia's mind, is keeping up with her AP classes, and making the Varsity softball team. Until she meets Andrew Harper. That's when everything changes. He's not a bad guy, but then again, he's not such a good guy, either...

Surviving San Diego - MysteriousStars - Last Updated: March 24 - Hearts: ♥♥♥ (and a half)

BLURB: Leia Sumpters is on her way to San Diego, with her three best friends. The hot sun, short shorts, cute bikinis, sandy beaches, and nice water. But don't forget about Ex-boyfriends, and Classic beach whores. Oh, and the totally hot new guy who just got out of Juvie.

The Demise of Hirkland Town - BUnique - Last Updated: March 20 - Hearts ♥♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Poor Alisa is hard at work, oblivious to the fact her town is been destroyed while she sits bored, behind the counter at the local corner shop. It’s only when she fails to get any customers, that she finally becomes curious. Unfortunately Alisa’s luck seems to go from bad to worse as the day passes, and it’s only once her place of work gets robbed that Alisa finally realises, the quiet town of Hirkland is now no more than a ghost town, full of hungry, aggressive corpses. Walking corpses, which would stop at nothing to get a taste of warm living flesh. ***WARNING*** Contains some violence, blood and gore.

The Fall For You - jademarie016 - Last Updated: April 5 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥

BLURB: Nicole has fallen head over heels in love with Joshua Princeton...she just doesn't know if he'll fall back. She's invisible to him. All Joshua sees is his cheerleader girlfriend, Chloee, and jealousy eats up Nicole. However, her luck changes when she is assigned to tutor Joshua over the summer. Can Nicole make Joshua fall for her?

The Purple Phase - sneeding - Last Updated: March 9 - Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥

BLURB: The Purple Phase is not only a teen thrashing scourge on the internet at Penny's school. it is the foul antagonist that settles her in a strange place amongst the people that love her. But, who are the people that lover her and do they actually know how she feels on the inside? Is she really as sad as they make her out to be and why cant they all just help her appear to be normal? guesses are, the right person hasnt come yet. as the 'x's add up, she is at a tug and war battle with contenment and sanity.


Vampire's Bride - By: NoEternity

In Desperation - By: MichelleMyBelle

Don't Look At Me Like I'm a Freak - By: Angels of Noir

Can't Cry - By: Cherie Arlavine

Broken heart is an understatement. - By: ElizaZenith

Hearing without Listening - By: Tesseth

Alone - By: Tesseth

Blinded Mirror - By: morbidness

Dance of the Undead - By: NoEternity

Time to Bleed - By: Coralie

My Emo Heart - By: XMyXsafestXhavenX

Romeo's cry - By: XMyXsafestXhavenX

That Place - By: Tesseth

Lonely Girl - By: Tesseth

The Phoenix Rises - By: Tesseth

It's Impossible - By: Tesseth

I'm not sure... - By: ghoul24

I can't help? Fine. - By: ghoul24

Darkness and it's meaning. - By: ghoul24

Lovely Knives - By: ghoul24

She tried to paint a picture, What if she succeeds? - By: Romance Novel all the way

Favorite non-booksie poem:

Just wanted to say that I remember this from when I was young, and we had to choose a poem in class, and that was mine. Even though it's short, it's stuck with me all those years :)

The Frowning Cliff

The sea has a laugh And the cliff a frown; For the laugh of the sea is wearing him down. Lipping and lapping Frown as he may, The laughing sea Will eat him away; Knees and body, And tawny head, He'll smile at last On a golden bed.

- Herbert Asquith

Favorite quotes:

"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." -A.A. Milne "Whatever you be, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln "The trouble with having an open mind, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it." Terry Pratchett

- Thanks, Angel :)



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